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Can you effectively multi-task while reading?

When I am reading, I tend to fidget with things – my fingernails, the edge of a page, my hair, anything I can get my hands on. It’s a nervous habit borne out of restlessness. But I also believe that part of it is due in some part to this new generation of instant-gratification technology. I know. It sounds like I am blaming technology for my own short-comings. Yet another malady that is showing up more and more in our lives – laying blame outside of ourselves. But allow me to muse on that other issue for a

eBook industry headlines – 13 Aug 2012

As I went through my news feeds this morning, these headlines caught my eye:

Google’s contribution to the fight against eBook piracy with a search engine algorithm update. (goodereader.com) A design and marketing firm, with the odd name of PurpleBananaBrain.com is making waves with their innovative approach to eBook marketing. (PRWeb) Lending your Kindle eBooks is not as straightforward as you might think (or want it to be). (The Verge) Smashwords launches a new service to get more eBooks into the libraries. (paidContent) Did eBooks really outsell print books on Amazon? Check the fine-print, says the “Writer beware!