Best Books: Non Fiction

1 Tears of a Child

Tears of a Child

Louise Kinnear | Biography


EDITOR'S NOTE: Scenes of a sexual nature included. For mature audiences only. Screaming, shouting and swearing are all I hear while hiding in a corner of my room. Tears rolling down my face knowing that there is nothing I can do to stop this. I will get shouted at by someone I love so dearly. Someone I appreciated and looked up to all my...

2 If There Was Schizophrenia

If There Was Schizophrenia

Bob Miller | Biography


Mental illness is getting talked about more and more every day. Who are the people that have it? Where is the illness coming from? This true biography of a schizophrenic takes you through 11 different psychotic episodes. Read today to go deep inside of a man's troubled mind that has been constantly diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia.

3 Lips or Hands?

Lips or Hands?

G. Zeinelde Jordan, Se. | Biography


Helping hands are better far than praying lips. -Agnostic, Robert G. Ingersoll Ingersoll the Magnificent "Lips or Hands?" is an autobiographical account of a young atheist recovering from a years-long methamphetamine addiction (1987). By deceitful reason, he happened along a...

4 Texas Petroleum: The Unconventional History

Texas Petroleum: The Unconventional History

Mike Cox | History


The story of Texas' petroleum industry is one of unconventional characters, unconventional events and unconventional technology. For example, if early drillers had followed conventional geological wisdom, they never would have drilled into the salt domes of East Texas. But the driller's hunch won out over the science of the day, and the...

5 The Sphinx: When Was It Really Built and Why -  Part 1 of 3

The Sphinx: When Was It Really Built and Why - Part 1 of 3

justin spring | General Non Fiction


My theory on the Sphinx is this: there is sufficient physical, artistic, cultural and weathering evidence to strongly suggest that the face of the Sphinx is the face of a female Nubian shaman/leader who had an enormous impact on the lives of the preliterate Neolithic inhabitants of the Nile delta, an impact so great that she was held to be a...

6 Rider Haggard: His Extraordinary Life and Colonial Work

Rider Haggard: His Extraordinary Life and Colonial Work

Geoffrey Clarke | Biography


There is no excuse needed for basing this biography of Sir Henry Rider Haggard on the personal account of his literary life given in his own words in his autobiography, The Days of My Life. There can be no truer biography than that given by the first hand witness, the author himself. Of course, in my book, I have used memories provided by other...

7 Adventures in Movies

Adventures in Movies

Paul Bernard | Biography


A wry, witty and revealing review of the last 25 years working 'behind the scenes' in the film industry; from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' to 'Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince', taking in, 'Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade' and 'Sherlock Holmes' along the way. Loaded with many anecdotes about the actors and directors involved; stories...

8 Cover Me: Living, Loving and Learning Through Loss

Cover Me: Living, Loving and Learning Through Loss

Joy Basham-Lynskey | Psychology


The true stories within these pages will show even the most skeptical that life is defined by how you allow yourself to believe it will be defined. The author describes the stories of three young boys’ journeys and the end of their journeys through lives that were cut far too short. If you have ever suffered the loss of a true friend, a soul...

9 The Forgotten People & Company

The Forgotten People & Company

Henry Smith | History


This book explains the history of the company Wender & Duerholt and how the company ceased to exist and it’s name became forgotten because of the mistakes that were made right from the start and no one realised it including the owner E. Lohmann of the company.

10 The First World War for Oil 1914-1918

The First World War for Oil 1914-1918

Iakovos Alhadeff | History


This booklet explains why oil was the real cause of the First World War, and explains the economic and geopolitical interests behind all the major players of this war.Moreover it compares the first Great War for oil in 1914 with the oil wars of 2014 in Syria and Iraq one hundred years later.