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The Nook Tablet – somewhat of a misnomer

Barnes and Noble announced their new Nook Tablet this week. A friend of mine mentioned to me soon after we saw the announcement that it has email which was a “glaring omission” from the Kindle Fire. That made me realize that the general view of the Kindle family is still very skewed and very misunderstood.

This can never be said too much – the Kindle Fire was never intended to be a general purpose tablet at all. The Kindle Fire is all about Amazon Prime content – not anything else. There was mention made of an app store

Get your Kindle on … offline

Suppose you are one of those people who still haven’t quite gotten into the whole online ordering fad? You like to give all your stuff a test drive before you buy. You like to play with the display model a bit to see if it fits you and your style before you commit your money.

This is where the Barnes and Noble nook has won out over the Kindle; because the Nook is universally known to be available for try and buy at your local Barnes and Noble booksellers storefront. The Kindle, traditionally, was only available online at

Amazon to try Netflix type eBook plan

It sounds like Amazon.com is planning to launch a service for their customers that resembles the Netflix plan – it will allow for a possibly restricted, certainly chargeable, month-long access to an eBook library.

It certainly worked for Netflix and movies, why not for Amazon and eBooks?

The idea seems to be that for a monthly fee, customers would have limited access to a library of works which sounds to be starting off with older works rather than the newest of the new. It also sounds as if they might extend this to the already established Amazon Prime

Amazon’s New Tablet

Yes! Amazon is going head-to-head with the Apple iPad and is expected to perform competitively. Something Apple hasn’t seen much of in the tablet market to date.

Amazon’s launch into the world of tablets reportedly includes a a multi-colour screen, like their Kindle, and will have a backlit 7-inch screen. With a price tag of around $300 or less it’s expected to be very competitive with the iPad.

With shipping expected to begin sometime in October Amazon’s tablet is sure to be on many wish lists for the holidays and would explain the current redesign of Amazon’s