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Page Turner Books

Books: 19

If you’ve been looking for an addictive reading to leave you breathless and keep you up all night, then look no further, you’ve come to the right place. These must-reads are described as...

Best Crime Books Ever

Books: 11

This is one of the most popular book genres - Isn't? Who doesn't love reading a book with tons of twists and turns in every turn of the page? Here are our Best Crime Books of all time.  Enjoy!

Books You Need to Read to Deserve 'Well-Read' Status

Books: 62

Any serious bibliophile should read these books at least once in their lifetime if they want to deserve the status of being a well-read person. This is one of our most treasured lists, it includes...

Greatest British Books

Books: 30

These are 30 fantastic books, considered as must-read, from some of the most famous and contemporary authors and their most celebrated works that every self-proclaiming bibliophile should read.

2018 Best Books: July Update

Books: 14

Long sunny days of July leave lots of time for reading. Here are our Best Books for July 2018 to make the best of your free time. This reading list will take you far, far away! Have fun  "We...

My favorite Childhood Books!

Books: 19

There’s nothing quite like the experience of reading as a child. I still can clearly see myself curled up with a book in my reading tent. And now, as an avid reader, I can firmly say that it's...

Wedding Reading List

Books: 13

Check out these stories of fictional weddings full of romance, family drama and unexpected twists. Also find some books with tips, tricks and advice to help you out to organize a really fabulous...

Great Books for Commuters

Books: 16

Most people hate their commute, some experts say that people with longer commutes have higher blood pressure and bigger waistlines. That's awful, right? The solution is simple: allow yourself to...

2018 Best Books: June Update

Books: 11

Make some space on your bookshelves and put your reading glasses on! Below are our best new Books for June 2018. Check them all! "It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like...

Beach Reads

Books: 12

June is officially the start of summer. The season of sand, sun and beach reads begins and we’re here to help you out on the most important decision: which book will you bring along on vacation...