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Do you suffer from reading block?

There is such a thing as a reading block, isn’t there?

Not sure what I mean by that? It’s that moment just after you are done reading your latest book and are looking for the next one to read. You either have a few options waiting and you aren’t sure which one to tackle, or you have none at all.

I’ve had moments like that. There isn’t a specific circumstance that I can pinpoint under which this happens to me. The last time it did, I had just finished a rather involving read; “Madame Tussaud: A Novel of

Is non-fiction as entertaining as fiction is?

I had a conversation with someone today about non-fiction books. (You have to love those random conversations with strangers about books and reading – it is always an eye-opening experience for me.) He is a big fan of Charles Dickens, he finds his writing soothing and relaxing. I do not know about soothing and relaxing, but Dickens is undoubtedly among the writing geniuses of our time.

I am big fan of fiction because of it is ability to provide an escape from reality and take you to places that are new and exciting and sometimes wholly unbelievable. And