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Shums Ladeen is a pen name (pseudonym). It is Arabic, and it means the sun of irreligion, as opposed to Shamsuddeen, a male name that means the sun of the religion. I use it to for protection from harm. I'm an ex-Muslim, agnostic irreligionist. I'm an Arab, from Najd, in Arabia, (Saudi Arabia.) As the experience of leaving Islam was significant in my life, it led me to write this book, which I believe is worth the risk involved in challenging fanatic religious people who would kill for it, and a government that would inflict a severe punishment. My interest is peace and dignity for all people, which can only be achieved in a real secular system. This system cannot co-exist with the real Islam, as it claims to be the religion of the god of the universe, who wants to enforce it with jihad on the whole world. This necessitates wide distribution of the information contained in this book, to show the Muslims that the religion is from men, not from a god.

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