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How does customer support/service figure into how you see a service/product?

I was reading a post over at The Digital Reader today which came down heavily on Barnes and Noble’s support response to a few of the writer’s issues with their products and services.

I personally have never dealt much with Barnes and Noble’s remote customer support. My experience with Barnes and Noble has been limited to the retail stores and the agents therein. As usual, the merit of each agent’s response to my requests has always been evaluated on the basis of the individual encounters and not on the overall experience of a Barnes and Noble retail store.

The New Kindle Product Line

And so it’s official – the new product line of Kindle eReaders and tablets is now announced and available for pre-order the Amazon.com website. They all ship in November, but Bezos himself recommends pre-ordering now.

10:52AM Fire ships November 15th. “We’re making many millions of these, but I still recommend you pre-order today.” – from the engadget live-blogging post

As predicted and been talked about almost endlessly since rumors of the new Kindle were heard, Amazon.com and their entire website and supporting infrastructure is now tailored to allow mobile devices (and especially the new Kindle Fire) to take