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My name is Garry Robinson. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Crossfit® Coach and StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor from Sydney, Australia. I am also a huge fan of obstacle races and mud runs.

Since 2008, I have trained hundreds of people and conducted thousands of group training sessions and I love what I do. But I got fed up with how much time it took me to prepare quality, inspired fitness programs and workouts for my groups.

So I created this field manual called Bootcamp Workout Ideas and packed it with everything I know about military training and general physical preparedness. I laid it all out into a complete, 3-month program consisting of 50 original workouts and included my best insider tips that they don’t teach you on PT certs.

Now my Sunday afternoons are free from stress and pressure. I know that every time I flip the page, I will find a workout that delivers exceptional results for my clients.

Over 15,000 personal trainers and fitness camp owners have downloaded it so far and it is widely considered by industry experts to be the “gold standard field manual for civilian group training” .

Fitness Bootcamps, Mud Runs, Kettlebells, Crossfit, Helping Personal Trainers earn a full time income by working part time hours

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  • Bootcamp Workout Ideas
    Bootcamp Workout Ideas Fitness by Garry Robinson
    Bootcamp Workout Ideas
    Bootcamp Workout Ideas



    Dec 2014

    A field manual of 50 complete group outdoor workouts scaled for all fitness levels. It also includes 10 fun warm-up drills, 30 intense boxing combos and loads...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle