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Rape is always wrong. It is an intrusive sexual violation of a victim by one or more perpetrators. Although laws in jurisdictions vary intercourse is not always necessary. The rapist may use physical force, the threat of force, implied force, or commit the act covertly  while the victim is unconscious, incapacitated, or in rare cases deceased. The incapacitation can be an incidental occurrence, or the rapist can induce it by the use of date rape drugs and/or alcohol.

The rapist is most often an intimate partner or an acquaintance. Stranger rape is less common. Rape knows no boundaries, men, women, children, babies, seniors, physically or mentally challenged individuals, animals and corpses can be raped too. Some perverts  purchase  blow-up dolls for this purpose.

 The vast majority of rapists are males most of their victims are females. In the case of child molesters boys or girls can be their target.

When rape is a common occurrence in a relationship physical and mental abuse are usually present. It's quite difficult to imagine a man who rapes his partner every-so-often without getting physical with her, or mentally degrading her. The same occurs in lesbian and gay relationships where rape occurs.

Rape can be state-sponsored or encouraged by an occupying military to terrorize a population. Unfortunately, the vast majority of rape victims in this context are female civilians and children.

Rape can and does occur in the porn industry.

Unfortunately, the rape can be part of a scene. Sound tracks are inserted to replace the screams of agony of the victim, and in most cases there's no one to complain too.

Vacationers, women on cruise ships, hitchhikers, and street walkers can be easy targets.

Sexual harassment at work is harmful to the victim. It should never be tolerated in any civilized society or in a corporation or company.

Groping is a form of physical sexual harassment. The offender is not content with verbal harassment. This activity includes uninvited sexually touching or fondling of another in inappropriate areas of the body, usually with the hands but intrusive rubbing may. In the latter case the groper may rub or smother his genitals up against the target. Crowded buses, trains, and subways are places that gropers like.

I have written this book as a basic educational tool in understanding rape and related issues, to promote activism against this all-too-prevalent problem, and to help make rape victims feel that there are many people out there who really care.

-AQUANTANCE RAPE (most common type): The rapist is someone the victim knows; a fellow student, casual friend, classmate, friend of a friend, friend of the family, a well-known or respected person in the community.

-STRANGER RAPE: The rapist is not known by the victim. The rapist may be lurking in the shadows, break into your home and pull a knife or weapon on you, etc. He may wear a mask or other disguise to hide his identity making it quite difficult for the victim to make a positive identification in a police line-up or to make a basic composite.

Stranger rape almost always takes the victim by surprise, is shocking and it may be difficult to focus and identify the  offender's facial or body features, or clothing. But noticing a peculiarity can be helpful (a tattoo, scar, a lisp or stutter, a birth mark, etc.).

-MARITAL OR DATE RAPE: The rapist is the husband (or wife), fiance, boyfriend (or girlfriend, casual friend, or on the first meeting of a blind date.

The stronger the attachment of the victim to the offender the more difficult it is to file a criminal complaint and to follow up on it. The offender knows this.

-DRUG AND/OR ALCOHOL INDUCED RAPE: The use of alcohol and/or drugs is used by the rapist/s. In other cases the victim is unconscious or has passed out from her own alcohol and/or drug use; the rapist takes advantage of the situation. There is an element of opportunity here.

Date rape drugs can easily be slipped into drinks and are available at some campus parties. The drink does not have to contain alcohol, but alcohol tends to intensify the effects. Rape drugs are usually colourless, odourless and tasteless. Only a tiny quantity is needed to do the job. Factors including the size, weight and general health of the victim are crucial. Furthermore, over-the-counter medications taken before or immediately following the consumption of the spiked drink are also crucial. The most common date rape drugs are GHB, Rohypnol, Ketamine, and alcohol. The latter is by far the most dangerous and common. Alcohol is naturally ever-so-present in parties and social gatherings. Many rape victims were wasted right before they passed out.

Rape drugs are usually fast acting completely immobilizing/incapacitating the victim. Weakness, loss of motor control and memory, and passing out occur. Because the rapist is usually  not a medical  professional or nurse an overdose, seizures, or a lethal dose may result.

COMMON WARNING SIGNS RELATED TO DATE RAPE DRUGS (The Following Apply to Both Genders, Heterosexuals, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Men Raped by Women):

-You've had a rough night of partying, you're in the nude or semi-nude and you have a throbbing headache.

-You're in an unfamiliar place or in someone else's room.

-You were with your girlfriends but somehow you were split up and they're nowhere in sight.

-The party is long over.

-Your clothes have been tossed onto the carpet or are nowhere in sight.

 -You feel pain in your vagina or rectum.

-Dried or fresh blood in and around your vagina and/or rectum.

-There's a stench in the air, like semen and/or vaginal fluid, and/or the scent of sweaty genitals.

-You have crusted semen on any part of your body, or on any article of your clothing.

-You puked your brains out but don't remember the details. The scent of puke and visible puke and no memory indicate that you lost consciousness.

-You left your drink unattended or were given a drink by someone. You probably don't remember who.

-Someone offered you a drug and you accepted it.

-If you can remember; you were with one or more men alone or you were conversing with them away from the crowd.

-You remember being the focus of attention