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This book is dedicated to the five priestesses of the Holy Grail. You know who you are.















































“Thus we are empowered by light of the holy grail of humanity. A mere vessel in time without thoughts and disturbances. We are here to learn the truth of what is to come, and what has begun. We do this in order to ascertain ourselves, our lives, and our worlds. We will become greater, and more magical than ever before. Mere words will not be able to begin to describe this. For this is life, this is thought, and this is progress. This is the light set before us to determine and judge for the greater good.

“We are lost, but shall be found by the power of God Almighty. So that we may once again see the light, the love, the beauty, the glorious sunrise, and sunset given to us by God our Father. Never a time to be forgotten, but a time to rise from the ashes of humanity and rebirth, to take flight, and to take place. A joyous occasion for all who follow in the footsteps of God Almighty. Never to fear, or to be alone. An eternity begotten and forgotten, to be replaced with love, forgiveness, and light.

“Follow me. Call upon thee almighty, the ruler of heaven and earth. So that we may all live joyously in the light of love, and God once more. Never to be forgotten. As we roam the earth, scavenging for wealth and food, to feed our human needs.

“The eyes of mankind are blinded by what is before them. A haze so thin, yet that others can see. Let it be. Let them see as they are guided. A chosen few shall prevail that walk upon this earth. I am with thee.”

“It’s time to spiritually evolve and grow. To know once more our purpose as to live in the image of God the Father, the Almighty, the Highest High of all. Go out there and spread your wings. Make it count for the good of all mankind.”

The Angel Samuel May 21, 2016



























I was busy trying to decide which of two different books to write, when I received this fateful message from Samuel. One option was the third book in my ‘Blood Royal’ series. A manuscript by the name of ‘King of the South.’ For those who have read “Blood Royal,” and its follow up book, “Archangel,” that title will have meaning for you.

The second option was a manuscript based on the many deceptions which are presently transpiring in today’s world. This book will be titled, “The Grand Deception.”

I decided on the latter option, when a mysterious event happened. I received a message from my old friend Samuel, and this angel had a vital message for me. The message which you have just read.

Once received, I meditated on its meaning. The first thing noticed was the term holy grail in the beginning sentence of this message. “Empowered by light of the holy grail of humanity.” Now what could that mean? As far as I or anyone else knew, the Holy Grail was some kind of cup which received the blood of Christ, as he was hanging upon the cross. As stated in ancient Holy Grail lore of the Middle Ages. And here is Samuel telling me that the holy grail of humanity will empower us all with light. I doubt a cup has that kind of power. Perhaps it does, but I began to question.

So, I asked myself, “What is this holy grail that he speaks of?” This vessel in time without thoughts and disturbances?

I repeatedly read the message. Hoping that some new information from the spirit would sink into my mind. After all, Samuel had included a lot of meaning into his message. As he tends to do.

Samuel is not the type of messenger to waste words. They all have meaning. He tells us that we are to learn the truth of what has begun, and what is to come. In other words, things are already in the works for the appearance of this Holy Grail that he speaks of. There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes-going on in the spirit world to prepare for this grand event. They’ve been preparing the way. And apparently, a part of this preparation is for yours truly to write a book about the Holy Grail. Therefore, my plans have changed. The other two manuscripts must wait.

I spent a week going over each word of Samuel’s message, before I began this manuscript. Confident that I was on the correct path, I began this undertaking. What follows is the true tale of the Holy Grail, and the redemption of mankind.