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Bradenton, FL


1st December 1980


Jay Horne is a husband, and father of four out of Bradenton, Florida.
Since the beginning of his adult career, as an author and publisher, Jay has been proud of most of his publications and is feverishly working to correct any old manuscripts he carelessly published as an amateur. He founded Bookflurry Inc. where he and his wife do cover design, consultation, and in-house publishing for the public. Jay and his kids are also accredited with the discovery of Published Youth, a division of Bookflurry Inc. which encourages children to publish their own works of literature through donated services of Bookflurry Inc. and under their parent's guidance to save 100% of the sales royalties into a future education fund.
Jay enjoys reading and writing fiction in horror, humor, and teen & young adult.

Writing fiction, humor, horror, teen & young adult, Reading, Martial Arts (Tesaihiryu), Gnosticism, Family, Gymnastics, Swimming, Hiking

Books I've written

  • Fowl Karma
    Fowl Karma Short Stories by Jay Horne
    Fowl Karma
    Fowl Karma



    Jan 2020

    Summer is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. When that someone is Karma, she tends to return. A group of friends occupy their summer in the Florida...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT