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Best Books: Lifestyle

1 212 Hot And Delicious Pizza Recipes

212 Hot And Delicious Pizza Recipes

Frank Huebner | Food/Recipes


Get Over 212 Hot And Delicious Pizza Recipes! Inside you´ll find the following recipes: - 23 Pizza Dough Recipes - 10 Pizza Sauce Recipes - 179 Pizza Recipes Stop buying your Pizza from outside and become your own Pizza-Master!

2 Motivating the Unmotivated

Motivating the Unmotivated

Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad | Self-Improvement


A Collection of Lectures presented by Dr Ram L Prasad, Human Resource Director, Consultant and Educationist. These are the experiences of a person who said “I Can” and “moved mountains”. Over the years, he presented these lectures at many corporate and youth talent development seminars of various organizations like the Rotary...

3 365 Luncheon Dishes

365 Luncheon Dishes

BCSM, TT & Others | Food/Recipes


365 Delicious Recipes. A luncheon dish for every day of the year. You and your family will never get bored again. More recipe sources inside the book. Recommended.

4 Getting What you Want Now! (Transforming Inner Resistance)

Getting What you Want Now! (Transforming Inner Resistance)

Beyond Timelines | Self-Improvement


This module tackles core issues facing all individuals who want, yet never seem to get what it is they truly desire. Yet there is an known non public human dynamic that states, YOU CAN ONLY EVER HAVE WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU NO LONGER WANT IT. That means, getting what you want in the now! is achieved by ripping open and letting out the resistance...

5 Rise Light, Fresh and Shine with an X Factor (Transforming De-Motivation)

Rise Light, Fresh and Shine with an X Factor (Transforming De-Motivation)

Beyond Timelines | Self-Improvement


Fry for a while - This ebook/module tackles core issues facing all de-motivated individuals. It is a step by step DIY process of how to identify, unearth, and dissolve de-motivation. The module "does not" use traditional methods of mentoring. This module describes "Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation".

6 A Brief Guide to Understand Everything

A Brief Guide to Understand Everything

Max Mische | Self-Improvement


Virtually everything in the universe can be understood by a few basic principles. These basic principles act as mental constructs that enable people to simplify the complexity of the world, enabling a better overall understanding of it. Due to the limitations of the human brain, which is unable to perceive much more than a handful of things at...

7 Seven Secrets Of Millionaires

Seven Secrets Of Millionaires

Stuart Goldsmith | Self-Improvement


Why are some people wealthy and others poor...? Are there secrets which the ordinary person can learn which will improve their chances of making a million pounds? Stuart Goldsmith, author of The Inner Circle, thinks so! In this fascinating book he talks about the Seven ‘Secrets’ to Wealth. He believes it is possible for anyone of moderate...

8 Daily Plan - Motivate Your Life

Daily Plan - Motivate Your Life

Omar S. Adel | Self-Improvement


Motivation is what keeps us going. It is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail. Motivation is the drive someone has to complete a task. The ingredients of motivation are combined with many factors which include simplicity, attitude, the people you hang around, the way you think, knowing yourself, helping other people and so much...