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Thank you for downloading this e-book module and welcome to personal and professional development using dynamic techniques of conscious transformation. Though it has to be said that once you get to know us, you might wonder why our light sense of humor has been omitted from this module. It is because a large degree of focus and connection is required and when setting out on this journey, all other things are distractions, and that includes our sense of humor. However, we promise that once the initial core modules have been applied, we will put lightness into forthcoming material, yet we assure you by the time you’ve got through this module that you will indeed feel better, more self reliant, and more in control than you do today. This is not to say that you are out of control, on the contrary, it is a suggestion that after reading and applying this module, your life will become more meaningful, your self esteem will grow, and your confidence will strengthen.

Nevertheless, by now you may be getting a hunch as to how intense these e-book modules may be – and we unashamedly prepare you now because yes, they are very intense!

Throughout they can appear heavy and you may come to points whereby you may just want to stop, and put the whole thing down. This is normal and expected. If you come to this juncture, then by all means put it down and rest, but please abstain from throwing it out, and do make a note that once things have cooled off, you will pick it up again.

This happens because when you challenge your own self, then yourself will come out to challenge you. First we come up against our own emotional and mental defenses, then we come up against the mind resisting change. However, by the time you have completed this module, not only will you have a good understanding of how human dynamics work, you will be gaining a large degree of control over your own inner dynamics.

Though being brutally honest, it has to be said that engaging with and transforming our own human dynamics can be quite a challenge, yet here’s the truth. Once engaged and applied, which in a general sense can be weeks, months to a year, then real magic begins to happen. Not wishy washy, or unquantifiable, but genuine positive change and improvements for the better.

Though what do we mean by real magic?

When read (and when read with intent to digest), the material within shifts the cogs and gears of the inner self. The upshot is that your entire life and reality begin to project and reflect these shifts, and on occasions reality provides a quantum leap that to the naked eye, looks like miracles.

So where did we get this material from?

Well, let’s keep that until you’ve read the modules – yes, we said modules because there is more than one, but do not worry because the main 4 are all brought to you 100% free of charge.

With that being said, take some comfort in the knowledge that the module presented before you has been compiled with the upmost diligence. In our view, it is quality material distributed freely. Meaning that, for 10 years we really did work with high-ranking individuals, CEO’s, middle managers, and everyday people, and you will directly benefit from their raw experiences and input. Each module has real facts and figures, and while the following makes no difference to your reading, we did not put these modules out until they were proven to unanimously work with consistency and reliability.

The Goal

When a challenging, or dislikable circumstance, or negative life event happens, very rarely is it seen for its positive qualities. In fact, standard education often associates challenging events with ‘unfortunate’ people. However, we will demonstrate that there is an alternative, and that when the finer details are ignored and the focus shifts to the bigger picture, then a whole new reality opens. That is, when the focus of your mind moves from dwelling over life's moment-to-moment details, to perceiving your own bigger picture, then no single event could be deemed as entirely adverse.

Irrespective of individuals who say, “Ah but you are not me, and you do not know how challenging and negative my life has been”, and irrespective of extreme tragedy, there is an understanding that when faced with adversity, at the core of the individual, there was something that had to be understood.

This may not be the answer being searched for, nevertheless, this module is like no other in so much that what will be demonstrated is that when your own life and reality is perceived, then viewed from ‘wide screen mode’, then what initially appeared as adverse events, can be seen as positive adversity in action.

Positive adversity is where real life events, situations and circumstances give the initial appearance of going wrong, and are viewed as destructive. When, in fact they are contributing to a much larger, bigger picture of unfolding positivity.

For example, in losing his job, Tim went onto become a self-employed business success, and in getting divorced, Julie became a renowned marriage guidance counselor. Had Tim not lost his job, he may still be an unfulfilled office executive, likewise, if Julie had not experienced divorce, she may not be living the purpose she now states that she was born to do.

This is all well and good, but what about long term adversity such as poverty or extremely adverse events such as personal tragedies?

As impossible as this might sound our experience has shown that most all of life's events have something positive to convey. Whether one is in a position to perceive is another aspect. Yet, we hear you say, what about war, torture, rape, nasty crime, murder, and losing loved ones, etc. Where is the positive meaning in living a life subject to one of the above?

Though while this module is not directed at why these events happen, it can find and raise the understanding and meaning to the person, or people it happens to. That is, our studies have shown that events happen for specific reasons, and until those reasons are consciously processed and understood, they will continue to deepen.

If life can be imagined as a jigsaw, and that each real life experience is a separate picture in that puzzle, then we can begin to perceive that a dark piece is not always contributing towards an overall black picture. Indeed, there can be dark clouds on sunny days, yet it does not mean the day is ruined. Life and the whole of reality can be found to be the same. There can be dark experiences and lengthy negative events, yet because they are not readily accepted, or seen for their overall positive contribution, they are cast aside and rejected.

With that in mind, we must also consider the opposite of adversity's opposite. It can be all too easy to get caught up desiring, and then expect nothing but a positive life. Assuming the grass to be greener on the other side has become a somewhat natural state of mind. Yet, throughout we will seek to confirm that irrespective of poverty, wealth, education, or health, and adversity. That positive adversity is equal, it does not discriminate, and it operates throughout all.

Though when referring to the word ‘positive’, what we are really stating is a constructive understanding. Avoiding the fabrication or manipulation of words, when we say, “positive adversity,” what we really mean is that regardless of disliking, even hating something, that the overall long term aspect of this unwanted experience is genuinely constructive.

Though one may not immediately possess the ability to perceive this, with time and effort, 99.9% of all life’s events can be reflected upon for their constructive elements. The outcome is that the sunshine is found hiding behind the dark clouds, and when viewed from this perspective, even in life’s darkest events, the experience can be reflected upon for its real meaning. That is, the bigger picture called ‘positive adversity’.

To begin understanding the human dynamic of positive adversity, a certain amount of life’s reflection is required. Yet, this is not a looking back advocating this should have, could have, or ought to have happened. The suggestion is to reflect upon your own life, and pick out only that which resonates.

What follows is a brief but true story…

Daniel worked as a manager for a local company. After seven extremely successful years, without much warning, he was fired. This hit Daniel so hard that he spiraled into a state of anxiety, panic, and mid-term depression.

Yet, fast forward ten years and Daniel was now chairman of his own International manufacturing company, and though it bore no relation to his original position, had he not experienced what he did, when he did, then it is highly unlikely he would be where he is today. That is, ten years prior, Daniel’s vision was living and working a local life, growing and developing with the same company. Had that happened, Daniel would not have met and married his foreign wife, he would not speak a foreign language, he would not have the depth of another culture, yet most importantly, and in Daniel’s own words he would not “have grown.”

The word ‘growth’ is a key element towards understanding life’s bigger picture. For more often than not, we do not always know ourselves what is and is not good for us. Yet, even wrong turnings in life hold positive adversity.

The model we are going to use to frame our understanding is ‘consciousness’, and while it is said that there are only two guarantees in life. That is taxes and death; our understanding is that there is only one. That is consciousness, and while consciousness is covered in its own module, what is being outlined is that you yourself possess and indeed are a piece of pure consciousness.

Yet how do you know you possess, and perhaps are just pure consciousness?

Well, there is a small test that can quickly and easily be performed on the self. That is, trying to remove, and exist without your own consciousness. Have a chat to yourself, asking who and what you are. Once you have done this, tell whomever it is you are chatting with to go away and leave you alone. As illogical as this now sounds, instruct your own inner self, your soul, you, however you refer to yourself, tell it to go away.

It is not humanly possible right?

This is perhaps one of life’s greatest kept secrets, and one of life's only guarantees. That is consciousness, or more specifically, your own ‘human consciousness’ is all there is and without it, nothing would or could ever exist.

However, we will not get too bogged down with consciousness, only to suggest raising it to the mind and using it as a tool. That is, it is now commonly understood that human awareness stems from universal consciousness. While the mind uses consciousness to function and formulate perception, the mind is not consciousness alone.

Nevertheless, and for now, let’s keep it simple.