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Peter was born and raised in New Zealand, travelled to the US and Scotland for several years, before settling in Australia.

Peter writes science fiction, specialising in action/adventure and hard science novels. His début novel, Anomaly, jumped into the top 100 best sellers for High Tech Science Fiction within days of being released and rose into the top 10 for over a month. With over a hundred review comments, from a wide variety of perspectives, Anomaly continues to stir the imagination of readers.

Galactic Exploration represents a return to the classic science fiction of the 50s, with a series of related novellas making up a grand story of exploration. While Monsters is a dystopian look at the importance of reading.

Books I've written

  • Trixie & Me
    Trixie & Me Short Stories by Peter Cawdron
    Trixie & Me
    Trixie & Me



    Sep 2012

    Trixie & Me is a science fiction novella exploring alternatives to the Rare Earth Hypothesis in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Trixie and B...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT