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      Be optimistic – sometimes we pick on one bad news from the media and concentrate on it too much. This will only ruin your holiday. After all, every village has its own mad men and this does not mean that if you meet one then all the rest are mad! There will always be some crime in a city and this is not unusual. Therefore concentrate on the good news and enjoy your holiday.



#13. Safe Beach Holidays in Australia


Australia is a well known tourist destination. It is also known for its exclusive beach holidays. There are numerous beaches in Australia, with most of them offering some good surfing conditions. They have become the perfect places for Australian family holidays. No matter what your personal choice is, there are beaches for all. Some of them even offer amazing adventure activities for those who love sports.


You will enjoy the same ambiance and charm of a beach regardless of whether it is in the Gold Coast beach, Sydney, or in Perth, Western  Australia. If you have a tight budget and are looking for some cost effective options, there is no need to worry since you can easily take care of all these aspects, too. You will find budget-friendly beach accommodation where you enjoy the beautiful ocean view and the supreme beach grandeur from your hotel window or a hidden cabin.


Safety is the main priority of many families while they plan a beach holiday in Australia. Even though the beaches in Australia are completely safe and have a good record for safety, there are some tourists who may not be aware of the potential hazards. Below are some of the safety tips for you to follow before you go on beach holidays in Australia.


The sun - Australia is indeed well known for its good climatic conditions throughout the year. However, this is one of the potential hazards. With the sun being very harsh, you may get into some skin problems in Australia. Hence, if you are traveling from any other country, for safety reasons, you need to take some precautions. Cover your face and body with sunscreen lotion and avoid sunbathing or sitting in the sun between 12.00 to 3.00 pm. Protect yourself and children from sun by not getting into direct sunlight when it is very hot. Wear a long-sleeved shirt and hat while in the sun.


Sharks - Australia is famous for its shark population. Many linger near to the coastal areas and some swimmers and board riders have been taken by sharks, especially if they swim at dawn and dusk. So avoid swimming in the dark and read the warnings and signs on the beach carefully. This is applicable to surfers as well.


Currents and rips - when you go swimming, you should be careful about the currents and rips. Be familiar with the basics associated with these and how to save yourself or others from these. Hence, swimming is recommended in designated (flagged) areas only, where lifeguards are present to rescue you.



#14. Planning for a Smooth Australian Holiday


Australia is one of the most popular destinations for holidays. Given its beautiful beaches and historic monuments, you have the right reasons to visit Australia for your coming holiday. Many cities across the country show the different cultural traditions of Australia. Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Darwin are major tourist destinations in the country with every city having its own attractions.


All you have to do is plan ahead before you leave for your holiday.


There are many tour operators that are providing different packages to families and individuals. You need to get complete details about the various packages so that you will be able to choose the one which will best fit your requirements and provide you the entertainment that you are looking forward to.


The other way in which you can prepare your travel plan is to collect information about the cities mentioned or contact the Australian tourism department that will provide you with the information that you are looking for.


Once you have obtained all the necessary information regarding the tourist destinations and the major attractions in the country, you can then plan the holiday accordingly. This will help you plan the vacation so that you can enjoy yourself to the maximum by visiting as many of the major attractions present in the country as possible. The Australian tourism department is promoting tourism in major cities and suggests some packages. You can approach them for further information. All the holiday destinations have been categorized according to the needs of the travelers, adventurous, sailing, sea diving, history oriented etc.


If you are planning an adventure holiday, you will then have to choose among the destinations which will provide you with the same. All you have to do is collect information from the city’s tourism department on all the major adventure activities that are present in their city. This will help you choose the ones which will provide you with the required fun and entertainment that you are looking forward to.


Now that you have understood the various important facts, it is time that you start collecting data from different websites or from the official Australian tourism department’s website in order to choose from the major tourist destination in Australia. Plan perfectly so that you do not miss to enjoy any major attractions in a particular city. Once you choose the destination, you should book your plane ticket and hotel.



#15. Paradise on Earth - Australian Beaches


Beaches in Australia are pieces of heaven on earth. They are so calm, pristine and serene that you find perfect peace of mind there. These virgin and perfect beaches help Australia to identify its uniqueness. 


Visit the Australian beaches at least once in your lifetime to enjoy the beauty and fun. You can lay lazily on the stretch of white sand, surf in the water or explore the beauty of the coasts traveling around with your vehicle. There are beaches in Australia for all and everyone will definitely find something that interests them.


Palm Beach in Sydney is one of the best beaches to explore in Australia. You can derive great pleasure by visiting it, given that it offers warm turquoise water. It is indeed a great experience to see it when you are going to Sydney from the northern side. It is one of the famous spots for surfing and golf playing.


The whitest sandy beach in Australia is Hyams Beach. It is an incredible combination of pristine white sand and blue water. It cannot be missed by anyone while in Australia. However, be careful of the intense sun here. The sun’s rays are reflected by the sand and you may experience sunburn. So, wear a shirt and a cap and apply sunscreen before you go out.


Four Mile Beach reminds you of the Caribbean. If you are looking for privacy, go some meters away from the central areas. You will achieve great peace of body and mind there. The place is crowded with mind blowing restaurants making delicious and mouth watering snacks and eatables.


If you are looking for great privacy, then no other place is as good as White Heaven Beach. This place is very serene and gorgeous. You will find all types of adventures there. This area is well known for its surfing throughout the world. You will love the cool breeze and downy sand.


Cable Beach is a place that you must visit in Australia, preferably in the months of June to August. It is a great long beach spread over sixteen miles. It offers great memories for all its visitors. Then, Bondi Beach in Australia is well known for its serenity, bistros and water sports adventures.  


Summers make the Australian beaches great pieces of paradise, since the water is warm, the sun is hot and the beer is very cold. All this is available in one country for everyone to enjoy their Australian beach holidays.



#16. Overview of Australian Cities and Their Attractions


Australia is a large country in the southern hemisphere and it is also a continent. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Nearly all the population is concentrated along its western and eastern coastline where its major cities are situated. It is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and wonderfully developed cities. The culture is vibrant and the people are warm and friendly. Some of the major Australian cities are Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Darwin. There is great variation as each city is different but has the quintessential Australian feel. Here is an overview of these cities and what a tourist can expect to see in these cities.




The capital of New South Wales, Sydney is also known as the harbor city. It is a city full of extraordinary beaches. The world famous Bondi Beach is here together with from 70 more beaches. The Rocks in Sydney is a popular tourist joint where you will find cobblestone streets. Sydney Harbor national Park is full of gorgeous beaches, lovely islands and rich flora and fauna. Every Ney Year's Eve, great firework event is held at the Sydney harbor which attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world.




Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and a hub of culture, sport and style. The major attractions here are the Yarra River valley and St. Kilda Beach. Melbourne is host to the Australian Grand Prix and of course the Australian Open, the first grand slam event of tennis during the year. The city is full of opulent bars and restaurants and here you can enjoy the real Australian culture. You must visit the Royal Botanic Park and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where some amazing cricket matches are held.




It is the capital of Queensland and full of many tourist attractions. Check out the Brisbane shopping center, climb up the Story Bridge over the Brisbane River, saunter along the Gold Coast or hike in the primeval Daintree Rainforest. The South Bank of the Brisbane River is full of lush green gardens where you can enjoy a bike ride. You can use a paddle steamer or a high speed boat to get a panoramic view of the city. If you love art and culture, there are art galleries and museums to keep you busy. You can opt to see an opera or a ballet performance in the Powerhouse. In the nearby Moretan Bay, you can indulge in water sports and see some beautiful coral reefs.




It is the most western capital city. It is situated along Swan River. Have a taste of 40 vineyards or visit the Perth Zoo. You can choose to go to Rottnest Island where you can ride a bike or kayak around secluded islands. You can swim, surf, or snorkel in the water near the golden beaches such as Scarborough or Cottlesloe. Kings Park is ideal for a family picnic. You can visit the State war Memorial where you get a panoramic view of the city. If you love fine food and wine, you will love the Margret River Wine Festival.




The cultural capital of Australia, the city will charm you with its elegance and style. It is known for colonial stone architecture, parklands, festivals, museums and libraries. You can swim with dolphins in Glenelg or enjoy a bike ride in the botanic gardens. You can walk along the great coastline or choose to get up close to wildlife. For shoppers, the much loved Adelaide Central market is nothing less than a paradise.




It is the capital of Australia and it is full of tourist attractions. You can visit the Namadgi National Park which is a world heritage site. You can see the native animals and learn about aborigine culture and art. This is a planned city and is famous for its lakes, parklands and bush land. Lots of festivals are held every year in this capital city that attracts thousands from all parts of the world. You can get a chance to learn more about Australian history and culture when in Canberra which is the political and administrative center of the country. The balloon festival of Canberra is world famous.



#17. Options for Family Holidays in Australia


Who would not like to visit a place that is blessed with beautiful beaches, warm weather, rolling mountains and metropolitan cities? Yes, all this is present in Australia and so it would indeed be one of the best family holidays ever. This is the reason why many tourists go to Australia every year.


However, some people feel that there is nothing to do in Australia. This is indeed nothing but a misconception. Go on further and read on to discover some great places.


Have fun with kids in Queensland - it is one of the best tourist destinations in Australia. It home to all those things and facilities which the young kids are waiting for eagerly. The beaches of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are great for play. Surfing lessons are available. You can head to the beach market when you want. You will find incredible art and craft objects and toys there and they will surely interest all. In addition, the theme parks, Dream World, Movie World and White Water World offer fun that one cannot afford to miss.


Exciting holidays in Sydney- the Opera House and Sydney Harbor are the greatest attractions there. You can climb the bridge or go to the Royal National Park, Centennial Park, Luna Park, National Maritime Museum, Sydney Aquarium, or OceanWorld.


No boredom in the Northern Territory - you will find it quite interesting to eat near the camels while having your breakfast. You can observe the hot air balloons. Drive to the picnic play grounds in the parks or climb a small mountain peak. In addition to this, you can go hiking and bushwalking. Gain some knowledge of the local flora and fauna – but do not swim with the crocodiles.


Deserts add an element of excitement to your fun holiday - the Capital Territory is a semi-desert with dry and harsh climatic conditions. Here, the worth seeing places are Australian National Botanical Garden, National gallery of Australia, Australian War Memorial, Telestra Tower and Cockington Green.


Australia is a country full of mind blowing beaches, museums, art galleries and even good places for shopping. You will never get bored on your Australian holiday. It has something for all. If you are with a family, then varied activities can be planned for people of different age groups. Even the needs and requirements of the kids are taken into consideration, so they won’t get bored. While the kids are busy with their activities, you can relax and have fun.



#18. Must See Sites in Australia


Whenever you plan a visit to a foreign country, it is good to have a list of places you need to go to so that you have memorable moments. Take photos of landmarks that will make others envious. Here is a list of the places you must visit when you go on an Australian holiday.


Sydney opera house: you cannot be in Australia and fail to visit the Sydney Opera House. From a distance, it looks like a sailing boat and therefore it is a good sight to watch. It is Australia’s equivalent of the Eiffel Tower and therefore you need to take photos there as evidence of having been to Australia. Its architecture is amazing. It attracted dignitaries such Queen Elizabeth the II of England at its opening.


Royal botanical gardens:  these gardens are two centuries old. They were established in 1816 by Sydney Governor Bligh.  The gardens are located in the central part of downtown Sydney and therefore they are easy to access. They cover more than 30 hectares of lush green and are therefore a paradise for those who love flora. There are more than 7000 species of exotic flowers.


Kangaroo Island: this island is off South Australia and is home to the most well-known animal in this continent, the kangaroo. This is a unique animal that is native to Australia. The beauty of this island in Australia is that it is teaming with many other animals. Koalas which are known for spending most of their time in trees are an attraction for anyone visiting. Other animals that you must see include platypus and wallabies. Reeves Point is a location that is recommended for anyone interested in animals.


Castle Hill: This is a popular place from which to view the city of Townsville in Queensland. It is a huge pink rock that can be climbed Getting there is not very difficult for those who want to dare get more fun. From the top you will have a beautiful view of Townsville city below. The city lies along the coast and therefore it is very captivating. Make sure you take pictures to get great memories of the amazing view. It is recommended that after the grueling climb to the hill, you have a dinner by the beach and spend the night at a cozy local hotel.


Uluru is another large sandstone monolith in the middle of Australia, rising up from the red desert sand. Many tourists enjoy visiting Uluru at sunset when the setting sun enhances the beauty of the rock colours.



#19. Must do Activities in Australia


There is no country as delightful as Australia. Lying in the southern hemisphere, it is a continent in itself. It is a huge country with lots of thrilling adventures and with breathtaking natural scenery that awaits you. From mountains to beaches, from deserts to the glamorous cities, Australia has something for everyone. For those who love nature, there is so much to see and explore in Australia that even a lifetime may be insufficient. The same applies to must do activities which are many and varied.


Hot air ballooning


Of all the adventure sports, hot air ballooning has gained immense popularity in many cities in Australia in the last few years. Melbourne and its surroundings, especially the Yarra Valley, present picturesque settings for an ideal ballooning trip. If you are in Australia, this is one activity that you must take part in to have the experience of a lifetime. There are excellent opportunities for hot air ballooning in Melbourne. The aerial view of the skyline and the city of Melbourne that one gets to see while sitting in the basket of a balloon at a height of 1000 feet or more is simply awesome. The trip is organized early in the morning before sunrise and typically ends around sunset. If you are newly married, you will find it particularly romantic to sit with your spouse in the huge basket with the gentle breeze brushing your cheeks. Do not forget to take your digital camera as you will be able to take some beautiful photos of the city underneath which looks very captivating indeed.




This is one adventure activity that has become one of the attractions for tourists who come to Australia. As Australia has a huge coastline, both along its eastern and western border, skydiving gives a panoramic view to those who undertake this exciting and thrilling activity. As the name implies, you must wear a parachute and be taken aboard an airplane that flies you - along with an instructor - to a height of 10000 feet or more.


After some initial training you will jump out of the plane along with the instructor. You start to fall under your own weight like a big rock and soon attain high speeds of 150-160kmph which is a very exhilarating feeling that cannot be described in words. Also known as free fall, this lasts for a minute or so. Then the instructor opens the parachute and you start a slow descent down to the ground. This is the time when you are able to see the ground and the structures getting an aerial view which is very mesmerizing. What is great is that a video film of your fall is made and presented to you after you land.


Swimming with dolphins


You may have seen dolphins on the National Geographic Channel only until now, but in Australia you get a chance to get up close to these gentle creatures who indulge in playful activities with you. You get a feeling that is very relaxing and enjoyable. This is an activity that calms your nerves and has a meditating effect as you feel closer to nature.


Whale watching


Sydney Harbor is one place where these large ocean creatures come close to shore during their migration to the Antarctic. There are many tour operators who make arrangements for the tourists to get very close to these gigantic mammals and see them in their natural habitat. This is nothing like activities that you may have experienced before. Your family, especially kids, will love to see whales from close quarters as they get a chance to take photos of these amazing mammals.


Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves


If you happen to be in New South Wales, do not miss the opportunity to visit the region called Blue Mountains. Not far from Sydney, these mountains have become a hot tourist destination and you can reach them in an hour if you are in the city center. You get a mesmerizing sight when you watch these mountains from a distance as they appear to be bluish in color. This is because of the reflection of sunlight from vapors of eucalyptus trees that are in abundance in the area. The Jenolan Caves are also in the area. They are also a wonder of nature.



#20. Motorhome Holidays in Australia


The best way to see Australia is to go for a motorhome holiday. It allows you to travel at your own pace. You can do as much as you want or as little you wish every day if you go for a motorhome holiday in Australia. You can make your decision where you would like to travel, where you want to rest and many such decisions while on your travel. It simply becomes your second home. All you have to do is just find some good place to park your motorhome. You can stay in a caravan park to get some rest when exploring the different natural wonders and historic sites of Australia.


Anyone who rents a motorhome has a variety of camping and caravan parks to choose from. Each one of them caters for almost all your needs. Two major types of holiday parks prominent in Australia are Big4 Holiday Parks and Top Tourist Holiday Park. Apart from these, you will also find campgrounds and several other independent holiday parks.


Before booking a stay at the holiday parks, you should be clearly familiar with your needs. Consider with whom you are travelling; children, family, friends or staff. Then, decide what facilities you will need. Make sure that the park provides security.


Often, people who hire motorhomes are families with kids. So it is advisable to look into what the park has to offer prior to booking a stay. Many parks provide an assortment of activities only for the kids. These include toddler pools, swimming pools, basket ball court, mini golf, tennis court and safe playgrounds.


In the summers, these holiday parks organize Kids Club that is full of a range of interesting and amazing activities for the kids. There are movies, games, face painting and many more activities for kids to enjoy. While kids are busy enjoying these activities, parents can have a relaxing massage or a fine dinner.


These holiday parks specialize in providing an assortment of activities that range from basic and affordable camp kitchen to luxurious resorts with wonderful swimming pools and spa activities. Now, it’s up to you to select a park that offers all such amenities suitable for you and your family and matching your budget.


There are very big motorhomes which you can hire. If you are a novice in driving a big vehicle, then it’s better to book a drive-through location. This will facilitate easy parking for you.



#21. Make Your Holiday in Australia Memorable


Holidays are times that many people look forward to. This is because of the fact that many fun things happen while on holiday and there are a lot of things for you to do and learn from. There are some things that you can do while on holiday to make sure you have a great time.




Yes! As simple as it may seem, smiling is the best way to make yourself and those around you happy. If you didn’t know smiling does have a positive effect on you. It doesn’t matter if you are going through the hardest of times. By smiling, you will be improving the situation considerably. Think of it as a way for enjoying who you are in the best way possible. This should be a good enough reason for you to smile and enjoy yourself.


Avoid misusing the holiday.


While holidaying in Australia, it is important that you avoid taking advantage of the fact that you are on holiday. This is because holidays are times to be enjoyed and not times for you to catch up on work. Some people actually do have the habit of carrying work with them on their laptop and using whatever time they can get to do their work. This, of course, destroys the whole idea of a holiday, as a vacation is meant to be a time for you to relax and enjoy yourself. Leave your work and whatever relates to it in your working environment.


Make use of the services that are being offered in and around the hotel which you are staying at. Some offer services such as full body massage, a gym, spas, saunas, swimming pools and many more. Shopping and watching a movie with your family or friends is another way of having fun while on holiday. These activities are better suited for people who are social and outgoing, but if you are the quiet indoor type you can still enjoy activities such as reading a book or even cooking.


Use your money wisely.


It is important that even as you enjoy yourself you should pay attention to your budget and stick with it. It is very easy in the joys and excitement of holidaying in Australia to forget to use your money wisely. In the event this happens, make sure you have a backup plan just in case. Such things may save you in the long run.



#22. Learn about Australia Before You Travel


Australia is a very famous tourist destination. It is a country full of adventures, fun and different activities for the tourists to enjoy. They can have great holidays and make them memorable ones. Australia is situated in the Southern Hemisphere and is one of the driest and least populated continents in the world. It is home to many exclusive and magnificent beaches and islands in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean.


Going on an Australian holiday will be one of the smartest decisions of your life. You can experience everything here. You will experience what you have not even thought of or dreamt of. It offers opportunity to explore the cultural adventures, nightlife and beach parties. You will see different kind of animals like kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras and the saltwater crocodile.


You will never get a chance to see these animals with such ease anywhere else. Have you ever heard of coral wonders? If not and wish to find out what they are, plan an Australian holiday at the Great Barrier Reef. No matter whether you spend a month or a week in Australia during your vacations, you will never be disappointed or dissatisfied.


Factually, Australia is divided into 6 primary divisions that include the island of Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, West Australia and Victoria. These 6 divisions primarily make up Australia and each one has its own tourist destination spots and natural splendor.


When you travel to the important cities of Australia like Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide or Melbourne, you will discover a contemporary blend of exhilarating urban life and an assorted variety of artistic activities. These include some of the chief art festivals that display dance, music, theater and many more. If you are an adventurer, you will find a sporting paradise in Australia. Different types of adventures can be enjoyed over here. In addition to this, it is the best place to see great cricket matches and football games.


The natural beauty of Australia is one of its biggest attractions. The wonderful rainforests of Australia are among the most attractive and diverse in the world. With thousands of attractive beaches close to its lively multi-ethnic cities, Australian holidays are for all who want to enjoy culture, nature, adventure and relaxation at the same time. Once you visit Australia you will definitely find one or another thing that is of your interest and that you wanted to explore and learn more about. So, book your Australian holidays soon, before it is too late.



#23. How to Travel Around Australia


Are you planning to head to Australia this vacation season with your family? But you are not sure of where to go there and which would be the most convenient way to travel. But first of all you should know that it is the best decision of yours to spend this vacation in Australia, enjoying and exploring different fun-filled activities there.


Walk through Tasmania- Tasmania is also known as the Natural State. A major part of Tasmania is full of national parks, giving you an opportunity to explore the countryside while you are on your Australian holiday. This is the place to be explored walking. Here the main tourist attractions are Wineglass Bay, Cradle Mountain, Freycinet National Park, and the Arthur Mountain range.


Ride in Victoria- this is a place for the nature enthusiasts. It is full of scenic beauty and dramatic landscapes. Some time back it was a horse riding countryside. You can explore several horseback riding courses that offer from beginner to experienced rider programs.


Drive through the west coast- this area is to be explored driving. Here, you can drive for miles together without any disturbances or traffic. You will be completely occupied along the way enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Use railways to travel from Adelaide to Darwin. The Ghan Train is very famous here. It offers a tour of Australia from north to south in just 2 days. You will have a memorable and unforgettable journey in this train while on Australian holiday. Along the way, you will enjoy some beautiful places like Alice Springs, Darwin and Adelaide. For those who love to travel by train, this is the best tour.


Drive to the Great Barrier Reef- this spot is one of the best travel destinations in Australia. It is the biggest reef in the world and a heaven for the scuba drivers. Moreover, to add to your knowledge, it is amongst the Seven Wonders of the World. Diving in Australia will help you enter a world full of biodiversity and reach exclusive coral reefs, full of different kinds of animals such as turtles, dolphins, etc.


It won’t be one of your longest trips, if you travel to Australia. However, it will surely be one of the most incredible and fantastic trips ever. Just make sure you are prepared for the trip you plan to take. Do not forget to take all relevant safety measures as well.



#24. How to Swim with Wild Dolphins


Dolphins are said to be the most intelligent sea creatures and to mesmerize humans with their mischievous activities. Surprisingly, they are harmless and in fact, playful with humans. This is why more and more people are encouraged to see wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Australia is one country which is blessed with a vast coastline on the southern, western and eastern side. Of course the north is also coastal, but it is rough and wild and has fewer beaches.


There are countless places where one can not only spot but even swim with wild dolphins. In the last decade or so, swimming with dolphins has become a recreational sport and its popularity has increased so much that tourists make it a point to have a chance to see these gentle creatures of the ocean up close and have some wonderful times with them.


You can have the best time of your life with dolphins


Coming face to face with these wild dolphins is an exhilarating experience that is beyond description. It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind. Some go further saying it is a once in a lifetime experience, unlike any other. There are many places in Australia where one can have this magical and almost meditating experience. If you are fond of surfing and ready to spend some time out in the ocean, there are pretty good chances that you may encounter some of these wild dolphins. If they come near you after seeing you, it implies that they are in a playful mood. Then you can indulge in some activities with them to have a great time.


One such place where you are likely to encounter these wonderful creatures is Adelaide’s Glenelg Beach. Just catch a boat and go further into the ocean and you will find yourself among a group of dolphins. Other places where tourists come to have encounters with wild dolphins are Rockingham and Bunbury near Perth. Another place where you can certainly see if not swim with them is Monkey Mia on the west coast.


West Coast is a favorite


The warm waters on the Western Australian coast are a favorite place of these dolphins, especially bottlenose dolphins that are not afraid of human beings and indulge in playful activities with all their grace and charm. Most of the tourists prefer Rockingham and Bunbury to have a chance to swim along with these beautiful creatures. There are more than 260 dolphins around the islands here and tour operators know the places where these creatures tend to spend their time. When you go aboard a cruise ship near these islands, tour operators provide special underwater aqua scooters. By using them you can glide next to these dolphins. Word of mouth has made this place very famous indeed and tourists make a line to get a chance to get close to and swim along with these friendly sea creatures.


You can get lucky in Eastern coast also


Not so common as in the western coast, tourists have been able to see and get a chance to swim with wild dolphins in the east coast waters. However, it is better if you use the services of a tour operator who knows the places where these beautiful mammals can be spotted. It is usually in the months between May and October that these animals have been sighted frequently along the western coast. There are many swimming with dolphin cruises that are operated by companies that have offices in the cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Forster.


These tour operators provide a wet suit and snorkeling gear or you can take your own gear onboard. There is a brief introductory lesson given during the cruise which is all about activities that you must avoid so that you do not scare the dolphins away. Dolphins get scared by loud sounds and violent movements. Otherwise, they are playful, warm and friendly with humans. You must not carry any food with you. Instead you can make use of seaweed to attract these wild dolphins. In any case, they will play only when they are in a mood to interact with you. Normally they are not afraid of humans and play for a long time. You have to be in a relaxed mood and ready to play with them too.



#25. How to Protect Yourself While on Holiday


Holidays are fun. Many people look forward to them with a lot of anticipation. There are a lot of things to do while on holiday and many places to visit. Australia is amongst the most visited places on earth.


As much as you may enjoy yourself while on holiday, there are also a lot of things that may happen and they may not be in your favor. You need to be prepared just in case anything happens to you. It is important to ensure your safety. In order to do this, you should use the following tips.


Carry a hidden wallet with you at all times. This wallet should contain your most important documents. There are also belts with hidden compartments within them. The only problem is that most thieves have become aware of these and have found ways of stealing from them. The best thing to do would be to make copies of all your important documents and leave them at home.


Carry the copies instead. Examples are your national ID, driver’s license and passport. Another important point would be to avoid carrying your credit cards with you. If you must carry them then take only one credit card along. You also have the option of carrying a prepaid credit card instead. This will ensure that even if it were to be stolen you will not suffer any losses.


This may sound strange, but it will help to mail money to yourself at the hotel you will be staying at. This will ensure that in the event that you run out of money you can stay calm knowing that there is more being sent to you. This can also prove to be useful if you accidentally lose money.


Take down important numbers and write them down in a paper phonebook. These numbers are numbers that you can use in case you get into trouble and need help. Examples of them are your family and friend’s numbers and your embassy’s number in Australia. You should also have your credit company’s number in case you need to cancel your credit card.


When you travel always have your travel insurance document with you. It is also important that you keep a copy of it at home for a relative to get access to it if the need arises. Carry basic medical documentation with you. If you have any allergies or are on medication, you need to be able to provide the information on the spot, in case of a medical emergency.



#26. How to Pack for Australian Holidays


Holidays are usually a fun time for friends or family to enjoy. Some people enjoy going on holidays once per year especially during the cold season when they can escape to some exotic resort in the Caribbean. Holidays are meant to be a time when you can relax and forget about what’s happening in the real world for a while.


There are many holiday destinations worldwide with some being more popular than others, but then again, holidays can be fun anywhere. However, sometimes the holidays can turn out to be a nightmare just because of a few mishaps here and there. One of the worst things that can happen to you is forgetting to pack a very important item. Not to mention that you have no clue where you are going to purchase it from at your holiday destination.


If you do not live in Australia then it is very important that when going on Australian holidays, you make sure to pack the essentials. It can be very frustrating to travel halfway across the globe only to find out that you have forgotten your medicine! The following are tips you can use to make sure you have all that you need before you go on your Australian holiday.


Before you pack, make a list of what you need. This should ideally be done at least one week before you begin to pack. This is because most people tend to do last minute packing and this is definitely a recipe for disaster as you can easily forget to pack something important.


Use the help of online packing websites. There are online packing sites that can give you much needed information on what and what not to pack for an Australian holiday. Start crossing off items on your list.


Once you have your list down and you feel you are good to go, cross check or tick off items that you already have. If you happen to have forgotten something, get it out and pack it.


As you pack, place larger items in your suitcase first. If there is extra space left, then you can fill it up with small items like socks and scarves. Remember to pack only what you need. It is important that you carry essentials and leave out stuff that you probably will not need. This is only time and space consuming. In general, you should have packed at least twelve hours before departure.



#27. How to Experience Life in an Outback Station


Outback, as Australian’s refer to it, is a huge area in the remote part of the country which is away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and sparsely populated. Such places have a charm of their own. They are mostly unpolluted due to the lack of human activities. They provide an enriching experience very unlike other tourist attractions in the country. Knowing that people are looking for something different, many outback stations have now made arrangements for tourists to come and enjoy the different lifestyle by indulging in the real life activities at these work stations. They can explore life in these stations which is simple and serene.


One such Outback station is Burrawang West Station in NSW. It is a cattle station spreading over an area of 12,000 acres. There are amenities so tourists do not have to face any hardships. The cattle station has 4 lodges with many suites to house guests. All the rooms are air-conditioned and offer a panoramic view of the area. Rooms have a comfortable bed to sleep after indulging in the activities. You can relax after a hard day’s work.