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So the Potter eBooks are finally available on Pottermore

On Tuesday, we were greeted with the news that the Harry Potter eBooks are finally available for purchase on Pottermore.com exclusively. Soon after I digested that news, I received an email from Barnes & Noble announcing that they too had the Harry Potter eBooks for sale for their Nook platform. I was preoccupied with other duties yesterday and wasn’t able to chase all this down in too much detail.

Today’s news greeted me with the fact Amazon.com was now also selling the eBook versions of the Harry Potter books – with a twist. They explicitly tell you that

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It seems that Readers are as passionate about the books they read as the eReaders they read them on. If you are considering entering the eReader market and are looking at your choices we highly recommend looking into what others are saying.

Here is one of the discussions we found about the most popular eReaders out there.

Of course always keep in mind your lifestyle, what you plan on using your eReader for (commuting or enjoying on vacation by the lake?), the memory available (for the extreme avid readers), and if you prefer to have other functionality