Best Books: Non Fiction

1 Looking Back in Time

Looking Back in Time

Kevin Slater | Biography


A true story of Kevin Slater's life growing up in foster and care homes. Kevin was born in Liverpool UK (Huyton).

2 Love and Lust: American Men in Costa Rica

Love and Lust: American Men in Costa Rica

Jacobo Schifter | Psychology


"I love women. I love whores. I love women who are whores because they give me the best sexual bang for my money, I don’t get hassles or problems that I can‘t get rid of within ten or fifteen minutes, I don’t have to deal with a woman’s historical baggage, and the best thing of all about whores and my approach to them is that I’m almost...

3 Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Robert Gates Sr. | Politics


The misconceptions that some have about political parties and their followers, is astounding. One must understand that all countries are controlled by political parties with most of them elected into office, while some (dictators) usurp their power, and subscribe to an economic design that they feel will benefit the country (or themselves). It...

4 Engendered Lives: A New Psychology of Women's Experience

Engendered Lives: A New Psychology of Women's Experience

Ellyn Kaschak, PH.D. | Psychology


Mind boggling!Engendered Lives will make you see the world around you with new eyes.The book presents a profound and often surprising view on what gender is and how it is passed from one person to another. You will see you how gender shows itself in surprising ways and in surprising places. Let Ellyn Kaschak, a unique and talented...

5 Love It or Leave It: The End of Government as the Problem

Love It or Leave It: The End of Government as the Problem

Abscondo | Politics


Faith in the free market leads many to believe that government is the problem. Conservatives claim that if we could only get the government to stop interfering in our economy and in our lives, then market forces would solve the problems plaguing us today. While politicians offer them the fantasy of ending government through government, this...

6 Homeless by Gods Design

Homeless by Gods Design

James OKeefe | General Non Fiction


A family from the Mississippi Gulf Coast found themselves in mid-America homeless by God\'s design. A story of faith and trust in God during an impossible time. A book to help prepare churches and the coming homeless as they embrace some of the most difficult times coming upon America.

7 Macho Love Sex Behind Bars

Macho Love Sex Behind Bars

Jacobo Schifter | General Non Fiction


What is the sexual culture in a Latin American prison? This book reveals how homosexuality gets constructed in a strange setting and how this culture takes so many different forms. The book has unique information on drug use and HIV prevention. Despite its seriousness and academic tilt, the book has a wonderful sense of humor and introspection.

8 How to Dramatically Increase Your Vocal Range

How to Dramatically Increase Your Vocal Range

Diane Hamel | Recreation & Hobby


How to Improve Your Singing. If you want to learn to improve your singing, the first step is recognizing the importance of lessons. Even the most talented and experienced professionals take them. Singers who have been honing their craft for years know that the voice and the body must be trained to produce the best sounds. It all comes down to...

9 Lost Boy

Lost Boy

Jocelyn Price | General Non Fiction


A mother's story of her son, Cameron, who suffered from bipolar disorder. From the Forward: "I am writing this book about my son Cameron who committed suicide nearly five years ago. He had suffered from bipolar disorder for many years. It is his journey from despair to paradise."