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8 Things to Consider When Shopping for Kindle Fire E-readers

Amazon Kindle was the original e-reader, and the Kindle lineup is still the most popular series of e-reader gadgets. But for those who like the idea of consolidating their technology into a more adaptable, multipurpose device, the Kindle Fire may be the best choice of all. As the saying goes, you can have your cake and eat it, too. With the Fire models you can have your e-reader and also have a highly portable and affordable device that gives you many of the functions typically found on a laptop or tablet computer. The Fire gadgets are, in fact,

Tips for Developing Emotional Intelligence with Ebooks

Your pleasure reading may be helping you develop marketable skills, without you even realizing that this transformation is happening. That’s because there may be a correlation between reading of fiction, emotional development, and overall insight into human emotions. These skills that make one a better leader, boss, employee, and customer service agent – and more adept at navigating our globally-interconnected social world.

The Value of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence or is a major buzzword in the business community these days, as well as in social media and academia. Companies are emphasizing the emotional IQ of candidates they hire

5 Great E-Books from Globe-Trotting Travel Experts

Super-compatible travel companions can be hard to find, but when you connect with one it makes your travel experiences so much more rewarding and memorable. One of the best travel companions – and one that every reader will get along with just great – is an e-reader. In fact, unlike most travel companions, e-readers become more fun and more compatible the more time you spend with them. But what will you load onto your e-reader, to add that extra-special dimension to your road trip, voyage, backpacking trek, or whirlwind tour of destinations you’ve always dreamed of visiting? Here

5 Ways E-Books Can Enhance Summertime Fun

Summer is such a good time to dive into a book that there are whole genres devoted to “summer reading” or “beach books.” To get the most from your reading – and your summer – consider these five ways to combine summer fun with reading, using cutting-edge e-book technology to make it all happen.

Surround Yourself with Experts

Take professionals with you as you exercise or work. You can instantly download books, magazine articles, journal articles, and other handy resources and DIY guides. But you don’t have to organize which ones to take with you and lug

Tips for Parents Wanting an E-Reader for Kids

Summertime, when school is out, is a fantastic opportunity to get more absorbed in reading, both for fun and to exercise those mental muscles that lead to academic success. One of the best ways to encourage summertime reading is to make it cooler, more fun, and more convenient – and that’s why lots of conscientious parents are now busy shopping for an e-reader to give their out-of-school for summer kids.

The Value of Summer Reading

Especially during the summer months, it is critical that school children continue to read. Otherwise, as multiple research studies confirm, students can stagnate