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The Kingdom of Heaven


The eternally beautiful and magnificent Hall of Duf was filled with the heavenly host. Millions of angels awaiting this glorious event. Gathered from all parts of the cosmos, a number far too numerous to tally. Those in attendance had been waiting for this presentation, ever since it was announced by Gabriel’s mighty horn that the “Ancient of Days” would be giving a lecture about the greatest treasure hunt of all time, the search for the Holy Grail.

A topic just as interesting in the kingdom of heaven, as it is on earth. Maybe even more so, since most of the heavenly host were in the dark on this subject. Oh, many of the angels had an idea of what the Holy Grail is, but there was no concrete knowledge. Nothing was definite, nor anything given from the Father of all things. Only the archangels Michael and Gabriel were in the partial know. The rest of the host thirsted after this ungiven, and hidden knowledge. It had been an ageless secret, held onto only by the Father in Heaven. And he hadn’t been showing his cards up until this point.

This was only the second time that the Father, also known as the Ancient of Days, had called forth an assembly such as this one. The first event before this grand gathering, held many hundreds of thousands of years prior, was to announce the creation of the human race. A momentous occasion, which has since shaken up the power of the cosmos. An event that had unbalanced everything in the spiritual, heavenly realm.

Therefore, when Gabriel blew his horn to announce this event, every angel in heaven was present for this glorious, yet extremely rare occasion. The entire heavenly host would put their missions on hold, until this lecture is finished. The cosmos would have to wait. Their curiosity needed to be filled.

A hushed silence filled the audience as they witnessed the Father of all things, walking along the massive center aisle at a patiently slow, and deliberate pace. The Source of heaven pausing every so often, until he finally reached the podium on stage in this magnificent hall. The eternal being took its time getting there, scanning the audience with his all-seeing eyes, as the Father of the universe crept along at a snail’s pace. Thus, allowing the anticipation of his audience to build to an enormous pitch.

The Father knew he had them in the palms of his hands. Scanning their eyes, and feeling their emotions. A wave of anxiousness gripping every angel in heaven.

It was time to let the secret out.

Were they ready for this great truth? Was the host prepared for this knowledge? The Father of all things would soon find out whether his loyal servants were up to this vital task.

Of course, he knew what their response would be. After all, wasn’t he the Father of all things? Didn’t he know all things past, present, and future?

Yet there was a catch. He knew he couldn’t violate his own law of freewill. Therefore, with all the variables given, there was a chance that some of them may disregard what he was about to give to them. But he highly doubted it.

That was the trick to freewill. He always knew where things would lead. Yet he didn’t always know how they would arrive at the destination. Too many variables, thought the Father. And many of those variables would be played out on this stage that he was now arriving at.

This would be a speech given of the utmost importance. The Ancient of Days knew he had to take his time getting his faithful caught up on his grand plans. The time for the reckoning would be soon, and the angels needed to be aware of this blessed mission. It was time to enlighten his beloved. It was finally time to let them in on his grand mission of the ages.

The Holy Grail. It was time to discuss its mystery. Time to unveil its deep secret, which had for so long eluded many men who have dared to look deeply into its understanding. And had come away wanting.

Once the Father of all things arrived onstage, he noticed his archangels Michael and Gabriel standing in the front center rows. He smiled to himself, knowing that he could always depend on these two beings to do his bidding. Michael and Gabriel would help muster up the rest of the host, to hear the important words that he would have to reveal to them. A secret that he had kept to himself, and only a few chosen prophets, for eons. The true meaning of what is known on earth as the Holy Grail. Which is the redemption of human kind from his enemy, Lucifer. The one-time Archangel, who is foolishly attempting to usurp his glorious throne. Such a waste, thought the Ancient of Days. He had grand plans for Lucifer. Apparently, they weren’t grand enough for his one-time lead archangel. His long ago most trusted servant. The “light bringer,” as he was called back then. “The son of the morning star,” was another nickname that he had been called while he bathed in the light of the Holy Father.

Lucifer had turned away, and the Father had answered with the treasured Holy Grail. The most powerful weapon ever created on any inhabited planet in the galaxy. Even more powerful than his former archangel Lucifer. Who knows? It may even become more powerful than himself, once it takes complete and total fruition.

The plan which he had laid out more than six thousand years ago was taking shape. It was almost time to usher in the kingdom of heaven on earth. Just one more hurdle to overcome, and the planet would belong to him, and then turned over to his children. But first, he needed to update his servants, his angels. Now more than ever, he needed them informed of his truth. They were to become aware of this grand scheme, once the time was right. And finally, it was time.

The Father of all things was dressed in a luminescent white robe, with a golden belt around his waist. Dressing in the same fashion that his angels had chosen to wear. He could have chosen any apparel, but his loyal angels had always preferred their Source dress in the traditional white robe. The same robe worn by every angel who has ever visited a prophet on the planet earth. It was their signature garb.

He had long, flowing wavy white hair which reached down past his shoulder blades. His eyes were a piercing electric blue. The type of color that only an electric spark could make. They looked right through anything or anyone they rested themselves upon. The Father’s windows to his soul were the color of power. The color of blue.

His skin the color of milk. A whiteness that can only be matched by a new snowfall. A pure white, without blemish or spot.

He scanned the audience once more, noticed he had their undying attention, and the voice of all wisdom and knowledge began his story, “…