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What Every Business Should Know About Hiring Freelance Developers

Our “Computer & Internet” category here are  had been generating of interests these days. New business owners, entrepreneurs or those looking to learn new skills are flocking to this eBook collection which includes plenty of guides, courses and how-to tutorials.

However, wed development is serious business and not everyone has the resources to learn these skills. So if you’ve been browsing our catalogue, but perhaps thing it might be best to hire a pro, this quick guide will show you how to find the best person for your job!

Questions. Hiring freelancer developers isn’t always

2 Great Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day More (Even if You’re Single or Cynical!)

Some people are so excited about Valentine’s Day, and are already making romantic plans, and that’s fantastic. The world needs more love. But others, especially those who are single, don’t give a hoot and think it is all too gooey and sentimental. Then there those who have had bad experiences with Cupid and don’t want to risk repeating those. According to an article published last year in Psychology Today, for instance, Valentine’s Day can even set people up for serious disappointment, the same way people feel bad if they make New Year’s resolutions they don’t keep. They set

The 10 Most Popular Books of 2015

Book lovers had plenty to celebrate in 2015, because it was a banner year for best sellers and great reads in lots of different genres. E-books that made the list of top reads in 2015 included everything from children’s books to military histories and from gripping nonfiction stories to darkly mysterious fiction novels. In case you missed out on the pleasure of these books, here is list  of some of the most popular titles you may want to add to your current reading list.

The top three, published by Penguin Random House, are Unbroken: A World War II

The E-Book 2015 Year in Review

There were a number of notable developments and news items in the world of e-books during 2015, and here is a recap that highlights some of the more significant stories of the year.

Starting the Year with a Celebration

The year began with a digital publishing awards ceremony hosted at the glitzy Hilton Midtown Hotel in NYC, and winners included the books Chinese Whispers and The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains in the adult fiction category. Top honors in nonfiction went to titles including two fashion-related books, Women in Clothes and Penny Chic: How to

E-Book Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide

The year-end holiday season is here, and it’s a season of giving. Whether you are buying a Hanukkah gift, a Christmas present, or a gift for Kwanzaa or New Year’s, e-books are an excellent choice for the readers on your list. Here’s a handy gift guide to help you with your shopping list, which includes some of the best gift ideas for readers.

Personal “Stick” Library

The e-Go! Portable Library is one of those fabulous book lover holiday gifts that will make a huge impression because anyone who receives it will probably use it for the rest of