Best Books: Fiction

1 The Identity Check

The Identity Check

Ken Merrell | Fiction


When a crazy, seemingly harmless old woman pilfers private information, she sets in motion a chaotic, far-reaching chain of events. Before long, a treacherous game of identity theft unfolds that could change the country's laws forever. Download this FREE e-Book today! Watch the new test movie @

2 Desperate Choices

Desperate Choices

Jeanette Cooper | Mystery


Rochelle Rathbone flirts with danger when she accidentally meets Tobias Chandler, Miami drug czar; thus, setting the stage for horrors she never knew existed until after they married. Innocent and vulnerable, she becomes his prisoner. She devises a desperate plan and successfully escapes, despite his threat to kill her if she does. She meets and...

3 Spared


Nastaran Akhavan | Biography


"As I adjusted my eyes going from absolute darkness to the bright lighted street corner, I could see the silhouettes of several soldiers around me. As I was being dragged backwards, I could hear the gravel grind together underneath me and feel the pain of my skin being ripped off as the soldier easily dragged my tiny body behind him. Both my...

4 Coranite Chronicles: The Judge

Coranite Chronicles: The Judge

Egan Yip | Sci-fi Fantasy


When it is discovered that the Judges--the mythical assassins who walk the shadows to silence criminals--are real, the Galactic Federation begins the hunt to bring down the deadly vigilantes. Darek, a delivery boy, is the first suspect. Fearing for his life, Darek flees to a distant world. But the world is nothing like he imagined. Monsters lurk...

5 For My Wife

For My Wife

Greta Krafsig | Short Stories


The story of a man's first and only love.

6 Millennium Chronicles Book 1 (Alternate Ending)

Millennium Chronicles Book 1 (Alternate Ending)

Anthony Perry | Sci-fi Fantasy


Alternate ending to Anthony Perry’s Millennium Chronicles Book 1. The world's fears have come true. Global warming, solar flares, and gamma rays have devastated the earth. Unable to correct the unbearable conditions, scientist and researchers genetically change life to survive in the new and chaotic world. A division arises between the new...