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7 Cutting Edge Strategies To

Rapidly Burn Fat,

Reprogram Your Genetics,

And Bring Your Sexy Back.

By: Derek Doepker (Excuse Proof Fitness Founder)

Edited by: Shane Edele (Excuse Proof Fitness Co-Founder)

Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved

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Excuse Proof Fitness and Derek Doepker are not responsible if the use of these methods results in excessive levels of sexiness and desirability.


Who are you and why should I listen to you?

Before addressing who I am, I want to make it very clear that you should

NOT blindly believe everything I say in any of my work.

That sounds a little strange, but what I mean is that blindly accepting in-

formation just because some “guru,” “expert,” or “guy on the internet who

wrote a guide” says it doesn't mean it's always true, or true for you. Even the biggest, brightest, most knowledgeable experts disagree on all sorts of

things and our knowledge of what works is always changing and expanding.

All I can do is share stuff that has worked tremendously well for myself and

literally thousands of others who have taken similar advice both in the “real

world” and in scientific studies, but that doesn't mean it will work for you or

is even what is best for you at the moment.

Not only that, but some of my recommendations will likely be updated as

more research emerges as we are always learning new things. This means

I'm not interested in debating whether something said is “right” or “wrong”

as much as to whether it is more or less practical and efficient in light of our

current knowledge of the human body and mind.

What I hope to do more than anything is inspire you to think and discover

your own solutions rather than have me “preach” to you about what you

should or shouldn't be doing, but that doesn't mean I won't try to give you a

kick in the butt every now in hopes of waking you up. Realize I only do it

because I care enough about you that I know it may help you get results.

It's always up to you whether or not you want to accept anything I present

or say that “this guy's full of it,” which you're more than welcome to do.

With that being said, let me introduce myself.

My name is Derek Doepker and I used to be unhealthy, scrawny and weak,

and I ate fast food every single night for years on end while REFUSING to

eat anything remotely healthy.

I'm not going to give you some sob story about how much my life sucked

because for all intents and purposes, things weren't that bad.

Yeah I got picked on growing up because I was small and weak and wouldn't

defend myself, but overall my out of shape body and poor health habits

didn't make me cry myself to sleep at night.

Certainly other people, and perhaps yourself have faced a lot more pain and

suffering from the condition of their body like my friend Shane whom I will

tell you about in a moment.

But one thing I did have is an ever curious mind and desire to learn. After

reading about the damaging effects, from a scientific perspective, that the

things I was doing was having on my body by studying books on anti-aging,

I decided to make a change at the age of 17.

Even though “Super Size Me” or “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” weren't around

when I got started, I'm sure they similarly have prompted many people to

change their behaviors by demonstrating the consequences of poor choices.

(Regardless of your thoughts as well as the accuracy and limited perspective

of these types of documentaries, they at least provide food for thought)

No longer were my bad habits something that were going to hurt me when I

was 80, but I saw that my bad habits were affecting me TODAY by making

me feel like crap all the time and setting myself up for rapid aging and dis-

ease formation to the point where I may be getting irreversible health condi-

tions in a matter of years rather than decades if I kept up what I was doing.

To make a long story short, I studied a lot about the human body and

exercise. I quickly turned around my diet, went to the gym at least three

times a week, and by applying sound principles I was able to gain 23 lbs of

lean muscle and weight while getting a ripped six pack in a few months.

My transformation was so rapid and powerful the people in my high school

couldn't believe a scrawny kid transformed into one of the fittest guys.

My close friend Shane Edele saw my results and he was sick and tired of

being fat. He came to me for advice because of the pain he was experien-

cing from his condition and he was ready to make a change.

I shared my knowledge with him and he went from 218 pounds to 170lbs

and got a lean athletic body and six pack for the first time in his life within

three months.

Neither of us did anything “extreme,” we didn't use drugs or fat burners,

neither of us were gifted genetically (though not “cursed” either), we didn't

spend our lives in the gym or kitchen, but we both were extremely discip-

lined with following our respective plans.

The true test came however in college when I was busy and broke and trying

to follow a specific diet or exercise regimen could be nearly impossible at

times due to various circumstances.

It's one thing to be in shape when everything in your life follows a nice

steady routine and there are no challenges, but how many people can't quite

get it together if they have jobs, family, limited budgets, and other challen-

ging circumstances that sabotage their time, willpower, and resources?

For me though there was no going back. Once I tasted the sweet success of

having a healthy, fit body that I could look in the mirror and be proud of, I

knew I had to find ways to keep and build upon that no matter what other

crazy stuff I had going on in my life ranging from classes, jobs, music re-

hearals, social life, no money, etc.

So that's when I developed all of my time and money saving strategies both

for eating healthy and exercising that allowed me to get in even BETTER

shape by spending far less time exercising and cooking.

I made it a science to develop the absolute most efficient ways to get results

with the least amount of effort required and Shane and I would swap ideas

and insights over the phone. Before long, when people saw how great our

bodies looked and how easily we got our results, they wanted to know our


The biggest problem though was that most people wouldn't even take the

time to apply the stupid simple recommendations we gave because just as

quickly as they'd ask for advice, they'd have an excuse like “I'd love to get in

better shape but I just don't have the time/money/genetics/willpower/etc.”

As I faced our own challenges in life, I realized that a big part of success was

that I looked at things differently. Both through real world experience, and

countless hours of studying the world's most successful people, I realized

that no one gets results until they change their mindset.

After all, I can show you how to make delicious meals for days in literally un-

der 5 minutes that costs LESS than fast food, but if someone doesn't believe

it's possible for them to get in shape, and SEE it's possible from watching us

do it, then they won't start doing the things they need to do.

After many literally thousands of hours of research into psychology, neuros-

cience, and human behavior plus physiology and exercise science to under-

stand why I easily got results and others didn't or couldn't even get started,

I realized there were things missing from most traditional fitness advice.

It was that simply knowing WHAT to do isn't always the problem, it's under-

standing WHY people do what they do (or don't do what they don't do) that

really determined whether someone would be successful.

To give an obvious example, how many people make a New Year's Resolution

to get fit, “know” what they should do, but then don't follow through?

It was after researching this that I understood why Shane and I were able to

make rapid shifts in our health and fitness, despite the fact that both of us

were terribly unhealthy and out of shape, and how the same things that

triggered us to make a change and stick with it can be applied ON PURPOSE

in anyone who wishes to make a change.

That means if you've struggled to “get yourself motivated,” then you can re-

program your mind so that you will be unstoppable in doing what you actu-

ally want to do instead of feeling like your life is run by your “habits” and


Imagine being able to “brainwash,” for lack of better word, yourself on

purpose so that you do exactly what you want to do and enjoy every minute of it.

Warning: Knowing how to apply this may cause you to rapidly become

extremely sexy and desirable to the point others may become jealous.

In case you were wondering... here's my


What makes Excuse Proof Fitness different?

After years of research and experimentation, I knew what worked for me

and for others, and I also knew strategies that were so stupidly “ex-

cuse-proof” that ANYONE could use them to get results no matter what their

circumstances were. The problem I faced however was that almost every-

one had their excuses preventing them from even getting started.

So I identified 3 elements that would enable anyone, regardless of their

circumstances, to get started and stay on the path to lifelong success:

1. Getting in the right frame of mind so you are actually excited by health

and fitness and making it something you enjoy for the rest of your life.

This works even if you are repulsed by the thought of eating salads

and drinking water all the time (which luckily you don't have to do!)

like I was when I first got started.

2. Knowing the most effective and efficient strategies so you can get in

incredible shape and look downright sexy without sacrificing wasted

hours exercising, cooking meals, or obsessing over calories and food.

These strategies must also be so effective they work even if you have

the “world's worst genetics” and obesity and/or health issues have

been with you all of your life and run in the family.

3. Knowing how to keep your results forever. That means you don't just

get in great shape, but you're able to stay in great shape for the rest

of your life no matter how crazy your life gets. “Calorie counting” is

out, and 5 minute fat eliminating health building meals are in.

The problem with other many products and programs:

There are a lot of great programs, trainers, tools, and advice out there. But there's probably a heck of a lot more crappy stuff, gimmicky infomercials

and hyped up “magic pills” being pushed on people.

The truth is, you really don't need a lot of that stuff when you really

understand human physiology. Even if you've “tried everything” and nothing

worked, I can promise you there's a lot of cutting-edge stuff emerging in

research about how we can even overcome “genetic limitations” to

reprogram the body to be lean and sexy, but it doesn't come from following

most of the typical advice out there to “eat less, move more” which can

sometimes do more harm than good!

Another issue with these programs is they tell you it should be super easy

and you'll lose 10 pounds each week. Although that can be done, what if

you aren't able to keep those results? A lot of people who lose a significant

amount of weight gain it all back within a couple years. (Except those who

follow the strategies shared throughout Excuse Proof Fitness)

The truth is there are going to be some challenges and it isn't always easy, but when you have the right “tricks” and “tools,” you can easily overcome

many of the challenges and actually thrive because of them. But that takes

ignoring the hype you've been sold and focusing on what really gets results.

So what makes “Excuse Proof Fitness” different, and why I created it is be-

cause while a lot of programs focus on “what to do,” I included the “how to

get yourself to do it” component. That means focusing on all 3 elements by:

1. Developing unstoppable motivation through the latest research in psy-

chology and human behavior on “reprogramming your emotions” to be

thrilled by health and fitness and excited each day to see your body

transforming in front of you both on the INSIDE and out.

2. Teaching you the latest and greatest strategies for rapid fat loss,

muscle and strength gain, and how to shape your body closer to what

you desire in a way that is safe and permanent!

3. Giving you strategies and tips so simple and “excuse-proof” that

ANYONE can get themselves to do them even if they are crazy busy,

dead broke, stressed out and overwhelmed, or can be just plain lazy.

I must warn you a lot of this stuff may seem a little “unconventional” or ap-

pear like it has nothing to do with health, fitness, and getting sexy.

But remember, that's because much of what you may have been told has

only been fraction of what you “NEED” to know. I'm giving you part of the

complete blueprint on how to change your body and mind from the inside


That means I'm including things from advanced psychology, genetic re-

search, and other areas of study outside of diet and exercise. So some of it

may sound like “therapy” or seem “silly,” but you have to decide do you want

to do what seems “cool” or “normal” only to get crappy results like everyone

else, or do you want to apply what will have a profound effect even if it

seems silly or like it may not work?

I ask that you reserve judgment until you give some of these things a fair

shot. Most of the stuff I share has some serious scientific backing and/or

real world results to demonstrate effectiveness.

If you diligently apply one of these strategies and it's not for you, by all

means ignore it and move onto the next strategy. Some of this stuff isn't for

everyone, and that's cool.

Everything, including the emotions you feel to the foods you eat, and even

the people you hang out with affects the chemicals and hormones in your

body to move you closer to or further from a drop dead sexy body. When

you set everything up to work in your favor, you'll find yourself getting

sexier, with less effort, and keeping the results for the rest of your life

without losing sleep or missing out on enjoying life.

I have literally hundreds of pages of cutting-edge techniques to accomplish

all of this, and there's some pretty advanced stuff that's not for everyone.

But some people just want a few simple but powerful things they can do

TODAY to get them on the fast-track to sexy.

So I created this guide to give you a few of the absolute most essential

things to know and give away some of my best strategies like:

How to naturally, instantly, and safely eliminate stress and balance the

body's hormones to a state of fat burning and healthy recovery. Re-

search from a leading health institute has shown significant

strengthening of the body's immune system to overcome “chronic” ill-

nesses using this one weird “trick.”

Find out why your habits keep you stuck, and how you can toss out

your old habits as easily as you toss out trash then “program” the

habits YOU want on demand.

How to get yourself excited by health and fitness so you CAN'T STOP

yourself from exercising and enjoying delicious healthy meals, even if

you hate physical fitness and are currently are REPULSED by anything

“good for you.”

A powerful “mind hack” that works to activate the area of your brain

responsible for problem solving so you can tap into your inner

“creative genius” to find solutions to your problems without having to

rely on others.

Why all the debate on the “best” diet is just keeping you stuck and out

of shape, and how to get around all of the overwhelming conflicting

and confusing information to get to what REALLY works to strip pounds

of fat of your body and keep it off safely.

How to make “fast food” meals in less than 5 minutes that last for

days, taste delicious, and cost a fraction of the price as going to the

nearest drive through!

The little known and free “technique” that will reduce inflammation,

provide endless antioxidants to fight aging, and re-balance your

circadian rhythms. Aging and disease skyrocketed after people

stopped doing this one thing, and 99% of people are guilty of not ad-

dressing it. HINT: It has nothing to do with diet or exercise.

Why you can throw away those expensive and dangerous fat burners

and replace them with a dirt cheap product from any grocery store

that will help your body burn fat, fight aging, and improve your health

while making meals taste delicious.

Find out the essential nutrients you are almost guaranteed to be

deficient in. Warning: A healthy diet or “multivitamin” alone will

almost never fix these.

Learn why the vast majority of people who get in great shape won't

keep their results and will end up FATTER and LESS HEALTHY years

down the road and how you can avoid being one of them with one

rarely discussed secret to permanent fat loss.

Plus a WHOLE LOT more... Enjoy!


Your sexy body has been taken hostage by body fat.

This fat is stubbornly refusing to cooperate with negotiations.

We are now initializing a rescue mission to bring your sexy body back.

Mission Directive:

Rescue your sexy body and bring fat under your control quickly, safely, and permanently.

Mission Overview:


Fat has built an intense defense system to prevent itself from being taken out.

It alters the sexy body's genetics and tricks you into thinking there is nothing you can do to change this.

It feeds off of toxins, junk food, and a sedentary lifestyle to keep itself thriving.

It sucks health, energy, and vitality from the naturally sexy/healthy body to keep it from fighting back.

It uses persuasive propaganda tricking you to believe you are powerless to stop it because of

"lack of time," "lack of money," and/or "lack of willpower."


Fat's defense is mostly smoke and mirrors. Numerous world class experts from a variety of fields including athletic training, nutrition, neuroscience, psychology, performance medicine, genetic research, longevity and more have discovered fat's weak points and developed strategies to successfully overcome its defenses quickly and safely in all types of individuals no matter the circumstances or stubbornness of the fat.

We've compiled these field tested protocols into this guide to give you the resources you need to rescue your sexy body. Although there are many ways to tactically rescue a sexy body from fat, we've provided seven essential time-tested user friendly strategies in this survival guide which when used together, will virtually guarantee a successful rescue operation.

This will be a challenge, but you will have the tools and step-by-step plan to get through it.

Do you accept this mission. . ?

The Objectives and Strategies

Objective 1: Overcome Fat's Defenses

Strategy 1 : Manage Stress

Successful Outcome:

Re-balance hormones by reducing fat storing hormones and increasing fat

burning hormones. The immune system improves significantly.

Alter the body's genetic expression to favor "health" vs "protection" mechan-isms

Decrease sense of "overwhelm" while maintaining a healthy level of "good"

stress to promote favorable neural-pathway development in the brain to in-

grain healthier behaviors with ease.

Why This Works:

It's been estimated that over 95% of diseases has a stress component.

Stress, or lack thereof is also one of the body's biggest signals for how it al-

ters genetic expression. (Yes, your genetic expression can be altered and

isn't set in stone from birth.

Check out:,, and the book Biology of

Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton

While a small amount of stress can be beneficial to the body (think exercise)

by promoting favorable adaptations and increasing neural-pathway develop-

ment, excess and in particular chronic stress will cause numerous problems

such as fat gain, muscle loss, decreased performance, loss of sex drive, and

psychologically speaking a desire to avoid anything that adds further stress.

Why is that last point important? Because doing ANYTHING new can cause a

small increase in stress. Think about the average person who lives off of

junk food and reality TV trying to eat healthier and exercise. Most people

know they "should" do those things, but because those activities new and

different, they will be slightly stressful at first.

Since people tend to already be overstressed, their bodies and minds natur-

ally resist these new "healthy" behaviors simply because it perceives they will add even more stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Hence the

New Year's Resolutions that never quite pan out.

If you can learn to manage stress, you'll be able to de-clutter your life of all

the nonsense that is getting in the way of you really doing what you want to

do. This means new activities like getting in great shape become "fun chal-

lenges" rather than overwhelming burdens done out of "necessity."

Stress and emotions go hand in hand. Research from the Heartmath

Institute ( has shown that the heart is a powerful influence on the body's chemistry and emotional state. Where it was commonly thought

the brain controlled everything, we now know that the heart actually sends