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Eden, 4000 BC


His voice usually being the voice of thunder, was toned down a bit. Yet every angel in the audience could hear their maker’s sweet, melodic, baritone voice.

“My story begins with an agreement between myself, and a soul who is considered by myself to be sacred in my beloved kingdom.”

That most Ancient of Days, looked at Michael, winked, and continued, “Not many of you know him, some of you have heard of him, and a few of you are acutely aware of him. His name is Amos, and he is my co-conspirator in this mission of human redemption. My earthly ‘partner in crime,’ so to speak. My sidekick. He, whom on his shoulders alone, carries my burdens for me. A most unenviable task, as you shall all see.”

“I asked Amos if he would be willing to enter the darkness of the planet Terra, as it was called at the time. As you know, today it is called Earth. A planet which was, and still is, totally corrupt in its thinking and knowledge. A planet that was all but lost to the enemy, due to the betrayal of Lucifer and his subordinates.

“But it wasn’t always like that.

Terra at one time was nearly a heaven in the physical. A planet that was inhabited by humans who had been seeded from the star systems, Lyra, Vega, Tau Ceti, and the Pleaides. A place of goodwill, where all humans could grow in a state of total freedom and consciousness. A planet where liberty was upheld to its highest standards. Where freedom was experienced in the physical state of being. Where a soul could incarnate into the flesh, and become whomever that spirit chose to be. Without any restrictions put upon it whatsoever.

“Terra was a planet of peace and harmony, war being a foreign term for her. Human beings there, were at one time in union with each other, and all things. This made them wonderful custodians to this physical paradise. They revered all life on this beautiful blue jewel, caring for the countless number of plants and animals that I created there. Tending to the hundreds of millions of differing forms of life. Co-creating with myself a new and promised kingdom of heaven. Which was its original intention. This would be the planet which would become my physical home, as it was planned. A place where I could physically leave heaven, and enter into. A place where the spirit would meet the flesh, and the two would become one. In thought, word, and deed.

“I had placed within this realm, wonderful teachers and healers to do my bidding. Children were taught from an early age to preserve all knowledge of their ancestors. Groomed by the sacred teachings of the prophets and the masters, they were well schooled. Taught a way of life which would be in unison with my universal laws of freewill, attraction, karma, and love. A place where all life was held sacred. These teachings went on for thousands of years. The entire planet was a Garden of Eden, a second heaven in the making. The planet Terra had come very close to recreating what I’ve created here, in my kingdom. Very close indeed.

“As above, so below.”

“That all changed when Lucifer committed his sin from which he could not return. He, and along with his entire contingent of angels under his command, changed their forms from spirit to flesh. As you are all aware of, an unpardonable sin. For as my servant Jesus once spoke, ‘that which is flesh is flesh, and that which is spirit is spirit.” Humans are humans, and angels are angels. Never shall the twain be mixed. Yet that is exactly what Lucifer did, creating a hybrid race of the two. Forcing a catastrophe from which the entire cosmos still has yet to recover from.”

The angels nodded in agreement at that last statement. They all knew that it was unforgivable for any of them to take on flesh. The only exception would be to save a life, and that would be at the Father’s discretion, and only for a short time. Or if they were on a very specific mission, also at the Father’s discretion. It was an extremely rare occurrence that an angel took on the form of physical flesh. Taking on flesh was the most taboo of acts to the heavenly host. Although each was given the power to do it from the Source, they all knew that it was the gravest of violations in the kingdom of heaven. If for some reason that an angel had become flesh, they had a lot to answer for. For that which is flesh is flesh, and that which is spirit is spirit.

The Father of all things continued, “Lucifer broke my commandment, and became flesh on Terra. Whereby he, and along with a few of his compatriots, impregnated the daughters of men. Creating an entire new race of beings, known at the time as the Nephilim. A race which in time would have subdued this former planet of peace. This is when I sent my servant Amos to the surface in a place called Eden to redeem it. Along with him, I sent the beautiful soul known in heaven as Elizabeth. Those two on earth will be forever known as Adam and Eve.

“I asked both beloved souls if they wished to enter the darkness on Terra, and both agreed to it. For my law of freewill never be violated. Not even by the Father of all things, myself.

Now many humans presently on Earth consider Adam and Eve to be the first humans placed on the planet. This of course is an error in human knowledge and understanding. They were the first of their kind, but not the first. They were the first humans sent to earth directly from heaven, without coming from another planet first. They were sent from me, and myself alone, without evolving from Lyra, Vega, Tau Ceti, and the Pleaides, as the other humans had. Their evolution had occurred in the place where we are now inhabiting, the kingdom of heaven.

“It was a tremendously courageous act that these two performed. For there were no other humans on the planet quite like them. None looked, acted, nor talked like they did. The other humans had absolutely nothing in common with Adam and Eve. The others couldn’t even understand their language, which is the language of heaven, Hebrew. My sacred spoken and written language, which has been used in my kingdom since time immemorial. This is the language that Adam and Eve took with them to Terra. A language still spoken today in certain parts of the globe.

“I sent them, so that out of their seed, I would eventually become incarnate, and help redeem humanity. Not just for the planet, but the entire cosmos. I informed them of this in a prophecy. ‘That all the world shall be blessed from their seed, their blessed holy bloodline.’

“As the audience knows, these two beings had children, which of course, was all a part of my grand plan. First Cain, Abel, Seth, and others. It would be from the line of Seth that the blessed bloodline would carry on. From their third child shall the process of redemption begin on this beloved planet. And it shall be from this child that the world be saved. For the third child was a special child. A being of great importance.

“Now I need to tell you about Seth. He is my blessed servant known in heaven as Elijah. With the help of my servant Gabriel, Elijah would become my personal prophet time and again. Any time I wanted to send a message to humanity on Earth, I would first send forth Elijah. Any time I wanted to send a great teacher to mankind, I would first send forth my servant Elijah. Another sacred soul in my kingdom. Another being of extreme vision and courage. Along with his father Amos, perhaps the two greatest prophets of all time.

“No. Now that I think about it. There is no perhaps to that previous sentence. Amos and Elijah are the greatest prophets whom have taken on the flesh. Bar none.”

The Father looked at his Archangel Gabriel and continued, “I would instruct my messenger Gabriel to give my messages to Elijah. On numerous occasions throughout the planet’s history, I would use these two beings to do my bidding. Gabriel is assigned to Elijah, just as Michael is assigned to Amos. Giving these two my utmost attention throughout their earthly history. Besides them, I would use several others to help usher in the kingdom of heaven on earth. Everything done by prior agreement. None were drafted into their missions, all volunteered. For that show of courage, they all deserve the highest honor given. For it is a very courageous thing to enter the darkness, especially when the darkness knows you’re coming.”

Immediately after the Heavenly Father uttered those words, every angel in heaven bowed their heads to pay their respects to these souls honored by the Father. This silence lasted for half an hour. For when angels pay their respects, they do it at the deepest levels. It’s not just a nod of the head with these spiritual beings. They do everything in earnest. Therefore, showing respect for souls whom the Father chooses must be done with their highest feelings and emotions. Nothing else will do. For when an angel prays, or pays their respects, or shows feelings toward something or someone, they always do it at the highest levels of consciousness.

When the heavenly host was finished, the Father of all things continued, “Let us go back to where it all began, Eden. An area located between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. At the time, it was not as heavily populated as it is now. A scattered village here and there, banked along the two mighty rivers. Mixed with inhabitants from the four corners of the planet. A nexus of that part of earth, a small intersection for humankind. A sacred place yet to be revealed to humanity.

Allow me to show you the way it looked at the time of the visitation by my servants, ‘Adam and Eve.” Immediately behind the Father rose a massive viewing screen, perhaps one hundred stories high, so that every angel witnessing this lecture would be able to see this most magnificent viewer.

A giant television, tuned to the mind of the Father. Its frequency in complete alignment with the thoughts of the Ancient of Days.

The viewer was designed to show images onscreen as the Father told his story.

On the massive viewer showed a red headed, fair skinned, green eyed, well-built man who was tilling the ground. Sweat breaking across his brow, his arm reaching up to wipe away the perspiration. This faded from view, and showed the same man who was trying to communicate with his neighbors, yet neither could understand each other. Communications was all but impossible with differing languages. It seemed to be a heated exchange between Adam, and a few of his fellow neighbors. Greatly outnumbered, Adam withdrew from the crowd he was trying so speak with.

The next image showed both Adam and Eve, (she an auburn reddish haired beauty, with brown eyes, and light skin), running away from the village of Eden with an angry mob chasing them from behind. They were forever being cast out of the village of Eden. Banished, because they were different. Exiled, because no one else was like them in thoughts, words, and deeds.

Too pure to be in Eden. The couple left their company of men, and moved into the deserted, barren wilderness.

Finally, the image showed the couple living in a cave on a mountain. Isolated from Eden, and the rest of the world. Then the large screen faded from the audience’s view.

“Because of their differences in the way they talked, the way they looked, and the way they lived, these two souls would endure many incredible hardships on planet earth. As you noticed, his hair was colored blood red. No one else on the planet had that same color until the arrival of Adam. Keep this in mind as I take you through a few various lifetimes of my beloved servant.

“When other humans noticed his red hair, and their light skin, they persecuted them because of their differences. Not to mention the fact that no one could understand their foreign language. Adam and Eve tried to communicate, but because of superstition of the natives, both were considered to be evil. Thought to be of the devil, because they were different.

This is a tendency for many humans on Earth, to reject what is different than themselves, and call it evil. But thanks to our grand plans, this tendency by humanity will soon change.

“And thank God for it!” exclaimed the Father of all things.

Every angel in the audience looked at each other, and then the Father for understanding. This thought that had just been given them was a new idea. One in which was unfathomable to all. Did the Father just acknowledge a God? Was he thanking a being higher than himself? This was sacrilege to the heavenly host. How could the Father, the Source of all things have a God? They looked to their maker for understanding.

“Oh, did I just let slip a grand secret?” said the Father with a smirk on his face. He looked at the audience, completely amused with himself for what he had just done to his loyal followers. Then he continued, “You heard correctly, I am the child of another. But that story must wait for now. We must first continue with our story of Adam and Eve.

The heavenly host was unsatisfied. Yet they had no choice but to wait for an explanation. The Father would get to that story at his pace, and there was nothing they could do about it. But to say that their interest was piqued would be considered the greatest understatement of all time. They could think of nothing else. Their perception of their Creator had just been forever shattered.

The Father knew what they were thinking, but he had a story to tell, “It wasn’t long before the two fled into the wilderness, and found refuge near the caves of Qumran. Therefore, this newly formed tribe would remain apart from the rest of humanity. This would be a trait which would follow the Hebrew tribe for millennia. A tradition passed on from generation to generation. Isolation would be a trademark of the Hebrews, which has always been rejected by humanity. Even up to the present day. All one must do is to look at the history of the Jewish race to see that this statement is so. Forever tortured, forever abandoned. Always persecuted. All because of Amos and Elizabeth. Or Adam and Eve, as they have been called.

Their isolation was all done by design. I made them different so that they would not mix with the rest of the humans on Earth. A humanity which had been tainted by aliens’ hybriding themselves with human DNA. Crossbreeding that which is spirit with that which is flesh. Of Lucifer and his minions, mixing themselves with the humans on Earth. I wanted the Hebrew race separate from the rest of a humanity which had fallen from its lofty heights. I did not want them tainted by a race of humans which had mixed with fallen angels. If I were to incarnate into this Earth, it would be from a pure stock of human beings. One sent from the kingdom of heaven. One from the seed of Amos and Elizabeth.

“Also, deep within themselves, Adam and Eve knew they didn’t belong there. They also knew they had a mission to fulfill, one in which is about to conclude.”

The Ancient of Days let that knowledge sink into the heavenly host for a minute and continued, “You heard me correctly, it’s almost finished. From my perspective, it already has. But where my future kingdom lies, it’s about ready to. The birth of a new age, the thousand-yearlong golden age of peace is about to begin. Led on by the chosen one.”