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Pablo Andrés Wunderlich (Pseudonym: Paul Andreas Wunderlich) is a Guatemalan novelist, a poet, and a philosopher. He was born the 27th of July of 1984 in Guatemala city, Guatemala. He studied medicine at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala. As a medical doctor he continuously pursues his passion for literature, especially the creation of worlds, where he seeks to intertwine Fantasy and Philosophy.

Pablo A. Wunderlich is an uprising author who seeks to embroider his soul in the cosmos of literature; this author has forged a chimera between the worlds of fantasy/fiction and philosophy, mainly existentialism and objectivism. He writes in both English and in Spanish, indulging in each of the languages' pearls to express his innermost visions.

In his stories we may find his dynamic intertwining of worlds once thought to be mutually exclusive; fantasy and philosophy have found a place to coexist and bring forth adventure and mystery, passion and magic, war and strategy, combined with the exploration of Self and its importance for us, human beings, who seek happiness and the fulfilling of our goals and dreams.

Darkness in magic and sorcerers meets the light of philosophical thinking and of truth's exploration. Welcome to a world of great discovery: A world of fantasy embroidered with philosophy.

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