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AMSPA 2023 Show: See Liquivida’s IV Therapy in Action

The 2023 American MedSpa Association Show will feature Liquivida, a leading distributor of vitamin IV therapy products and solutions, will be introducing IV therapy to the MedSpa industry for the first time.

The president and founder of Liquivida, Sam Tejada, and the chief medical officer, Dr. Christopher Davis, will be leading an educational session on how MedSpa owners can safely and effectively incorporate IV therapy into their services and product mix.

According to Cassandra Westerman of the American MedSpa Association (Amspa), members have been requesting more actionable business advice on adding vitamin IV therapy to their offerings. To address this demand, Liquivida will be hosting a session titled “How to Deliver Real Patient Outcomes and Grow With IV Therapy” on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at 8 a.m. at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

In this session, Tejada and Dr. Davis will provide detailed information on how MedSpa owners can bring IV therapy to the masses by focusing on quality, safety, compliance, and real patient outcomes. They will also discuss how Liquivida’s business model, safe and easy-to-use IV kits, and proprietary tools can help MedSpa owners achieve these goals.

Dr. Christopher Davis is a renowned cardiologist who has experience in functional medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement, and regenerative medicine. Over the course of his career, Dr. Davis has held leadership positions in medical research, clinical development, operations, and medical affairs. He has received many awards, including Castle Connolly/Sarasota Magazine Top Doctor 2011, Doctor of the Year Nominee at Blake Medical Center 2015, and Doctor of Distinction in Scene Magazine 2016.

Sam Tejada is a retired firefighter paramedic and successful entrepreneur. He founded Liquida with only $500 and has since set industry standards by collaborating with the American IV Association (AIVA) and the IV BizBash, the first-ever IV industry conference designed to help IV clinics grow and self-regulate.

Liquivida’s franchise models prioritize patient safety and compliance. The first option is an integrated Liquivida Lounge inside an existing medical office or MedSpa, which can provide an additional income stream for practitioners. The second option is the Liquivida Wellness Center, a storefront retail model that allows franchise owners to sell a wider range of products and services such as medical aesthetics, sexual health, weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, and more.

Liquivida has its operations based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has since expanded to Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and Connecticut. At AMSPA, the company is also distribute copies of Sam Tejada’s new book on the state of the IV industry, as a guidepost for emerging medical spa and IV clinic owners.

The Amspa Medical Spa Show will take place from February 2 – 5, 2023

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