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Discover Australia ~ What You Need to See and Do, Once You Get There..


"Australia Has Secretly Become the Hottest Vacation/Holiday Spots to Travel"...



by Terry Clark




Table of Content


1. What Should You Take on Holiday

2. What is the Outback

3. What is Kakadu

4. What are Farm Stays

5. Visiting Melbourne

6. Uluru and the Surrounding Area

7. The Great Barrier Reef

8. The Best Spa Holidays in Australia

9. The Attractions of Adelaide

10. Sun Holidays in Australia

11. Sightseeing in Western Australia

12. Secrets for Enjoying Your Holiday

13. Safe Beach Holidays in Australia

14. Planning for a Smooth Australian Holiday

15. Paradise on Earth - Australian Beaches

16. Overview of Australian Cities and Their Attractions

17. Options for Family Holidays in Australia

18. Must See Sites in Australia

19. Must do Activities in Australia

20. Motorhome Holidays in Australia

21. Make Your Holiday in Australia Memorable

22. Learn about Australia Before You Travel

23. How to Travel Around Australia

24. How to Swim with Wild Dolphins

25. How to Protect Yourself While on Holiday

26. How to Pack for Australian Holidays

27. How to Experience Life in an Outback Station

28. How to Avoid Sunburn in Australia

29. How About Seeing Caves in Australia

30. Holiday Company Parties in Australia

31. Gift Buying Tips

32. Fossicking for Opals at Coober Pedy

33. Eco-Friendly Holidays on Heron Island

34. Campervan Holidays in Australia

35. Blue Mountains Fun

36. Beaches - West Coast vs. East Coast

37. Australia's Exotic Vacation Islands

38. How to Celebrate Australia Day

39. Ski Down Under in Australia

40. Saving on Hefty Phone Bills when Going for a Vacation in Australia

41. Renting A Vehicle In Australia Is The Best Way To Enjoy Your Vacation

42. Cruises to Australia with Noble Caribbean Cruises

43. Single ~ Asian ~ Living in Australia

44. Campground Facilities in Australia

45. Use Australia’s Roadways to enjoy its Immense Natural Beauty

46. Baby Bags Australia – Diaper Bags Down Under

47. Top 5 Contemporary Art Galleries in Australia

48. Queensland, Australia, Recently Voted As The World's Most Livable Region

49. Top 5 Sailing Experiences in Australia

50. Travel safety tips for surfing in Australia


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#1. What Should You Take on Holiday



It does not matter whether it is cold winter or warm summer. Australia remains one of the hot spots for those looking for a relaxing vacation. While there may be several holiday destinations to select from, there are many factors that will make you choose Australia. Chief among them is the fact that it is the destination that offers more to those having a group or family holiday.


It is also important to be aware that some of the holiday destinations with big names in the tourism industry may turn out to be disasters. It is not enough to just Google and find a holiday spot that fits your budget. Check factors such as the crime rating; in other words, how safe the place is. Of course, your choice depends on what you are looking for. If you are thinking of a family holiday, then you do not need party spots. Still, Australia will offer you just what you need.


What you pack therefore depends on what you want to experience. The mountaineering or the sea sailing will definitely have a variance in terms of what you need to pack. In this article, we have assembled a few tips to help you pack just what you need so that you never regret your choice. This will also save you the inconvenience of trying to buy essentials which could have been cheaper at home. This does not in any way mean that you would not find quality supplies in Australia. It is just a tip.


Tip no. 1: Do an online search on what you need while on holiday in Australia – in this way you will not only know what you need but also follow comments outlining the challenges or opportunities that others have faced while in Australia.


Tip no. 2: Do your own checklist – this should not be a last minute thing. Instead it should be done at least one week before the date of your departure. The earlier you do this the better. This saves you time, effort and money.


Tip no. 3: Confirm you have everything packed by performing a checklist checking – this means that before you zip your suitcase, you need to be sure that all you listed is on board. A spouse or kids or a travel agent could also help you double check. In general, you should take all essentials, depending on the type of Australia holiday you will be having.



#2. What is the Outback


Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world having a large number of cities. Its population is concentrated in these cities. Most of the population is in the western and eastern coast and the greeneries. The red and dry desert areas of the interior are very little populated. This is the reason why travelers and tourists coming to Australia remain confined to these cities and places with tourist attractions. There are breathtaking natural views and adventure activities in Australia that lure tourists and they do not get to explore the real Australia. It is normal for anyone to think of Melbourne, Sydney Harbor and the Opera House and countless places with tourist attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef, even though there is so much more to Australia than these glamorous cities. Probably not many know about the Outback as they never get to visit it.


The Outback is a remote area in Australia inhabited by rural farmers and sometimes Australian aborigines. Even those who may have heard of the word think of it as a place that is sort of secluded and desolate. However, the truth is far from this. These are places that are full of natural beauty and the vast landscape gives one a chance to see the real Australia. It is totally different from all the cities and in a sense, far more intriguing.


There are several ways to get to see the Outback. People who wish to see the pristine and unpolluted areas can do it by taking an aerial view sitting in an aircraft or by getting to the Outback by car and staying there to see it up close. These are the areas that comprise nearly 2.5 million square miles and are, for all practical reasons are devoid of human population.


This area in Australia is referred to as the Outback. There is no particular geographical location that can be termed as the Outback. In fact, there are countless such places and all of them are commonly referred to as Outback. The deep inland that Australians rarely venture into and which is natural and attractive in its own way provides an opportunity to tourists to explore and see what this untouched beautiful landscape has to offer them.


Contrary to what most of the westerners think about the Outback, it is a place that has all the facilities and amenities that one would expect in a major metropolitan city. It is not a jungle and you can expect to find decent accommodation, food and breathtaking natural scenery. Of the countless Outback attractions, Uluru and Alice Springs are considered to be the most popular ones. They lie in the middle of the Australian continent. Of course it is a long drive from any capital city of Australia, so you can easily reach the place by air as there is an airport in the Outback. But because this place is known to many westerners, you would find lots of tourists even here. Given this, the real feeling of an Outback is missing in some places.


Coober Pedy and Stuart Highway are some other remote places that are less popular but no less beautiful and intriguing. Coober Pedy is also known as an Opal mining town, since there are many opal mines in and around the city. There is a vast stretch of land that continues for infinity surprising many tourists. It is surprising, but much of Coober Pedy is actually below the ground and as such it is ideal to visit in the summers as it remains cool. There are many attractions such as hotels and pools that are also underground. You also get to experience shopping at underground shops.


Stuart Highway, on the other hand, is a long road with amenities and services on either side of the road. It is ideal for a perfect long ride if you are in a romantic mood with your partner. One Outback attraction that is remote is called the Outback of the Outback. It is Kimberley and lies in the north western corner of the Australian continent. It offers great relaxation for those who have come to hate the hustle and bustle of big cities and want to enjoy nothing else but tranquility.



#3. What is Kakadu


With a name as weird as that, Kakadu is a national park in the Northern Territory which is located about 200 km southeast of the city of Darwin. With an area of nearly 7,500 square miles, Kakadu is a treasure house of Australian natural wonders and aborigine art and culture. It has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country that every tourist wants to visit. Despite the fact that nearly 200,000 tourists come to this amazing natural park each year, Kakadu has retained its freshness and botanical features that are enough to mesmerize anyone. There is so much to see in Kakadu that it has become notorious for overloading the senses of the tourists.


There is a great variety of wildlife in Kakadu. When near any of the several lakes, billabongs and rivers, it is likely that you might see 2 species of crocodiles that are native to Australia. If you are in the park early in the morning, it is common to see wallabies and kangaroos. It is not just the variety of animals but also the flora that will surprise you with its variety. There are over 1,700 plant species found in Kakadu and everywhere you go you will find exotic colored flowers and trees that you will not encounter anywhere else. For those inclined towards art and culture, Kakadu is nothing less than a paradise. All over the park, you will find interesting displays of aborigine art in the form of rock paintings. These paintings are about hunting, religious figures and customs of the aborigines that have lived here for so many centuries. Kakadu has great biological diversity with savanna woodlands, forest rivers, floodplains, majestic landforms, mangroves, billabongs and mudflats.


You will witness an extraordinary diversity of wildlife also with more than 280 species of birds, 60 species of native animals, more than 50 kinds of fish and 75 species of reptiles. These are enough to make you feel as if you are in a different kind of world.


Kakadu National Park is so huge, so it might seem intimidating to cover it on your own. It is prudent to take a guided tour on a 4W ride so as to see everything that is interesting. At the same time, you can learn all about its unique features and stories associated with each of the sites. Aborigines work as guides here and will tell you about their customs and traditions and their long association with this huge land that they consider their own.


If you are on a guided tour, you will be shown archeological evidence that proves Kakadu National Park has been home to aboriginal tribes for more than 50,000 years. There is so much of rock art and paintings that it looks like a real home of the aboriginal tribes. These rock carvings show the customs and traditions of the aborigines and the natural conditions that existed thousands of years ago. It is best if you get a chance to visit the park during the rainy season as then you can witness the bio diversity of the park in its full flow. It is during the rainy season that the real beauty of the park is seen, however, not all areas will be accessible in the rainy season.


If you are fascinated by what you can expect to see in this huge national park, you can either choose to camp there for a few days or have an accommodation just outside the park. There are some decent cottages and hotels that are full of all amenities. The park has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The Australian government is making efforts to protect the bio diversity of the park. Kakadu National Park is home to some endangered species of birds and reptiles that have to be protected.


The park is huge and a tourist cannot hope to cover the entire area of nearly 20,000 square kilometers on his own. It is better to use the services of a guide to get a chance to see all the important sites of the park in the short time frame that you will have. You will also be much safer from crocodiles. It is better to use a 4Xw to go around the park easily. Just remember to wear appropriate clothing and take plenty of water to drink as well.



#4. What are Farm Stays


If you are a frequent traveler, you may have seen all the tourist attractions in Australia. The hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas, the magnificence of the structures, the super malls and all the adventure activities like skydiving, hot air ballooning are things you will probably have enjoyed. But have you experienced real life which is full of surprises? Do you want to experience something that is unlike what you have witnessed so far? Yes, I am talking about getting back to our roots and visiting a farm. These farms are the places that are not full of tourists all year round and where you can enjoy a stay that takes you close to the idyllic and serene atmosphere that is a characteristic for farm life in the country side.


If you have a family of small kids who love animals, they will simply love the experience. You will find them overjoyed when they take part in the daily chores at a farm such as milking cows, collecting eggs, feeding hay, exploring the property on a tractor and watching dogs at work. The farms are private properties where hosts provide all the assistance to guests like you by taking you around the property.


Depending upon the location of the farm, you can engage in many other adventurous activities such as scuba diving, forest walks and even trekking in the mountains. How about cuddling a cute koala? Become a child once again as you learn how to throw a boomerang or the art of tattooing your own body from the local artists. Your kids (you included) will be amazed to see sheep shearing and learn where all the wool for their sweaters comes from. Have barbeques and dance around the campfire. In short, you can hope to enjoy life to the fullest when you choose to stay at farms in Australia. 


If you are really bored with the traditional vacations and the feel of tourist places does not excite you any more, farm stays are just right for you. You will listen to the sounds of water flowing in wild rivers and the singing of birds. You will feel part of Mother Nature once again. Getting back to the agrarian roots is an exhilarating experience that you and your family will never forget.


When was the last time you woke up early in the morning and felt fresh air inside your lungs? Many people have chosen to live in the metropolitan areas and suburbs and have become so used to traveling around the cities, they do not even know what it is like to wake up and feel a breath of fresh air. Farm stays provide vivid experiences ranging from getting up close to different cattle reared at a cattle station to gaining an understanding of how the different kinds of foods we eat are grown and in what conditions. It is a great learning opportunity for your kids besides giving you an unforgettable and most pleasant vacation that is simple, rustic and endearing.


It is not only about animals and how to care for them, as there is much more to do for enjoying your farm stay. Firstly, it frees you from the humdrum of daily life and keeps you away from all your worries, even though it is for a short time period. It is all about drawing pleasure from all the simple things in life that we take for granted. You may never have experienced the outdoors as you do in a farm stay. The farm stays in Australia are always family focused, relaxing and interactive. They let you have fun and show you what goes on in daily life in rural settings.


Farm stays in Australia have become very popular in the last few years. The reason for this is the transformation of the farm houses into places where guests can arrive and have all the amenities that they require during their stay. This gives a chance to the farmers to make an extra income by entertaining guests on their property. At the same time, it provides a great escape for city dwellers allowing them to get back into the lap of nature and also to our agricultural roots.  



#5. Visiting Melbourne


If you are planning a holiday, then you can opt for Melbourne as the perfect choice among all others. The best things about Melbourne are the hidden laneways, exotic bars and lounges, restaurants and off-beat boutiques. In this article you will find the places you must visit and things to do when you visit Melbourne during your holiday.


1. Shop until you are tired


Yes, you can now shop until you are tired during day and night. Bargain and obtain the item you want at the best price. Visit those beautifully decorated night shops which are exclusively opened to provide a different mood for shopping. You can find everything from fashion to furnishings. You can find all at a single place which is located at Bridge Road in Richmond. Considered as the haven for shoppers, Melbourne sure does provide you the opportunity to shop, eat and dance all night enjoying some fascinating dishes and famous wines.


2. Bar and dance


Relish those beautiful moments and sip a cocktail which is sure to energize your body.  With different theme oriented pubs and bars in different areas of the city, you can now enjoy a whole night dancing or enjoy a cabaret in a retro pub. If you love to dance, then hitting the dance bars is the best option. Stay till dusk sipping cocktails and enjoying some of the funkiest music played. Everything is enjoyed behind those closed brass doors.


3. Exotic Restaurants


If you love gourmet food, then Melbourne is the right place for you to go to for your holiday. With different restaurants all over the city, you now have the choice to enjoy all those dishes which you have always wanted to try. Explore the Italian pizzas, have tea at a nineteenth century hotel or go for fusion cuisine at classy hotels like Nobu, Botanical and Becco. Melbourne is well known for its coffee. Do try different drinks to enjoy different flavors of coffee.


Now that you have understood few important things that will excite you and provide you a refreshing holiday, plan ahead to make sure you have packed all the necessary things that you will need when you visit Melbourne. You can also enjoy some of the adventure sports which are sure to give you an energetic and adventure holiday. Contact your tour operator for further details regarding the packages that they sell. Advance booking is recommended.



#6. Uluru and the Surrounding Area


Central Australia is a region that has many natural wonders. There may be many popular tourist destinations in Australia, but the one that is most impressive and loved by tourists is Uluru in the Northern Territory. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a single sandstone mass in the national park of Kata Tjuta, which has traditionally been the home of many aboriginal tribes. However, the region is open to tourists from all parts of the world who are mesmerized when they see the mighty Uluru in the middle of a huge, barren desert. 


Kata Tjuta National Park is famous for its one prominent feature, Uluru. The rock is considered sacred by the local tribes. The region is rich in indigenous culture sites. There are many rock caves, natural springs and rock pools in the desert. The region has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its cultural and natural significance.


Uluru is a large red rock mass made of sandstone. It is all natural and has survived all sorts of natural climatic changes. It is 348 meters in height and is famous for its natural color changes that take place because of changes in weather and different sunlight positions. Because of this amazing feature, thousands of tourists are drawn to the region to see it during sunset. It is a truly remarkable experience for those who have seen it. The experience becomes more spectacular during rainfall when the rock assumes a silvery appearance.


The natural landscape is also very beautiful with a variety of flora and fauna found in the region. There are many ways to explore the region but the best is to take a local guide who is an aboriginal. These people consider themselves to be the traditional owners of the place and have lots of interesting facts to tell you about the region. You can learn a lot about the region and its mesmerizing rock formations from the perspective of the local people.


Uluru tours are usually conducted during sunrise and sunset as sunlight gives amazing colors to Uluru. Some of these tours start from Alice Springs. Tourists get breakfast and dinner during a one day tour. There are also helicopter rides being conducted to give tourists an aerial view of the area which mesmerizes them. There are also camel ride tours and 4 Wheel Drive tours that cover the entire area. It depends upon your company to decide how you wish to explore Uluru and the surrounding areas. You can even attempt to climb Uluru, but remember to undertake it when the weather is not too hot as the rock can become even hotter. There are other rock formations in Kata Tjuta. One called Mount Olga is even taller than Uluru, being 467 meters high. King canyon is another attraction which is 400 km south west of Alice Springs. This region is full of natural wonders that are stunning.


Local natives, who are Australian aborigines, have known about the existence of Uluru for the last 40,000 years. Carbon dating has suggested that the rock is millions of years old. The Anagu tribe considers the rock to be of great cultural significance and they still perform rituals around the rock at nights. These aborigines are now working as conservators of this huge rock, mostly by working as guides in the area. Indeed, one can learn a lot about not only Uluru, but also about the vast variety of flora and fauna that is in the region.


There is a 9 km walking trail surrounding the rock which is full of opportunities to take pictures. If you have a digital camera, do not forget to carry it along as you will want to click hundreds of times as you see the color of the rock changing during sunset. You may want to make a video instead so that you do not miss to experience the full beauty of the color changes. It is better to book an accommodation near Uluru in order to be able to see the magnificent rock structure during different times in a day so as to see the wonderful changing of colors.


There are also opportunities for swimming and exploring a nearby gorge where all kinds of flora can be found, but do not swim unless there are signs saying it is safe to do so, because there are crocodiles in the area.



#7. The Great Barrier Reef


Being the largest structure made by living organisms, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is even visible from outer space. It is bigger than the Great Wall of China and has been declared as a Word Heritage Site by UNESCO.  It is the world’s largest coral reef with more than 2,900 reef systems and a huge number of marine animal and plant species. It stretches 3000 km along the coast of Australia and is bigger in size than the UK, Holland and Switzerland combined. It spreads across 347,800 square km.


The reef has long been known to the aborigines and today it is a great tourist attraction in the state of Queensland in Australia. The revenue from tourist visits is $1 billion annually. It is a nature’s gift to Australia and it is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. This large ecosystem has scattered islands along the coast of Australia. A Marine Park was established in 1975 and is the largest protected marine area in the world. There is an abundance of marine life with more than 1500 species of fish, 400 species of corals, 4000 species of mollusks, 500 species of seaweed, 215 species of birds, 16 species of sea snake, and 6 species of sea turtles.


The Great Barrier Reef runs parallel to the state of Queensland. Several cities have developed along the coast and on the islands. These are great tourist attractions as well. The beauty of the largest ecosystem in the world can be explored from the sky by going on a helicopter tour and/or by diving into the sea and getting close to the reefs and corals. You can also take a ride in a glass-bottomed boat to view the wonderful coral. To see this natural wonder of the world is an exhilarating and enriching experience which is why The Great Barrier Reef has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations on the world.


Hundreds of tour operators work year-round operating large vessels to provide excellent facilities to the tourist to get a chance to see this natural wonder. What these tourists see is nothing less than spectacular as they witness sea life that they have not imagined in their wildest dreams. It is not just the corals and reefs that are breathtaking. During winters, it is normal to encounter whales as they migrate from the Antarctic up to the reef to mate and give birth. They are mostly seen in shallow waters near Harvey Bay and Port Douglas. The most spectacular of these species of whales is the Humpback. Whale watching is one activity that has become tremendously popular in recent years and tourists from all over the world come to see the large animals in its natural habitat. Dolphins are another attraction as they can be seen all year round in these reefs. If you are with your family, your kids will have a great time with these playful creatures that will impress you with their activities.


Coral reefs are made up of millions of tiny organisms called coral polyps. These polyps are prey to the Crown of Thorn Starfish that have grown in enormous numbers in the entire region. This is attributed to over fishing of the starfish’s predators and also to poor water quality that is endangering the reef system in general. Since the 1950’s, the Crown of Thorns has been destroying the corals and this can have a devastating effect on the ecosystem, which is home to so many species of animals and birds.        


Other creatures that are found in abundance are mollusks, and according to a study, there are more than 5,000 species of mollusks found in the Great Barrier Reef. Giant clams are known to be the largest mollusks that grow up to 3 feet in size and live up to 70 years. One of the species called cone shell, is known to be a dangerous predator as they shoot their prey with a poisonous tooth that kills the prey.


Human activity in and around these great reefs has endangered the ecosystem which is why UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Zone in 1981. Increased pollution has caused much damage to the ecosystem and the Australian government is doing what it can to preserve the beauty of this natural wonder of the world. 



#8. The Best Spa Holidays in Australia


Are you tired of your daily routine? Do you feel like leaving everything and going to a place where you can experience peace of mind, joy and satisfaction? Then it’s time for you to plan an Australian spa resort holiday. It is the best way to rejuvenate and enjoy the comfort of the well equipped spa centers and facilities. Nowadays, many new spas have come up in Australia and this can make it difficult for you to decide which is best for you. Whichever spa you decide to go to, it should make your Australian holiday the most refreshing and relaxing one. So, here are some top spas in Australia that you can visit to rejuvenate yourself.


Salus Per Aquum Spa- this is an ideal place to experience the best comfort. The spa is well adorned with golden leaves and Italian type of marble. There are sauna and steam rooms, spa baths and bathing pools. You can undergo several spa treatments here that include acupuncture, facial, massage, sun bath and many more.


Lilianfels Blue Mountain spa and resort- this place is located amidst the Blue Mountains national park. It is the best spot for you to pamper and refresh yourself with a range of spa treatments. A beautiful heated pool is at the center of the spa. There is a relaxation area and other treatment rooms. The most fascinating thing about this spa is that it offers packages for couples. It is certainly among the most romantic and luxurious places for a memorable honeymoon.


Camp Eden- it is one of the excellent health retreats providing more than sixty types of treatments, so that can forget all your worries and immerse in a world of peace and joy. The treatments offered here include beauty therapies, life enhancement package therapy, holistic therapies, advanced treatments, etc.


Gaia Spa and retreat- it takes into consideration your personal and individual needs and thereby provides individual packages suitable for you. It concentrates on the complete well being and health of the visitor by offering several fitness and health alternatives, tasty choice of organic foods, exceptional artistic classes and many more. 


Apart from these, there are many other renowned and popular spas and retreats in Australia. These are amongst the best. You can choose the one that is suitable for you, depending on your needs as well as on your budget.


Enjoy your Australian holidays to the fullest!!!



#9. The Attractions of Adelaide


If you would like to have a refreshing and entertaining holiday, then you must consider Adelaide as your choice. With tourists visiting the place throughout the year, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. It provides one the required entertainment which they expect from a tourist city. Adelaide is a well known place in the world and is a special place for travelers as it provides beauty at its best. The best time to visit this particular holiday destination is during the summer when the weather is warm and dry.


Adelaide is known for its architectural marvels spread across the city. With plenty of walking space around the city, you now have the opportunity to explore at your own pace. You can enjoy mouth watering street food available at specially created eat streets. With beautiful views around the city, you will have the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. You can go for a bike ride or swim with dolphins. No matter what you do, you are sure to have an adrenaline rush and experience the excitement that you have always wanted to have.


The best part of the city is the specially created eat street area, where dishes from multiple cuisines from around the world are available. You will enjoy a memorable dining experience. You can taste some of the best wines available in the world at wine bars and enjoy a night at the cabaret with retro music.


If you are interested in swimming, then you must visit the coast where you can go swimming with dolphins, explore the underwater world sea diving, hang out on any sunny day and go fishing or surf on those huge waves. You can also explore the city’s history by visiting museums and art galleries located in the center of the city. Visit the penguins and ride in a horse drawn tram at Victor Harbour.


If driving and nature are your choice then you can rent a vehicle and escape to the great Adelaide hills where you can enjoy trekking and other adventure activities. Adelaide is sure to bring back all the energy that you require. Make sure that you have planned properly. All you have to do is collect information and look for various tour packages which will help you cover all the tourist places in the city. Do not miss any attraction. Do indulge in adventure activities which are sure to boost your energy and refresh your mind and soul.



#10. Sun Holidays in Australia


So, are you too hot during the sunny days in the months of August or September? If that’s the case, then you should plan to go around Australia to experience the winter sun holidays there. It’s an amazing experience and you will never forget your holiday time spent there.


Some of the best sun holidays destinations in Australia are as follows:


Cairns - the astonishing winter sunny ground is waiting for you in the northern Queensland area. Cairns will give you an array of tourist attractions, sites and leisure facilities. You will find time passing very quickly over there. This place has low rainfall and pleasant climatic conditions that make it the best place to observe the renowned Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. The average temperature here in the winter is around 20 to 25 degrees. In summer it is much hotter.


Whitsunday Islands - these are situated hundreds of miles away from the Tropic of Capricorn. There are over seventy four blossoming islands. They are home to 10 luxurious resorts that offer adventure activities as well as relaxation near the poolside. You can enjoy all types of water sports activities here like scuba diving, boating and water skiing. There are also other activities such as trekking into the forests, golf and others.


Gold Coast - this tourist spot in Australia is full of green rainforests, beautiful beaches, theme parks and golfing spots. You can get all kinds of lodging facilities here that range from standard to luxurious ones. Enjoy sun holidays either in the five star hotels or beachside resorts. The winters are very pleasing, with the temperature ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Australia.


Darwin - this place is the home of crocodiles, snakes and many other creatures. This is another stunning winter paradise in the outback of Australia.


Broome - you will be amazed to hear that Broome does not have winters and summers. It only has dry or wet seasons. It is the best place for those who are looking forward for temperate nights, warm days and pristine blue sky. You should visit this place in the months of April and May, so that you can see lush green everywhere.


So, the best deal is before you. Now, it’s your turn to take initiative and book your sun holiday in Australia to experience the magnificent nature and never ending fun there. Book your vacation soon, before it’s too late.



#11. Sightseeing in Western Australia


If you have decided to enjoy an Australian holiday, you cannot afford to miss the best holiday destinations in Western Australia. Western Australia is divided into three distinct areas that comprise the Coastal Plains, The Great Plateau and the Scarp lands. This western part offers many well-preserved shorelines that have pristine water and astonishingly white sandy beaches.


Once you decide to explore Western Australia, it is better to do it by car. Take out some time and be well equipped to experience great adventures and scenic natural beauty. In Western Australia, you can book your accommodation in Dongara, Manjimup, Albany, Nannup, Pinjarra, Perth, Geraldton and many more places.


Western Australia is a place full of many attractions for tourists. Some of the places that you should visit during your Australia holiday are as follows:


Monkey Mia - it is located in the northern side of Perth and is one of the most amazing spots. It is popular for its oceanic wildlife. Many research centers are also present and animals like tiger sharks, dolphins, green turtles, stingrays, and loggerhead are all studied there. You can also find beachfront lodging there.


Darling Range - it is an area full of many National Parks where travelers can enjoy walks and bike rides. It is a historic place with several art galleries, caves with Aboriginal art on the walls, markets with local products, wineries and craft shops.


Rottnest Island - you can go to this island with ease by means of a ferry or a boat. You will find several lodging options here varying in the amenities they provide. This area has around sixty three beaches and hence it is a world famous spot for water activities. These include snorkeling, fishing, diving, boating, and surfing. It is an ideal place if you are on holiday with your family.


The Kimberleys - it is the home to many wild areas. Nature has gifted this place with gorges, waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and beaches. You will also find national parks here. There you can hike or explore the nature in a four wheel drive vehicle. If you want to come close to nature and experience its scenic beauty, this is the perfect place.


Apart from these, there are many more spots and sites for the tourists to explore and have fun at. When you get an opportunity to visit Western Australia, remember to visit these spots to make your Australian holiday will indeed be the most memorable and exciting one.



#12. Secrets for Enjoying Your Holiday


Is it holiday time? This is definitely one of the best moments in most people’s lives. Imagine having paid for your holiday and now you are ready to take off to Australia! This may be a trip around the globe and your expectations should definitely be high.


Before you begin to celebrate, be warned that there are a few secrets that most people are not aware of when planning a holiday in Australia. They may not be CIA level secrets, but they are important enough to make your holiday even better.


      No unnecessary baggage – surely there are many things that you do not need to carry. A sanitary pad pack is something you can buy in Australia. Only carry essentials such as medicines or those things that would be difficult to buy in Australia.


      Balance the cost and budget – it is common sense that you should not expect to have what you cannot pay for. While there are many free things to enjoy while holidaying in Australia, you need to plan and provide for the cost that will be paid for services. There is no point in planning to stay for many days while you can only afford to stay for a few. Therefore plan to enjoy a few quality entertainments or going to a few holiday destinations. Better a few enjoyable days than to staying at a cheap hotel room for many days.


      Do not be too conservative – this is a mistake too many people make. You know the predictable way of doing this, the swimming pool, the beach side volley ball, the wildlife tracking – they are too predictable and do not have any flare. Try something new, something you have never done like feeding a kangaroo or cuddling a koala! After all, it is Australia.


      Do not keep procrastinating – do not wake up and say let us postpone the trip to the museum until after lunch. You may end up missing out on too many good sites and before you realize, your holiday will be over and you will have to leave Australia.