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Adeodatus Sidonius saw the rise and fall of Roman emperors since the reign of Vitellius. He's pillaged and killed without compunction for nearly 200 centuries starting with his heartless and calculating wife, Faustina in, 48 B.C. Now it's the year 2000. Adeo has spent twenty years as the mysterious Atropos Killer, taking what he needs to survive, now he is tired. He is at the end of his rope when he meets the reason he exists... Zoe. His soulmate. The one man who can save him is, Detective Michael Taggart, undercover on special assignment for the United States Marine Corps.

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Kalisto Barques

I'll be as frank and straightforward as possible. I write because it's what I need to do. To me it is like breathing. I live to tell the story. I also know the important life lesson. Writers should get paid for their craft not pay others to read their craft, which is why my books are available at Barnes and Noble's website. Please feel free to support the cause and pick up your very own copy today. Storytelling is an ancient tradition that predates civilization and is something that we should preserve. The novellas I posted here are simply a taste of what I have in store for the world. Come experience it all.

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