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Sharon Stewart - Lightworker, Astral Incarnate, Channeler, Blue Ray, Wayshower, Light Warrior, Author

When Ivo came through and introduced himself in Sharon awakened to her purpose on earth and began to understand the reason for all she has undergone Her life has been a journey from victim consciousness and severe oppression by the Dark to standing in her Light to connect with her Christ Self - the divine goddess Athena Looking back through her past through the new perspective of an awakened extraterrestrial consciousness Ivo helped her to make sense of her life and she shares what she has learned with you Through her etheric D implant and plasma connection to Ivo Sharon has been channeling information to earth As the implant works on high frequencies only she now enjoys working relationships with many other extraterrestrials universals as well the growing Implant Communications team Well connected in the galaxy as Tiannia of Vega Sharon astral projects to meet people of the galaxy and to garner more information for us here on earth Ivo's mandate for earth is to help awaken lightworkers and to help humanity as we ascend towards D and Sharon is key in this The only being able to channel him they work as a team to spread information to awaken and enlighten all on earth Blue Ray - transmuter of negative energies and empath - sensor of negative energies and incarnation of Athena holder of divine feminine energies and goddess of war and wisdom Sharon has found herself constantly attacked by the dark throughout her lifetime With a failed attempt on her life as a car accident behind her visits by Men in Black and sightings of light and dark beings Sharon continues to fight the dark with Ivo at her side and Archangel Michael on call to assist No stranger to Direct Energy Weapon DEWs attacks demonic and shapeshifting

spirituality, extraterrestrials, the Ascension, Disclosure

Books I've written

  • Earth Awakening
    Earth Awakening Body & Spirit by Sharon Stewart
    Earth Awakening
    Earth Awakening



    Jan 2020

    A compilation of previously released channelings by Ivo, Ashtar Sheran, Athena and Adama, as channeled by Astral Incarnate and Lightworker Sharon Stewart. Thi...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT