Discovery, Knowledge, and Extremism - Reasons to Leave Religion (Islam) - A Translation from Arabic


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Published: 2 years ago

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Book Description

To anyone who believes in the faith of Islam (Islamic belief) & anyone interested, for humanity, freedom & dignity for all, & abatement of physical & mental terrorism, & to record reasons that would make you leave the religion or avoid it, & perhaps prefer atheism, & to prove that ex-Muslims left falseness to be on the right path to truth.Some of the strongest proofs for the humanness of the religion, with sources: Many errors, modifications, approval of owning slaves (human trafficking), sexual and class discrimination (injustice), child marriage (pedophilia), temporary marriage (prostitution), raiding, plundering spoils (armed robbery), enslaving women of enemy (rape), beheading captives, torture and cutting hands and feet. All of this is proven in the Quran.

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Shums Ladeen

Shums Ladeen is a pen name (pseudonym). It is Arabic, and it means the sun of irreligion, as opposed to Shamsuddeen, a male name that means the sun of the religion. I use it to for protection from harm. I'm an ex-Muslim, agnostic irreligionist. I'm an Arab, from Najd, in Arabia, (Saudi Arabia.) As the experience of leaving Islam was significant in my life, it led me to write this book, which I believe is worth the risk involved in challenging fanatic religious people who would kill for it, and a government that would inflict a severe punishment. My interest is peace and dignity for all people, which can only be achieved in a real secular system. This system cannot co-exist with the real Islam, as it claims to be the religion of the god of the universe, who wants to enforce it with jihad on the whole world. This necessitates wide distribution of the information contained in this book, to show the Muslims that the religion is from men, not from a god.

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