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Secrets of Solomon: Wisdom & Success


Daniel de Oliveira

1st Edition

December 2016

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Riches of Solomon

Secret 1 - The obstacle of wealth

Secret 2 - The foundation for success

Secret 3 - The cause of failure

Secret 4 - The key to glory

Secret 5 - The origin of ruin

Secret 6 - Way to abundance

Secret 7 - The trap of poverty

Secret 8 - The seed for growth

Secret 9 - Prosperity enemies

Secret 10 - Guide to greatness

Secret 11 - The reason for the fall

Secret 12 - The source of all things

The richest man in the world

Be like Solomon

The winner's profile


Thousand words




Comments from Readers

"An incredible book... I will re-read it again and again, to

fix the ideas." Marllos S.

"I loved reading the book Secrets of Solomon... is a bedside

book." Rogerio A.

"Much of what I teach to my students is written in the book

Secrets of Solomon. It is an excellent reading for valuing

the good things in life." Marcelino

"I do not have the habit of reading, but your book has

awakened me in an inexplicable way!" Paula C.

"It's a book on my list of favorites... brought me an inner

peace and a fabulous energy to succeed in life, but this time

without haste, and with great humility." Nelson A.

"This wonderful book has created a stunning effect on my

life." Nelson J.

"I was charmed with this reading, I confess that I have little

wisdom, but after reading this book I feel a better person, or

wiser." Luciana F.


Wisdom is the secret key

for have riches and glory.

She has enormous prosperity

and a very lasting plenty!

She loves those who love her,

the one that seeks for her, finds.

Is Wisdom who brings us hope,

a future and a long life...

Her mission is help to thrive,

the knowledge gives power.

He who correction despises

has poverty, and disaster.

You want to better your life,

you want invest in tomorrow?

You only have to seek Wisdom,

and simply, success will follow.

Daniel de Oliveira

(in "Poetics IV")


"If you live according to nature,

you will never be poor;

If you live according to opinion,

you will never be rich."


What is the secret of one of the most powerful men

who ever lived?

Solomon, son of King David, was the third king of

Israel and lived during the tenth century BC. He became

famous because of his great wisdom and wealth, higher than

any other king on earth who lived before and after him. His

reign was long (about 40 years), full of peace and

prosperity. And even without war, he received the voluntary

tribute of all neighboring kingdoms (according to some

chronologies, 971-931 BC).

Today, we studied the route and the history of all

those who achieve success, regardless of their area of

expertise. And we can learn about their methods and

strategies that led them to achieve success. However, I

consider fundamental: study the life and work of one of the

most successful men ever.

Harv Eker in his book "Secrets of the Millionaire

Mind" reveals that when he was in a particularly difficult

time, received the following advice that changed his life: "If

you thought the way rich people do and did what rich

people do, do you believe you could become rich too? All

you have to do is copy how rich people think".

Well, I believe that if we think and act like Solomon,

we will experience great results. Because he was not only

rich, but the richest of all! So, it was established as a great

example for us. However, I warn you since now: the wealth

that Solomon offers goes far beyond material wealth. It has

to do with prosperity in every way of life.

All you will find in this book is not original. In fact,

if you have any hope of finding some "novelty", regret to

inform you but will be disappointed. As Jim Rohn said:

"Everything you need for your better future and success has

already been written".

Personally, I have no merit by any statement in this

book. Everything I learned was through others. And even

the statements of Solomon, are not unique. They were

taught by many sages throughout History.

This proves precisely the universality and truth of

these principles. Many things change from generation to

generation but in essence, the human being remains the

same. So it makes sense, learn from those who have gone

before us. "Yet, they are not secrets but truths which every

man must first learn and then follow" (George S. Clason).

More than a book to be read, "Secrets of Solomon"

is a manual to reflect and digest slowly. Each section

functions as a small daily meditation. Where, you will learn

truths that can change your life, if you put them into

practice. Welcome to this journey.

Daniel de Oliveira



"King Solomon was richer and wiser than any other king"

"Solomon was wiser than the wise men of the East

or the wise men of Egypt.

He was the wisest of all men"

I Kings 10:23, 4:30-31

"Even the heartiest skeptic must admit what wise

men and kings and queens the world over once

acknowledged - that Solomon was the wisest man who ever

lived" (Steven K. Scott). In human History, the word

"Wisdom" will always be associated with the name

"Solomon". It is impossible to disassociate both. Probably,

Solomon is the father of all personal development literature.

So it is essential for us: return to the source.

The fact that Solomon was very rich and also very

wise, can lead us to question whether there is any

relationship between wealth and wisdom? Does the wisdom

and wealth are associated? Does wisdom is the natural path

to wealth? If we are wiser, richer we will be?

Solomon thought so. He said there was a close

relationship between true wisdom and true wealth.

However, he warns that it is possible to be "rich" without

being wise. But for anyone who becomes wise, wealth will

be a natural consequence.

The prosperity that Solomon promises to those who

follow the path of wisdom, involves all aspects of life:

spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, family,

professional, social and material. According to the

dictionary, "prosperity" means "quality or state that is

prosperous, happiness, progress, wealth". This is the fate of

those who follow the wisdom, or in the words of Steven K.

Scott: "True success is a natural byproduct of Solomon's


And for our benefit, Solomon wrote a real treaty of

wisdom for all those who want to live a prosperous life in

all areas: the Book of Proverbs. A book that is part of the

Bible, the best-selling book of all time! "A vast amount of

leadership wisdom lies within the 31 chapters of Proverbs",

contains "excellent principles for guiding one's life" (John

C. Maxwell). And who better than the wisest man in the

world to be our mentor?


"Keep company with the wise and you will become wise."

Proverbs 13:20

If you absorb the truths in this book, and put into

practice in your day-to-day, you will walk toward success.

Listen to what it says John C. Maxwell, the leading expert

in today's leadership: "Embrace the disciplines and the

character that Solomon suggests, and you will be on your

way to transforming your leadership".

Your real focus should not be to reach the "goal",

but take pleasure in walking. If you concentrate on practice

wisdom, success will be just a consequence. But if you're

"obsessed" with success, will seek "shortcuts" to reach

"faster" and will hurt yourself. In fact, there are no

"shortcuts" to the true, full and lasting success. The only

feasible and safe way, is what Solomon calls "way of

wisdom". Focus on walking this path, and you will reap the

good fruits of that. Deviate from this path, and the fruit will

be bitter.

The reality is that all problems are wisdom

problems. If you seek wisdom in all things, you will find

the solution to all problems. And not just today, people look

for the solution of their problems. In the time of Solomon,

all the people came to be with him to learn to be successful.

And they became prosperous. Do the same, learning from

Solomon, and you will prosper.


"And the whole world wanted to come

and listen to the wisdom that God had given him.

Everyone who came brought him a gift:

articles of silver and gold,

robes, weapons, spices, horses, and mules.

This continued year after year."

I Kings 10:24-25

In this passage, you may notice the following

principle: The more wisdom you have, the more wisdom

you can share. And the more wisdom you share, the more

wisdom you may have. In fact it's a cycle: If you sow

wisdom - in yourself or in others - more wisdom you will


We can also observe the relationship between

wisdom and wealth of Solomon. People were not only

happy to hear the wisdom of Solomon, but they were also

grateful: Expressing its deep appreciation through valuable

offers, including gold. We can see the value of wisdom in

people's lives: they exchanged gold for wisdom!

George S. Clason, in the book "The Richest Man in

Babylon", asks the question: "A bag heavy with gold or a

clay tablet carved with words of wisdom; if thou hadst thy

choice, which wouldst thou choose?" Do you know the

answer of most people? "Ignore the wisdom and waste the

gold. On the morrow they wail because they have no more

gold" (George S. Clason).

What good would, if we understood the importance

of wisdom, as in Solomon's time. Wisdom can transform

our lives. In fact, wisdom is far more valuable than gold.


"Yes, beg for knowledge; plead for insight. Look for it

as hard as you would for silver or some hidden treasure."

Proverbs 2:3-4

Most of us have had this childish dream: Find a

hidden treasure! Find something valuable that transform our

lives! Something to fill our existence of sense! Something

to fill our empty... Wisdom is this treasure that speaks

Solomon. We need to take a real journey in search of this


Solomon has found this treasure, and wants to give

us clues to get there. We can consider the book "Proverbs of

Solomon" as a treasure map! Dear reader, let yourself be

guided by Solomon while reading this book. Let him help

you find the real treasure of your life! But do not forget:

"Never has there been a map, however carefully executed to

detail and scale, which carried its owner over even one inch

of ground" (Og Mandino). Solomon only shows us the way,

but we who have to walk! "Whatever aid I give thee will be

as a grain of sand compared to the mountains you must

move for yourself" (Og Mandino).


"Every year King Solomon received

over twenty-five tons of gold,

in addition to the taxes paid by merchants,

the profits from trade, and tribute paid by the Arabian kings

and the governors of the Israelite districts."

I Kings 10:14-15

The wealth of Solomon was really huge! "In terms

of wealth, some have suggested that in today's dollars, he

may well have been a trillionaire" (Steven K. Scott). How

could a king be as rich and prosperous without war or

violence? While many today are "rich" because of

corruption, Solomon built all his great prosperity based on

justice! According to him, this is the only solid foundation.

By analyzing its Manual of Success (Book of

Proverbs), we see that their secrets have nothing to do with

"methods or techniques" to achieve wealth, but are mainly

based on the character. "It is a book about improving the

way we think and therefore act" (John C. Maxwell). It is

quite different from the current mentality.

No wonder today, in the age of information (in 21

century AD), that human beings experience great crises at

all levels, including in financial terms (despite all the

available knowledge). Today we are better educated, and we

have more resources than people had in Solomon's time.

However, these people had more prosperity. Certainly they

have something to teach us. Today we seek to improve

"methods", Solomon sought to improve people! The

Solomon's methods have been tested and proven by



"During his reign silver and gold became

as common in Jerusalem as stone,

and cedar was as plentiful

as ordinary sycamore in the foothills of Judah."

II Chronicles 1:15

How many stones you have stored in your home?

You do not value the stones? Well, in Solomon's time, silver

and gold were as common as stones! Can you even imagine

this scenario? Would you like to live in those golden days?

Solomon says it is possible to live those times, at any time

or place!

According to him, the problem is not the people or

the circumstances or place where we live, the problem is

within us. And this problem is a problem of wisdom. "You

must change is the soul, not climate... Walking from one

side to the other will not help you because you walk always

with yourself" (Seneca). I remember that once I tried to

change the world, now I try to change myself. Everything

changes when we change!

Do you want to change the world around you? Start

with yourself. It is inside, where it all begins. You know

when our life will improve? When we improve! "The only

way things are going to change for me is when I change"

(Jim Rohn). In fact, all our outer world is simply a

reflection of our inner. "We must travel on the inside before

we can travel on the outside, because the journey of growth

and success is first an internal one" (John C. Maxwell).

Note that all the prosperous reign of Solomon was just a

mirror of himself.


"The people of Judah and Israel

were as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore;

they ate and drank, and were happy."

I Kings 4:20

It pleases me the fact that Solomon was not only

rich, but also he made rich all the people around him.

People lived happily in his reign, and had all things in

abundance! So were so numerous "as the grains of sand on

the seashore". They had no need to migrate to improve their

lives. I believe that many foreigners emigrated from their

country, to live in the country of Solomon. Because in

Israel, they were prosperous and happy!

How many are concerned today, to enrich others? By

nature, we tend to be selfish. We tend to think only in our

happiness and well-being. However, our prosperity

increases as we help others prosper. Our happiness also

increases as we help others to be happy.

So, we should not only have the purpose to thrive

and be happy. Let us follow the example of Solomon, enrich

and make other people happy! This will be the greatest joy

of our life.


"Solomon's kingdom included all the nations from

the Euphrates River to Philistia and the Egyptian border.

They paid him taxes and were subject to him all his life."

I Kings 4:21

Isn't it strange, he dominated other kingdoms but not

by force? Throughout History, whenever a king wanted to

extend his kingdom would have to do it through wars.

However, Solomon did it through wisdom! He claimed that

a wise could conquer a city of heroes! (Proverbs 21:22).

You may think: "I'm no king like Solomon,

therefore, I can't be successful like him". However, it is

good to remember that throughout History, many had the

opportunity to reign, and destroyed their reigns. The

important thing is not where you are, but where you are


Solomon began as a king, but greatly improved his

kingdom and the prosperity of its inhabitants. No matter

where you are: If you follow the path of wisdom, you will

grow and will extend your influence. And you will improve

not only your life, but also of all those around you!




"The greater the hurry, the farther the distance."


Who doesn't like to be successful? Having all their

needs met, and live in abundance? Who doesn't like to

contribute to a better world, and help those in need? It

would be almost an "hypocrisy" a person doesn't answer yes

to these questions.

In fact, there is a natural desire in man for plenty.

Human beings aren't born to live in poverty (whether

material, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual). Therefore, we

seek to combat poverty in all possible ways, either through

thoughts or actions. It is a constant struggle, and can

become even an obsession. However, we need to keep in

mind that often it is precisely this "obsession" that prevents

us to thrive. And the larger the obsession, the greater the

obstacle. "If you have too much hurry, you will harm

yourself" (Tosi 1581).

Hurry means "anguish, anxiety, urgency, speed,

difficulty" (Dictionary). That is, a person with too much

"hurry" feels "anguish" because of a problem, and have

"anxiety" and "urgency" to find the solution, therefore acts

with great "speed", but in the end, he'll find only a bigger



"Be wise enough not to wear yourself out trying to get rich.

Your money can be gone in a flash,

as if it had grown wings and flown away like an eagle."

Proverbs 23:4-5

Wealth must be a consequence and not an obsession.

You might have noticed: When we are obsessed with

something, it seems more difficult to achieve it. And on the

other hand, there are things we do not aspire, and come to

us. "How many things happen to us and we do not expect!

And how many things we hope and never happen!"


How Come? There seems to be a law that says:

When you covet something, it runs away from you. And

when you despise something, it will reach you. We can have

this certainty: When we expect something, we will be

disappointed; but when we do not expect, we will be

surprised! This looks amazing: How often, we hear phrases

like "Wanting is power" or "Who waits, always achieve".

But how many times it happens that "He who hopes,


This teaching of Solomon isn't very easy to explain,

but the truth is that always works. It's something so

intangible and real at the same time! You want to be

successful? So please, do not run after it. "Ambition makes

us go after the coveted goods and lose the goods we

possess" (Marquês de Maricá).

The ambition puts our happiness in the future, and

says: "Tomorrow, you will be happy". And the next day,

says again: "Tomorrow, you will be happy"... We should

never postpone our happiness! Remember: The secret of

happiness is within us. Happiness is the ability to enjoy

every moment, and the only time we can be happy is now!

Today is the best day of our lives: let us be thankful on this

day. Gratitude is a door to happiness.

If the ambition of being rich makes people become

rich, everyone would be rich. Have you noticed how many

millions and millions of people run after riches every week

playing in games of chance? The truth is that the riches flee!

Someone will say: "If others make money, why not me?",

But is this the best way? "Everyone wants to win a lottery.

Everyone wants to get rich with as little effort as possible.

But... For every winner, there are millions of losers" (Steven

K. Scott).

There will be a path with higher probability of

success than to be one among millions? We should not lay

eyes on the money. Money loves those who reject him, and

despises those who love him. Remember the famous phrase

of Paul: "The love of money is the root of all evil" (1

Timothy 6:10). The love of money will only bring harm to

your life. Amazingly, "the shortest path to wealth is

contempt of wealth" (Seneca). If you despise the riches,

wealth will reach you!