Best Books: Spiritual

1 Revelations 2010 the Cynic's Bible

Revelations 2010 the Cynic's Bible

Barry Michael | Religious


Totally new insight into God. Not affiliated with any organized religion. If you have doubts, questions about God. The Cynic's Bible offers real answers and explanations. Not just the same old "God has a plan" rhetoric. The Cynic's Bible takes less than a hour to read and can enhance existence. No faith required.

2 Immortality and Resurrection Updated

Immortality and Resurrection Updated

William West | Religious


There are only two views that are commonly believed about what will happen to mankind after death. [One] That the soul of all will live forever and cannot die, the soul of the lost must exist somewhere for all the lost have eternal life and are not subject to the wages of sin which is death, or [Two] the wages of sin is death and the lost will...

3 Beautiful Thoughts

Beautiful Thoughts

| Religious


The invisible things of God from the creation of the world are clearly seen,being understood by the things that are Day,Week,Month,etc.

4 The Sins of the American Church

The Sins of the American Church

Anthony Perry | Religious


What if everything you had been taught about church was wrong? What if all you have read in your Bible has been read with blinders on? Is that possible? Try reading this short fifty page book. Have your Bibles handy. It may be a very bumpy ride. Don't get me wrong. I beg that you never take my word on it, but are you willing to be open minded...

5 Amazing Quran

Amazing Quran

Dr.Gary Miller | Religious


Scientific miracles Inside Holy Quran

6 The Poor House

The Poor House

Anthony Perry | Religious


This fictional delight is about the healing and abundant life that comes when we learn to submit ourselves entirely to God and God's kingdom in this life. Anthony Perry uses real life experiences in a fictional backdrop to create a life changing and transforming work. This book will challenge and stretch your view and beliefs about what it...

7 What is?

What is?

Ron & Steve FLowers | Religious


A debate between two brothers regarding Eastern Philosophies verses Christian beliefs. It is done using a large number of pictures in a coffee table format.

8 Fundamentals of Buddhism

Fundamentals of Buddhism

Dr. Peter D. Santinaism | Religious


Everyone can achieve the highest goal in Buddhism, be he a layman or a monk. All we need to do is to make an honest effort to follow the Noble Eightfold Path.

9 Walking With Jesus Through the Gospel of Luke

Walking With Jesus Through the Gospel of Luke

Anthony Perry | Religious


This thirty day devotional will uplift your spirit as it draws you into a closer relationship with Christ. Walk with Jesus in the Gospel of Luke and you may possibly find something you have searched for all your life: A New You.

10 The Rapture and Israel

The Rapture and Israel

William West | Religious


When will the secret rapture come to pass? Will you miss it? Will there be cars without drivers after the rapture? What is the battle of Armageddon? Is Armageddon coming soon? Will Israel be restored? Will there be a worldwide conversion of Jews? Will the temple be rebuilt in Jerusalem? Will animal sacrifices be restored? What are the...