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My name is Shane Jeremy James. My weight loss and health coaching has been featured around the world. I am a world renowned motivational speaker, bestselling author, fitness guru and lifestyle coach. I have been featured on numerous television shows, radio programs, appeared in magazines and newspapers from Canada, U.S, India, and China among many others. I have co-authored with the likes of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Dr. Wayne Dyer. My first business venture took off when I was able to pick a small fitness franchise with just a few stores that soon grew into a chain of over 10,000 stores. This is where I got my start in the weight loss industry and have now changed hundreds of thousands of people's weight and lives. I am not one of those so called experts that just creates programs on weight loss and health; I truly understand how to help people at their core.

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  • Think, Act., Love, Lose Weight
    Think, Act., Love, Lose Weight Fitness by Shane Jeremy James
    Think, Act., Love, Lose Weight
    Think, Act., Love, Lose Weight


    Jan 2012

    Shane Jeremy James, bestselling author, fitness guru, TV personality and world renowned motivational speaker. In his bestselling book Think, Act, Love, Lose W...

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