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Look Past The Illusions To The Essence Of What Is


North Platte


12th May 1975

Michael Fulkerson and Michael King are partners in writing novels together. Career Thief is their first book together. Fulkerson resides in Nebraska. King resides in Tennessee. Fulkerson is deaf in both ears and served fifteen years for a crime he did NOT commit. Fulkerson writes from a dark chapter in his life. King is serving a Life sentence. Both are avid Martial Artists, both having several black belts. Fulkerson was released in 2011. During his incarceration, he studied creative writing, cognitive thinking, movie script writing. Fulkerson wrote the movie script to FAITH (Fallen Angels Inherit The Earth) Fulkerson and King are about to release their next novel together. Demon Stalker has just been published by Mr. Fulkerson and Mr. King.

Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Boxing, Swimming, Writing, Poetry, Lyrics, Conditioning, Calisthenics

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