Editor’s Pick for May 1st, 2013

Editor's Pick for May 1st, 2013

In this week’s installment of a new feature – Editor’s Pick of the week – we highlight a non-fiction, religious piece by Robert. W. Fuller called Religion and Science: A Beautiful Friendship? “I like this piece from author Robert Fuller, who explores the controversial and traditional standoff between the religious camps and the scientific community in a respectful manner that is crammed with critical thinking. I’ve seen far too much animosity and hostility in debates related to this subject and it is a pleasant change to see someone attempting to debate the subject with respect and dignity, casting

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What is it that makes bad writing “bad”?

What is it that makes bad writing

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What is it that makes bad writing bad? Well, that is a rather subjective judgement call. According to the writer of this WSJ article, “[i]t’s impossible to define bad writing because no one would agree on a definition.” This is true. Bad writing for me is likely to not be the same as bad writing for you.

To be completely honest, I am somewhat of a book snob. I have been known to turn up my nose, sniff and repeatedly utter “My word!” in a very Miss Marple-esque way when I encounter

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Interview with Rachel Humphry D’Aigle – author of the Fated Saga eBook series

Interview with Rachel Humphry D'Aigle - author of the Fated Saga eBook series

I asked Rachel D’Aigle to “sit down with me” this week, and have a little chat about her writing, her life, and her process. I am happy to say she was extremely obliging. Thank you again, Rachel. It was a pleasure chatting with you.

FE: I notice from your Free-eBooks.net profile that you are a fan of the supernatural; specifically The Vampire Diaries, Angel, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes, and Star Wars. These are series and stories that I am also a huge fan of, which makes me eager to ask: What are your reading right

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