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I am excited to be a part of the Free-ebooks.net community and I look forward to bringing the readers of this site content that is captivating, insightful, thought-provoking, and different.

J.M. Barber is a writer of sci-fi and contemporary fiction and is an avid reader of books, authors Wally Lamb, Stephen King, and Dan Brown among them. He resides in Houston TX and is currently working on his next novel.

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  • Mr. Insane Killer Clown
    Mr. Insane Killer Clown Short Stories by J.M. Barber
    Mr. Insane Killer Clown
    Mr. Insane Killer Clown



    Aug 2015

    Jeffrey and Steven stand outside of a gas station, eating snacks and talking to women that go inside. Everything is fine until the clown shows up. If Jeffrey ...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT