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eBookEnvy Author Interview Series – Jacobo Schifter

This week, eBookEnvy.com interviews Jacobo Schifter, author of Hitler in America and Love And Lust: American Men In Costa Rica.

eBookEnvy: Tell us a little about you, your writing, your passions.

Jacobo Schifter: I like writing and writing saved my life when I was a kid. I was born Jewish and Gay in a Catholic, homophobic society and I could not have my own voice as whatever I wanted to say was forbidden. When I left Costa Rica to pursue my University education in the States, I found myself in the middle of the Civil

eBookEnvy.com Author Interview Series – Peter Ward

This the first in a series of interviews with our publishing authors on Free-eBooks.net.

Time Rep, by Peter Ward (Free-eBooks.net image)

Today we talk with Peter Ward, author of Time Rep.

eBookEnvy: Tell us a little about you, your writing, your passions.

Peter Ward: Well, I live in London with my girlfriend and a very small cat. My passion is making people laugh, and I had a huge amount of fun coming up with the cast of characters in Time Rep and watching what happened when they found themselves trying to save the

Your Chance to be an Award Winning Author…

What would it mean to the success of your ebook if more people knew about it? Imagine being recognized as an Awarding Winning Author! How exciting is that!? And how important could that be in your career as an Author?

There are many awards for Authors and you can reap the benefits of being one of them! The Global eBook Awards are accepting submissions from now until June 30th, 2011 (midnight Pacific Time)

Imagine being able to put one of those fancy “gold stickers” on your book that lets everyone else know that you’ve been recognized in your

Can You Be a Self-Published Star?!

It’s happening more and more often and it’s something the traditional publishers don’t want to admit. The ability of unknown Authors to hit the Big Time by by-passing the Traditional Publishing route.

With a little cash upfront, and some ingenuity, creating a “buzz” is something self-published authors can do on their own allowing them to maintain more control of the creative process, capitalize on better opportunities, and ultimately keep more of the profits in their own pockets.

Stories like those of Zoe Winters’ are becoming more and more common. Until recently Zoe’s resume held a collection of odd

Write Your Book To Help Others

My friend Lisa Tener says that, “most people only write from their passion.” Can you get excited about getting more out of all the effort you put into writing your book?

Lisa goes on to say that for those who only write from their passion and their message are missing out on the greater possibilities of getting your message out to a greater audience and reap more of the rewards that often seem to be overlooked by Authors.

Many authors confess that they didn’t do it for the money. Buy why wouldn’t you reap the full rewards of