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7th April 1957

Gavan Kinna is the grandfather of six and the father of three. He has worked in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and the coal mines of central Queensland, Australia. He has been a self employed builder and won numerous construction awards for house that he designed and built.
He has spent time as a volunteer fire fighter, worked with the disabled and disadvantaged, as well as having rubbed shoulders with some of the more rich and famous.
A conservationist at heart and a pacifist by nature, he likes to play his guitars, paint, write and take long walks along the deserted beaches of the east coast of Australia. An avid surfer since he was fifteen years old, he likes to ride long and short boards that he has made himself.
Married to his ever patient wife Vicky for some thirty seven years, he is currently working on his next novel.

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  • A Sun Rose
    A Sun Rose Short Stories by GB Kinna
    A Sun Rose
    A Sun Rose



    Oct 2014

    Hanna York and his shipmates are stranded on a Terra formed Mars. After a series of adventures, he and his companions have found themselves prisoners of the g...

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