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The dissertation depicts, an sectoral review of the Refractory industries in Orissa. The emphasis that has laid down in finding out the competitive advantages, of the  large Indian refractory companies that have created overtime along with their adaptation to the changing environment, keeping in view the marketing potential and prospects of the refractory industries in Orissa.

The study focuses on the  major companies in the  Refractory sector located in Orissa, namely Tata Krosaki Refractories Ltd formerly known as Tata Refractories Ltd (Belpahar), IFGL Refractories Ltd(Kalunga), Manishri Refractories and Ceramics Pvt. Ltd(Cuttack) , Sarvesh Refractories Pvt Ltd(Kaurmunda) and OCL Ltd(Rajganpur).

For the purpose of investigation, both primary as well as secondary source of information  were collected to get the results. Many books on the related topic like books on steel marketing, competitive advantage, business research methods etc. were also consulted along with a number of visits to the libraries for research purpose. Related quotes and texts from different entrepreneurs have been mentioned in the literature review section of the report. Mostly questionnaires and interview surveys were conducted among the officials 64 nos. from personnel category , 32 nos. from customers category and 32 nos. from agents of major Refractory Companies located in Orissa to know their responses towards the research questions.

Infact the research work through the collection of questionnaires and surveys, helped me to know the various marketing aspects of refractory industries in India, mainly about the various strategies that the companies have adopted to gain competitive advantage not only domestic but also globally.