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2 Ways E-Book Writing Just Became More Profitable

Two recent developments help to pave the way for you to be a more successful and profitable e-book writer and seller. Of course you may not think of yourself as a writer…much less a book author or publisher. But if you stop to think about it for a moment, your appetite for the written word may be just the ticket to take you on a journey into creating your own books.

The World’s Best Writers are Devout Readers

Ask the world’s most highly acclaimed movie directors to explain their passion for making films, and invariably they will talk

Amazon Debuts New Tablets with 20% Discount Sale

For those who have been considering the purchase of a Fire Tablet, now may be the time. Amazon issued a press release in mid-May announcing a flurry of news about the extremely popular Fire tablet lineup. As you may know, these gadgets come in various configurations and sizes, and they combine the convenience of a portable e-reader with other features. There are Fire tablets especially designed for children, for instance, as well as Fire devices that allow you to not just read but also shop online, play games, send and receive email, and even watch videos.

A 20%

Kobo Aura H20: Cool-Off this Summer with a Water-Friendly E-Reader

A new e-reader is always good news for those who love to read. But one of the most recent to hit the market is making a huge splash – but nobody’s electronics are getting drenched in the process. Just in time for beach and swimming pool season – or heading off to go kayaking in the mountains or canoeing on a lake somewhere in between – Kobo has upgraded its waterproof e-reader. Their timing for the release is perfect. Now is when everyone is downloading their beach-books and those novels that pair so well with poolside umbrella drinks.

Tips for Saving eReader Battery Power

eReaders are amazingly convenient, portable, and useful. But they are, of course, based on electrical circuitry like so many of today’s innovative digital technology gadgets. That means that you need to have a steady source of that juice, either by plugging the e-reader gadget into an electrical outlet or by charging it with some kind of other device. But it can also help if you know a few tips and tricks to reduce how much energy the device uses. That way you can help conserve its power and enable it to stay charged for longer periods of time

Lesser-Known E-Reader Features Right at Your Fingertips

Ever since e-books and e-reader devices entered the marketplace to compete with less convenient conventional printed books, the technology has evolved at breakneck speed. Within just 10 years the quality of the electronic print has been dramatically enhanced, and lots of new features and innovations have been made available. Meanwhile the price of e-readers has plummeted while the quality and variety of options has significantly increased. You can buy basic e-readers, ones that also allow you to check your email or surf the web, and even ones that deliver videos and other kinds of specialized multimedia content…while enabling