Combat Yoga Fitness HTML version

Introduction: Yoga is a mind, body and spiritual discipline going back
thousands of years to the ancient Vedas. Many of its core teachings can be
found in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, also known as the eight limbs of yoga.
While this program is non-denominational in its scope, there is nonetheless
a wealth of information to be found in many of the older texts on yoga.
Combat Yoga Fitness Ô is a combination of hatha yoga, fitness based yoga,
ayurveda (the healing branch of yoga), naturopathy, marma therapy (Indian
acupressure), posture analysis, and reflexology. Its purpose is to provide
simplified solutions to high states of stress.
Since people serving in the military and law enforcement absorb an
enormous amount of stress while performing their day to day jobs and
assignments, I can’t think of a more important group of people that would
benefit from this type of program.
I am confident that with the regular adoption of the principles found in this
book that it will help you overcome the stress related problems that you’re
experiencing, whether manifested as job related stress, general anxiety
disorder, panic disorder or PTSD. Yoga when used in combination with
other holistic modalities can bring about healing and transformation on
many levels.
There are many studies linking yoga with its many health benefits. Best of
all, there’s no investment in expensive equipment, like so many other health
and fitness programs. All you need is enthusiasm, a relaxed area, a practice
mat, some loose fitting clothing, water for hydration, and you’re ready to
begin. It can also be performed in regular military garb on or off the base.
This program is intended for Canadian Forces and American Armed Forces
military personnel, since both nations work closely together. Combat Yoga
Fitness can be utilized as a stress reduction component for military
personnel returning from conflict areas exhibiting symptoms of severe
stress. It also can be used by those serving in law enforcement.