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Later, police found a JSlave Manual 2014' in the Harden home, which contained rules and punishments signed by both Harden and his wife on June 4. On occasions, Harden had choked his wife until she passed out, and performed painful sexual acts using toys. The sex toys were kept inside a Jbag of torture'.

Harden had also apparently shoved his wife's head and hands into a wooden box. His wife said that on different occasions he had strapped her to her bed and duct taped her hands, feet, and mouth forcing her to stay in that position for extended periods of time, causing her to urinate on herself. She also said that her husband controlled her diabetes medication and threatened to leave  her. It's not always easy to leave  an abusive relationship.

Seymour is currently facing 38 charges including rape, criminal deviate conduct, and criminal confinement.

When Harden's wife met him on Craigslist she had no idea he was a sadist. According to court records she thought Harden was Jgodly' and he Jswept her off her feet'.

The rape charges alone carry between 3 to 16 years in prison. Unless he suddenly dies, Harden will soon know what it feels like to have little or no control over his own life, to be bossed around and to be confined against his will.


In relationships where rape or sexual abuse occur some form of emotional and physical abuse are usually also present. In a  healthy relationship both partners can relate to each other as equals with love, empathy, and respect. One partner does not belittle or humiliate another either by words or by actions.

Abusive partners tend to isolate and blame their victims.

The abuser is the aggressor, a bully of sorts who does not respect the inalienable rights of his or her partner. The victim may stay in a relationship out of love, fear, low self- esteem, for the sake of the children, economic need, or fear of not having a place to go. Some victims who are married want to stay that way, divorce for them is out of the question, either for moral or religious reasons. In many Third World Countries the victim has no legal, familial, or societal rights or recourse if abuse does occur.

-You feel like you're being emotionally raped.

-Your physical and emotional feelings are not taken into consideration. Your partner has little or no empathy or sympathy for you.

-Respect is the exception rather than the rule. When your partner conveys this right upon you he or she has made Ja big sacrifice' and you should be Jvery thankful'.

-Condemnation,  ridicule (sometimes in front of family or friends), contempt, humiliation, and derogatory terms are used against you.

-You are almost, or always to blame whenever something bad happens, regardless of the circumstances. It's your fault.

-You feel like a mental punching bag for your partner.

-Your partner is over-controlling, jealous, and envious.

-Your partner seems like he or she doesn't want you to succeed.

-Love is used as a powerful weapon that your partner uses to control you.

-Your partner's mood decides whether there is emotional abuse or not. Your mood is irrelevant.

-Mocks your physical appearance, work, or level of intelligence.

-Lies to you, your family and friends.

-Uses blackmail against you.

-Threatens you with physical, sexual, and/ or economic harm. Threats can also be made against your children.

NOTE: All threats must be taken seriously.

-Downplays your pain, agony, and fears.


-Disabled and female.

-Belong to a racial, religious, or linguistic minority, or are unable to speak the language of the nation.

 -Poor, uneducated or undereducated.

-Live in a poor Third World country.

-Live under a brutal or corrupt regime especially when medical and social services are inadequate.

-Live in war-torn or civil war-torn region or country.

-Live in a misogynistic country or region.

-You are a member of an indigenous group.

In order to preserve and safeguard the safety and integrity of Native American women the tribal council must be granted the legal rights to arrest, try, and convict rapists regardless of whether the perpetrator was a Native American or non-native. Tribal councils used to have this right but it was removed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rapes of Native American women on tribal areas by non– natives, is a problem. The number of rapes against Native American women on upstate reservations in Minnesota rise during the hunting season. Non-native men have entered a Minnesota reservation and committed rape, then left. Tribal police can't make an arrest. For non-native rapists, native lands are lawless lands; do what you want to and then leave.

Even partial jurisdiction over non-natives suspected of sex crimes is too disturbing for some members of congress. The logic behind this continued injustice is quite racist and colonialist.

“You've got to have a jury that is a reflection of society as a whole, and on an Indian reservation, it's going to be made up of Indians, right ... So the non-Indian doesn't get a fair trial," said Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa. (By Louise Erdrich, February 26, 2013; The New York Times Opinion Pages: Rape on the Reservation)

Native Americans charged with a crime outside of tribal areas face non-native juries. More so, Native American rape victims often face a cruel and racist society and justice system.

When she was 14 years-old, Bonnie, a Cherokee Indian living near Tahlequah, Oklahoma was in the home of her friend, 5 men, including her friend's husband raped her. She never reported the crime because hardly anyone in the justice system gives a damn about a raped Native American. Worse yet, Bonnie has heard men bragging about raping a Native American women; apparently, the word has gotten around about freebie rapes.

"I was in the other room, and they came in and threw me on the bed ... And they all held me down ... I just didn't figure anyone would believe me - a child against five whi