Best Books: Humor

1 The Young Shoplifters

The Young Shoplifters

Austin Mitchell | Humor


Syd was a habitual shoplifter. When he was caught and fined a hefty fine he became a shopkeeper. He's now regretting not following his friends after he sees how rich and prosperous they've become from scamming.

2 The Hardest Way Out of Love

The Hardest Way Out of Love

Austin Mitchell | Humor


It took a fight between Syd Daniels and Karl Parker before Dean Morgan realized that he and the latter man were sharing Debra Menzies. Thereafter a lot of things happened. Both Karl and Syd\'s women left them as a result of that incident. Only Dean was spared but he had now taken up with bottle shaped Tanya Dixon, despite threats from his wife...

3 The Quest For The Holy Hummus

The Quest For The Holy Hummus

James Allinson | Humor


The Quest For The Holy Hummus – The Chickpea Chronicles (vol 1). Satire. Comedic / comic / urban fantasy for adults. Despite being a regressive and unhelpful stereotype, it was nevertheless accurate to say that dragons were aggressive, bloodthirsty brutes. Not George, though. He’s a self-professed ‘decent’ individual with a penchant...

4 Fossils


Robert A Webster | Humor


Proof that age is just a number and getting old doesn't mean you can't have fun. It just means you know how to get away with itFossdyke Retirement Home has seen its fair share of quirky characters, but it’s never seen the likes of these four geriatric musicians who form a band called Fossils. Follow the madcap adventures of Britain’s most...

5 Stern


Bruce Jay Friedman | Humor


Stern by Bruce Jay Friedman

6 XPs with AI

XPs with AI

Samhita Joshi | Humor


XPs with AI is a collection of original writings (short stories, quotations and reports) by a Recurrent Neural Network—more famously known as AI (or a BOT!).

7 Trolleo and Henriette

Trolleo and Henriette

Theodora Oniceanu | Humor


This piece is a theatrical write I've been working on in 2021. The idea came after writing a poem titled the same, flowing with a nice help from some friends and loads of inspiration from everywhere a grain of fun and hope shone. Along with my "Soul Crush" poetry collection, this book walks into my proposal of the year 2021 ShOUT LouD project I...