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Opinions, Opinions… What’s Yours?

The secret to living a passion filled life? As my friend Alan Cohen shared it all comes down to how your make decisions in life. Alan introduced the idea that anytime you need to make a choice in life, to make sure you remain on the path that’s true to yourself, it all boils down to either a “Hell Yes!” or a “Hell No!”.

In other words when making any choice, from what to have for dinner to which city to live in, if your choice doesn’t totally light you on fire and make you excited then it’s

Join The Conversation

It seems that Readers are as passionate about the books they read as the eReaders they read them on. If you are considering entering the eReader market and are looking at your choices we highly recommend looking into what others are saying.

Here is one of the discussions we found about the most popular eReaders out there.

Of course always keep in mind your lifestyle, what you plan on using your eReader for (commuting or enjoying on vacation by the lake?), the memory available (for the extreme avid readers), and if you prefer to have other functionality

The all-new nook -from the perspective of a long time Kindle lover

I was intrigued to see Barnes and Noble release their new reading-specific nook™ recently. Why? Because their success with the nook color™ seemed to be an exclamation point to me. One which seemed to signal to me and others that they needed to focus their expenditures elsewhere because even though people were loving the idea of the nook™, its feature and offerings, a lot of already-invested Kindle owners (like myself) would not commit to making a switch unless they presented some hard-sell benefits and advantages. I was wrong.