Best Books: Horror

1 Macabre Memories

Macabre Memories

George Larson | Horror-Gothic


Four eclectic horror stories to chill the soul!

2 And Next, Darkness

And Next, Darkness

David Dwan | Horror-Gothic


A supernatural thriller revolving around a series of mysterious voices accidentally recorded on an old reel to reel tape recorder. Seemingly they are the voices of the dead, lost in limbo, reaching out through the darkness for someone to hear them, to help them find peace. The story follows one woman’s descend into the dark world of a...

3 Tales Of An Enchanted Twelve

Tales Of An Enchanted Twelve

H.L. Dowless | Horror-Gothic


This work is a collection of horror stories for ages 12 to 112. Read at your own risk. A print version may be purchased online at The Book Patch.

4 Grosvenor Lane Ghost

Grosvenor Lane Ghost

Jeremy Tyrrell | Horror-Gothic


As the Professor's assistant, it was my duty to perform whatever tasks he laid out for me. It was a simple enough arrangement, until he took me on my first investigation at a run-down house in South Entrance. The house at Grosvenor Lane showed me a brief glimpse of the world beyond, a world that exists with or without my blessing. But my...

5 Jolimont Street Ghost

Jolimont Street Ghost

Jeremy Tyrrell | Horror-Gothic


From the events this past autumn, I am compelled to relate my perilous trial. The supposition that darkness is merely the absence of light is both popular and false, as those who practice the occult can affirm. In the dark cellar of number thirteen Jolimont Street, a house the Professor had assumed benign, I unwittingly brought forth an ancient...

6 Phantoms: A Collection of Dark Poetry and Fiction

Phantoms: A Collection of Dark Poetry and Fiction

Kelvin Bueckert | Horror-Gothic


What was that? That noise out there in the hallway? That high pitched you hear it? It's coming closer. I don't know. Should we take a look? Hmmm...Perhaps some things are better left buried...then again...perhaps those things are the most interesting...What will we see as I pull open the door and peer out into that darkened hallway...

7 A Reunion

A Reunion

EC Byrne | Horror-Gothic


A meeting between old business associates brings to light unpleasant truths. Mature. Horror.

8 Wicked John: A Victorian Mysterie

Wicked John: A Victorian Mysterie

Joseph R. Doze | Horror-Gothic


London was just getting over the panic of Saucy Jack, feeling safe once more, when another strange, demented ripper emerged, tormenting the streets of Londontown once again. As the deranged killer prowls the gas-lit streets, a young American, studying overseas, and his romantically inclined friend find budding relationships with a troupe actress...

9 The Burning Tree

The Burning Tree

Rory Dwane | Horror-Gothic


Ben Wells fears being at home, and for good reason. Will Ben's love for his spouse be enough for him to face what he doesn't understand, or will fear overcome courage? Follow the spiraling events as a family is torn apart and devoured by the flames... In Rory Dwane's horror/thriller novelette, follow this fast-paced, suspenseful tale of a family...