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Tips for Parents Wanting an E-Reader for Kids

Summertime, when school is out, is a fantastic opportunity to get more absorbed in reading, both for fun and to exercise those mental muscles that lead to academic success. One of the best ways to encourage summertime reading is to make it cooler, more fun, and more convenient – and that’s why lots of conscientious parents are now busy shopping for an e-reader to give their out-of-school for summer kids.

The Value of Summer Reading

Especially during the summer months, it is critical that school children continue to read. Otherwise, as multiple research studies confirm, students can stagnate

New E-Reader Reviews: The Amazon Kindle Oasis

We all look forward to springtime when we can dress lighter and stop lugging around those bulky coats, thick gloves, and heavy boots. Apparently the engineers at Amazon have a case of the spring fever, too. Beginning April 27, 2016, the company that gave the world the first-ever e-reader gadget will begin selling the newest, lightest, and thinnest Kindle ever offered. To keep you updated and help you make smart consumer decisions, here is a sneak preview – and a quick review – of the Kindle Oasis.

Ultimate Portability

The Oasis is lighter than a paperback book, tipping

Thing to Know about E-Reader Encryption Security

Privacy and security are real concerns, for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t want strangers to be able to access the e-reader account of your child and find out that child’s personal information. You may have been victimized by credit card data theft or had your financial details stolen, and are careful not to let that happen again through a vulnerable digital device with a subpar firewall and security system. Perhaps you value your own privacy as a constitutional right and want your devices encrypted as a matter of principle.

Amazon’s Controversial Encryption Policy

Whatever your concerns

Electronic Textbook Study Tips: Get more from a Kindle with this cool feature

Kindle was the original e-book reader, and has continued to be the most popular of all dedicated e-reader devices. Today there are lots of versions of Kindle available in a range of prices, and each of them has a variety of interesting features. But most people who own a Kindle are too busy reading to take the time and trouble to delve too deeply into how to use all of the different features. That’s why many students or others who are reading to learn and retain book content don’t leverage the power of the “Flashcard for Textbooks” feature,

What Every Business Should Know About Hiring Freelance Developers

Our “Computer & Internet” category here are  had been generating of interests these days. New business owners, entrepreneurs or those looking to learn new skills are flocking to this eBook collection which includes plenty of guides, courses and how-to tutorials.

However, wed development is serious business and not everyone has the resources to learn these skills. So if you’ve been browsing our catalogue, but perhaps thing it might be best to hire a pro, this quick guide will show you how to find the best person for your job!

Questions. Hiring freelancer developers isn’t always