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 Dark Matter                              

   The Wolf Warrior

                   The Heart of Warriors 



      Chapter.1 First Notice                 pg.1


It was a typical day leading the Skull Alliance; I was feasting on one of my androids because it disappointed me, as usual. The idiotic bank clan keeps on sending those worthless human-bots to me. They say they’re good, but the only good they are to me: is an energy snack.

 I need to feed the energy ruby that got stuck in my heart years ago, or else I will be history.

Then my blind 21 year old “daughter”, Emerald ran into my side. She’s learning to heighten her other abilities, so she can use those as her eyes. She had white fur with long black hair with a little red on the ends of her bangs. Her emerald green eyes had a hint of pale green.

Four black spots were under her eyes that were lined from biggest to smallest. Emerald’s pink nose on her long snout was always sniffing the air as if she was looking for something. And her long ears always go back and forth.

I kidnapped her when she was just two years old, but I accidently dropped her on her head when I was trying to make my escape.

That’s how she got blind; I escaped when I kicked her father: Sensei off some cliff. And I guess he lost his memory about Emerald because he never spoke of her again.





“Ouch! Mama, is that you?”

 “Yes, but I’m busy. What do you want?” I asked a little snappishly, these were one of those times when I’m glad she’s blind. 

If she saw the dead android with its throat split open, it could traumatize her at this age.

 “Mom, I think I’m getting sick. My throat hurts.”  Emerald said before she coughed.

It got me a little bit worried, this is the third time she came running to me with a sore throat. I gave her medicine twice but with no response.

“Ok, ok, ok. I’ll take you to the medical center.” I said as I picked her up and carried her to the medical center down the corridor. 

The doctor examined her but it took about an hour.  Well, at least it appeared too. The doctor looked at me with grief and shook his head.

“Well, what’s the matter? Even if she’s sick, we are as fully stock as any hospital.” I growled at him.

“We don’t have the kind of medicine she needs.” The doctor said quietly.

A sudden chill traveled down my back, I knew that this was bad news; but I tried to keep myself calm.

“Mom, am I going to be all right?” Emerald asked me.




“Yes you will, I’ll just find the medicine, shouldn’t be too hard.”

The doctor took me out of the room and said one of most horrible six words I’ve ever heard, “I think she has something serious.”

“Ridiculous, that is impossible.” I snarled at the doctor.

 “The same thing happened to some of our other cadets. This is no laughing matter, empress.”

 An idea popped into my head, “The peace keeping scum! They figure that since I have their key to take over the galaxy, they have to destroy it.”

I remember that day when I took over sector 2; a Softie vowed that I will regret the day I had kidnapped the princess, my daughter. But it doesn’t really sound like them. Well, we know how the old saying goes, “desperate times, call for desperate measures”.

“I will find a cure, and have my revenge.” I told him, “Keep the cadets alive as long, as possible.”

 “Yes, Empress,” The doctor told me, and he went back into the room when I headed out for revenge. 

I took the skull crusher to sector 9, enemy territory. I might die there, if I didn’t send a message to them in time.

Letting them know that I wanted to call a meeting. The Snow Alliance never turns down a complain notice, I called them to their command ship.



I waited about a minute for the Softies to put me through. It was the Snow Alliance scum’s best general; General Silver Frost. He’s an impressive robot, I’ll admit.

He had silver plates on his head, chest, and shoulders. Frost is mostly composed of the color white with a little black around his eyes and cheek. He has golden eyes with a little brown around that burned with a fighting spirit. Frost also can deploy his robotic arms into four separate ones.

 “Snow scum, I want to know why you poisoned my apprentice and cadets. Isn’t that a little too low for even you to stoop?” I growled at him.

“We did NOT poison the children! The same thing is happening to our cadets and soldiers as well!” Frost snapped at me, his pain was almost convincing.

I was a little surprised that two enemies were facing the same problem, I began to wonder. What if we have to work together to find a cure?

“I do not believe you, show me proof.” I snarled at him.

“Very well,” Silver Frost sighed.


He took me to their medical center, and it was worse than I imagined.  We stood behind a wall with a wide window.



As I looked through the window I could see children and cadets lying on beds with their skin turning grey and their eyes were pale as snow.

It was truly not a pretty sight to see, some were even shot because they let out a deep moan. Zombies were my best guess at this point.

Emerald!!! I instantly thought.

We heard a gunshot in another room, someone was shot.

How could this happen?!

 “You have to stop trying to treat them, their too far gone to be back to normal.”

“We tried everything, but at least some breeds of life forms only take this plague as a cold. We have the plague pretty much under control.”

“What do you mean ‘pretty much’?” I raised an eyebrow or what was left of it.

“We had to kill so much of our own; it’s not so easy letting go.” The General said quietly.

“Then......I guess we have no choice, we have to settle our differences with a temporary truce; until we find a cure or survive together.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying; even the General was shocked as well. But I had no choice, or the war could be over for both of us.

 “I—we---but…” Silver Frost stuttered in shock.



“For someone who makes the red rain pour constantly, she can still speak words of wisdom.” A voice said behind us, it was the king of the Snow scum.

He was an old man with a long white beard, shining blue eyes and pale skin. He wore a long dark blue hooded-robe with gold lining.

He also had long white claws, a cat’s nose, and long bended dog-like ears. His name was Sensei, he was probably was about 30 years older than me. Sensei has always been on my nerves since the beginning of the war over 50 years ago. He was also: the King of Heroes.

Our powers are evenly matched: he would win some; I’ll win others. Neither of us could get the upper hand.

I glared at him, but he just smiled.

“Even a ravenous beast of darkness can come to her senses when the time is right.”  Sensei chuckled.

I let out an intimidating snarling growl.

 “Sensei, I’m so glad you’re here!” the general cheered, but Sensei gently put his finger on the general’s mouth.

“Let’s not celebrate yet, General. A dangerous path lies among us, and it doesn’t intend to be over quickly.” He said as he slowly took his finger away.

“Ye—yes, Sensei,” Silver Frost spoke softly.



I rolled my eyes, because I was starting to get bored and it was only the beginning of this nightmare.

“So what do you suggest old wise one?” I hissed at him.

Sensei slowly gave me a dirty look, “We need to round up as much survivors as possible.”

 “I must contact my medical center; I hope it’s not too late.” I ran to the nearest hologram projector to find out what’s going on there and miraculously the message actually came through.

“Empress, is that you!?” the doctor cried out, there were blood stains on his jacket; his eyes were full of fear.

 “Doctor, what’s going on down there?”

“The cadets turned into monsters!”

“What about Emerald?” I asked impatiently

“She’s fine; she’s holding a miracle close to her. She’s in sector 2 with Ice, Zira, and Rexie! The robot soldiers have gone mad and they’re starting to kill each other!” Then to my surprise I saw little creatures and two of my combat robots start to bite into his legs and neck, “Ahhh! Get away from me! It hurts! It hurts!” the signal got cut off.

I was relieved that there were survivors and more than half of them are warriors that I can trust; except Rexie. He can be a complete dumbbell: that’s what everyone says about him, but he’s Emerald’s best friend.                                                                         

            Chapter.2 Team Up                             pg.8                                                                                 


Sensei came behind me and put his bony fingers on my shoulder. “Like you said before, we could survive this together. The princess could provide hope for a cure.”

“We’re not going to cut her open to find a cure.” I snarled in reply. “That’s not what I meant, but we’ll see what happens.” Sensei put his                                                                       hand away and put his fingers together, “But what we can’t do, is to be sitting ducks.”

 “We’re going to sector 2 then, someone is waiting for me.”

“Very well, then let’s go.”

We went to the landing bay and over fifteen zombies were already there. We even saw one eating another zombie.  We couldn’t tell at this point if they can see, hear, or what they were capable of.

We didn’t have time to think about it anyways; what was important was that we get out of here alive.

Four or five zombies grabbed a human female engineer, “Help me! It hurts! It hurts!” she screamed at the top of her lugs when the zombies started to eat her.

“How do we get to the ships?” the General asked.

“I’ll clear a path.” I said, pulling out my sword that was bejeweled with energy rubies on the handle. I pressed on the biggest ruby on it and out came a long red blade.

Sensei didn’t hold me back, “So be it.”



I sliced the zombies one by one, head by head. It was a joy to me, but I kind of miss the screams of others that had met my blade while still alive.

Blood poured onto the floor with every strike until I was done. Over ten zombies had met my blade and their blood had coated my sword.

Sensei tilted my sword slightly down, “This should be analyzed so we could find out exactly what we’re dealing with. Maybe even an answer against this unknown.” He held a small tube under the blade and drops of blood were poured into it. Then he quickly hid the tube back into his robes.

 “Alright, fine. Let’s get out of here.” We took my ship, the skull crusher to sector 2 where survivors were waiting to be rescued.

We saw a small ship floating in space; it appeared to be one of my ships. It was dark grey with sharp edged wings like a falcon. I tried to contact it two times, until I finally got through.

“Empress, is that you?” Ice asked; his furry hooded cape was stained with blood. His round yellow eyes were filled with fear, his dark grey metal body was very petite like a girl and his long sharp claws had smears of dried blood.

“Yes, Ice. I have enough room in the back for you to land your ship.”

Ice landed the small ship in the back of the skull crusher; I turned on the auto pilot and then went to the back. The small ship had splatters of blood and oil covering it.



They came out of the ship out of breath. Either they’re exhausted from fighting the dead, or the ship was just a little bit too much too handle.

 “Thank you so much for coming for us, master.” Zira said as her brawny body was covered in blood splatters. Even her spiky metal hair piece had blood on it as well.

Rexie let out a bark and started to wag his tail. I guess he was just happy to be alive. He then spun around a few times panting happily.

“Where are we going now, mama?” Emerald asked me, she was shivering badly.

“We’re going to…um…to…” I didn’t know where to go; it was the first time I didn’t know what to do.

“To neutral space: in sector 6. There is a hidden planet that could help us.” Sensei interrupted me.

“Fine,” I grumbled.

“No, no, no, no, no. I—I don’t think that’s a good idea, Sensei. What if survivors see us as intruders and what if the disease spreads faster than we expected? ” Silver Frost exclaimed, running in front of the controls.

Sensei put his hand on the General’s head, “You are in a lot of pressure, General. Why don’t you recharge?”




Sensei’s hand started to glow yellow and the General slowly powered down with droopy eyes.

 “I understand the situation; we’re all concerned about our safety. But sometimes we have to take dangerous paths to find harmony.”

I threw Silver Frost to the side so he wouldn’t block the controls. “Alright, we’re going to sector six.” I put on the hyper drive, and we were well on our way.

After an hour went by, we saw a foggy planet with city lights. It looked very usually, I never seen a planet that was a huge city before.

“Is that the planet you were talking about?”

 “Yes, Ronio: The city planet. I sense the answer is just right in front of us, but there are a few spots that will keep us safe.”

I landed the ship to a landing bay, the closest one I could find. When we got out of the ship, we didn’t see any sign of the monsters.

“The coast is clear.” I said.

We quietly ran out of the landing bay without trying to draw attention to ourselves.

As we ran into the street, we noticed two zombies were crossing the street across ahead of us. I tried to pull out my sword, but Sensei held my hand. I glared at him, but he was looking in another direction. I looked at his direction and saw over ten zombies were up on a hill next to us.

  Chapter.3 The hidden enemy           pg.12                            


Sensei was trying to tell me that it won’t be wise to strike right now. He tried to put my sword back, but I knew that this was an opportunity to attack and clear a path for us.

 “Dark Matter, don’t!” Sensei yelled, but I refused to listen to that old fool. I knew exactly what I was doing.

I sliced the zombies down, one by one. From slicing off half their body, to slicing off their heads and from making the zombies bleed to death by cutting open their chest.

A zombie tried to sneak up on me; as I had heard its deep moan. I pierced its face with the blades on the lower part of my metal arm. But the zombie actually screamed out bloody murder as if the zombie was still alive!

It appeared that I took care of all the zombies in this area, but I noticed one zombie that fell to the ground tried to pick itself up. When I saw it, I lifted up my foot and smash its head to bits. Brain matter splattered on the ground along with splatters of blood all over the area. It felt like being on the battle field again, it felt great!

Now the coast is clear.” I called out to them. I think I put Sensei to shame by showing that the sword can be mightier than the pen. Negotiating is NOT an option in this war for survival and “surrendering” means sudden death. My guess would be that if you get bitten, it’s over.




Silver Frost sneaked out of the pack and went around a dark corner of the landing bay.                                                                             

 “I hope the machine isn’t damaged. They’re too weak.” He said to himself as he took a communicator from under his shoulder blade. Silver Frost waited for a signal for a few seconds, and then an image of a humanoid female professor with sleek pink hair that rested on her shoulders appeared. She also had two pink furry dog ears; one was straight with two red earrings, and the other was bended with no jewelry.

She wore a white rubber lab coat with a little black where the zipper was, along with dark brown pants.

She wore a gas mask that only covered her mouth, showing her dark green eyes with a hint of lavender; and little three black dots were under each eye. Her skin was almost as pale as her lab coat.

The woman’s name was Saya Mist; she used to work for Dark Matter until she was reported missing ten years ago. Everyone had assumed she was dead after years of searching. Saya ran away from the Skull alliance to discover new things besides destroying them. Dark Matter always forced her to make poisons, viruses, and new weapons for massive destruction.

Saya took an escape pod from an assault that made it the perfect cover; until she found a smuggler’s ship.




The smuggler was kind enough to let her stay on the ship until she can find another vessel. After two weeks of life in an old ship paid off; the smuggler got her a small ship that was in good shape. 

 “Our test subjects are too weak; it seems as if the machine isn’t working as it should, Saya.” Silver Frost said a bit upset.

“Well, you are right. The machine is a bit weak; but I’m working on it. It should be working properly by tonight.”

“Tonight, are you freaking damn lazy?!” Silver Frost snapped.

“Don’t push me, rust pile. You’re lucky that I am helping you. Remember; you owe me for saving your butt.” Saya snapped back.

Ten years ago when she was reported dead, Saya found the General in bad shape on a ship wreck. Part of his right arm was missing with a big burn mark that started from his left eye all the way to his nose. He also had a foot missing that was oozing with oil.

Saya repaired him and took care of him for a few days until Silver Frost was back on his feet. Before Saya let Silver Frost go back to the Snow alliance; he suggested that they should work together to end of the war. Saya agreed.

They built a huge machine in a shape of a generator; that made people go mad, but it seems to only effect humans: which is the Snow alliance’s whole army.

Except for Sensei, for he’s not a human.



Even robots can go mad, but the effects on robots were slower. The machine can eliminate both sides by making them kill themselves.

Silver Frost let out a growl while showing his razor teeth, “Fine, tonight.”

“I promise it will be ready, now just relax. The ‘zombie’s’ bite isn’t very contagious right now, because it seems to have different effects on different species.”

“I’ll meet you at the factory.”

“When: General?” Saya asked.

 “Tonight if I can,” he answered. “But I have one question.”


 “What should I know about these zombies?”

“They’re sensitive to sound, visually impaired, below average vocabulary, stomach starvation, hurt skin color, poor body structure, and their nerves a bit numb. They should be considered ‘dead’ tonight.” Saya answered patiently.

“Thanks.” Silver Frost said calmly.

“General?” Sensei called out.

 “I got to go.” Silver Frost turned off his communicator and hid it back under his shoulder blade. “Sorry, I—I had to tinkle, Sensei.”

Chapter.4 Cover in a Dark Place     pg.16                        


Rexie started to bark but Emerald calmed him down before I can hit him to shut up.

Silver Frost walked back into the group calmly.

 “General, you seem tense.” Sensei said staring into Silver Frost’s golden eyes.

“I—I—I am very………”

“Hey! Are you coming or not, old man?!” Zira called out. The group already started to move out.

“Come on, General.”

 “OK, Sensei.” Silver Frost said.

I lead the group over the hills until we found a café because Emerald was hungry and it was starting to get a little dark.

There was a lock on the door and the blinds were closed: either the workers were still alive or they locked the zombies inside.

“Ice, Zira, go take Emerald over there just in case if there’s any unwanted visitors in there.” I said as pointing down the street. The street was safe; or at least to a point.

“Yes, master.” Zira and Ice said; they took Emerald down the street away from the café.





I picked the lock with my claws and opened the door. It was dark inside, but I went in anyways. I sniffed the air; there didn’t seem to be a scent of rotting skin or dried blood.

“Who—who’s there?” a voice asked behind the cashier counter.

“Dark Matter; show yourself.” I answered

A dark human man wearing a white apron with a cook hat looked over the counter with fear in his hazel eyes. “What do you want?”

“All I ask is food for my daughter.”

“Oh, ok.” The man said a bit more calmly, “Guys, I think our prayers have been answered.”

Four people came out of hiding. Two of them were green-eyed tabby cat-like woman with separate hair colors: red and brunet.

The other two were human men; sailors, by the look of their clothes, it seemed that they worked on a cruise. They both had black hair, but one had freckles with blue eyes and other had hazel.

I signaled everyone to come in.

The survivors were surprised of who I brought in.

Rexie let out a puff when he saw the tabby cats; I wasn’t too fond of them either.



“We will be saved for sure!” The red head tabby cheered excitedly hugging the brunet tightly.

“Stop it. You’re chocking me.” The brunet hissed.

The cook made Emerald something to eat while I locked the door securely. 

 “So, how did you get away from all those mad robots?” The sailor with the freckles asked me.

“They went mad when I left the station.” I answered.

Then a sudden bang was on the door, “Hey, let me in! Let me in! I haven’t been bitten!”

“Another survivor?” the cook asked, “Let him in.”

I let the stranger in, and it was a shock to see who it was.

It was a Skull Raider, one of mine. A skull Raider has horns that curl at the end instead of just sharp spikes like a Skull gunner. But I knew that this Skull Raider wasn’t just a regular one. It was Captain Gore. She had a dark red flag with a spear end, strapped to her back with two skulls rattling when they hit each other on the pole.

The flag had the black symbols: 頭蓋骨; meaning, “Skull”. On her left hand was a samurai sword, with smears of blood on the long thin blade.

She also had a skull bra, black stripes one her face, her chest, her skull bra, and on her shoulder blades. She had a fiery ruby in the shape of a crystal on her forehead.



Black markings under her dark red eyes brought out the scar that started from the ruby, over her left eye, and down her snout with two fangs with three sharp teeth in the middle of her fangs.

 And she had a short black furry tail with a golden bracelet in the beginning of the tail.

 “Thank you, Empress. Thank you.”

 “It’s good to see you again, Captain Gore.”

I shut and locked the door.

“How did you survive?” Emerald asked. Gore looked exhausted as heck.

 “I was in a different system when the plague started.” Gore answered, “I got a transport from a smuggler but we crashed here on this planet. He was ok from the crash but…….he didn’t make it.”

Rexie let out a whimper and looked at me.

From that moment, everything came to me. Now I knew exactly what I had to do. The army of the dead shall and will crumble in my claws and roam the galaxy over my dead body!

Nobody or nothing has defeated me yet, so why should I back down and hide for the rest of my life when answers await me?

Whoever started this disaster in my journey, he or whatever will soon be found on the floor in pieces, no grounded up with my bare claws when I’m done with him!

Chapter.5 Birthing Place of the Apocalypse    pg.20                           


“Tomorrow morning, I’ll go find answers.” I said.

Silver Frost looked at me as if I said something idiotic; if he would have said something about that, I would’ve rip his head off. That would’ve been a given, I think he knew that when he remained silent.

“But for tonight we’ll rest here until ‘they’ come.” I finished.

 “I agree.” Sensei said calmly.


We rested in the café and eased ourselves for the night until we have to face the apocalypse at the crack of dawn.

 Silver Frost sneaked out of the café, amazingly without making a sound.

“I will come, Saya. Just wait a little longer.” He thought to himself, Silver Frost slipped through the crowd of zombies without “provoking” them. As if they didn’t even mind him going past them.

Silver Frost hijacked Dark Matter’s ship, the skull crusher; to the mining planet named: Rolauqe.

Rolauqe was a little smaller Ronio. On the mining planet, there was a secret factory that was abandoned years ago; but it was restored into a lab by professor Saya.




Silver Frost contacted the factory and Saya answered.

“It’s me, lower the shields.” Silver Frost said, and the factory’s shields were deactivated. A large door opened for Silver Frost to get in.

When Silver Frost got out of the Skull Crusher, there was Saya, waiting for him.

 “What took you so long?” Saya said with sarcasm.

 “This isn’t the time to joke.” Silver Frost said.

 “Anyway, the machine rebooted on the power it needed. Now our creation of the apocalypse is finished, mindless bloodthirsty monsters will destroy both sides to finish this endless war.” Saya said confidently.

“Well, that’s if we can keep feeding it without any more difficulties. This machine took a long time to warm up, longer than I thought.” Silver Frost sneered.

Saya rolled her eyes and took Silver Frost to the machine.

The machine was big and tall as a tower with glass tubes with purple gas wrapping around it, along with small electric towers.

“The DEVASTION is our key to end this war for good, along with a few machines standing by in case of this beauty falls. But unfortunately it’s a ‘human’ plague. Which means; that different species have different affects.” Saya said.

“Yeah, I know.”                                                                    


“Are you impressed now?”

“Yes.” Silver Frost said, “And I’m in the mood to celebrate.” He finished with slight joy in his tone.

“No one’s in the way?” Saya asked.

Silver Frost remembered that Sensei was still alive but that’s not who he was worried about. Dark Matter could destroy their work and rip them apart, limb from limb.

 “Oh, crap.” He muttered

 “That’s what I thought. We shouldn’t celebrate just yet until Dark Matter is deceased.” Saya growled.

“When the time comes, I’ll kick her stubborn metal butt.”

Saya scoffed, “She may be stubborn, but no one could kick her butt. Except Sensei but he only leaves a few scars.”

“Trust me, I’ll find a way to destroy Dark Matter, one way or another.” Silver Frost said putting his hand on Saya’s shoulder with fires of rage and determination in his eyes.

“Well, maybe there is a way.” Saya said under her breath, she stood thinking hard until she remembered a memory appeared that could destroy Dark Matter, “Under her torso!”


“Dark Matter has a weak spot under her torso.”

“Again: what?!”



Saya slapped her hand onto forehead, “A thin spear or a shard of metal could slip under her torso that could paralyze her so Dark Matter would be completely defenseless. But for only a limited time.”

 “How thin, Saya?”

“Just a little thicker than a few sheets of paper,” Saya answered.

 “Do you think you can make me a spear that could reach the weak spot?” Silver Frost asked.

 “It may be a little complicated, but I’ll have it ready.”

“Excellent. When Dark Matter bust through our doors, we’ll be ready.”

Saya turned around to face Silver Frost, “All we can do now is to hope that this will all work out.”

Silver Frost held Saya close to him, “Trust me.”

Saya looked away, “Alright, but just promise me one thing.”


“Let’s not get our hopes up until further notice.” Saya said looking into Silver Frost’s eyes again. Saya liked him, but she never knew that spending time with him would soon seal her fate.

“Ok. We’ll just test drive a few of our latest creations to see if they’re going to be…..affective.” Silver Frost slowly reached for the zipper on Saya’s rubber suit. Saya punched him in the face and then he stumbled back in pain.



“Don’t push it.” Saya hissed at him, rubbing her hand.

“Sorry.” Silver Frost muttered rubbing his snout.

Saya glared at Silver Frost for a minute, and then turned her attention                                                                          back onto the machine.

Silver Frost put his head over her shoulder, “I’m sorry. I just feel confident with my, I mean our key to stop the war.” He whispered in her ear.

Saya growled at him to back off.

“Ok, ok. Jeez.”

“Save your breath, Silver Frost we haven’t won yet. You piece of junk.” Saya growled at him.

Silver Frost rolled his eyes.

“Until Dark Matter is deceased, we’ll have to keep working.” Saya finished. “While Blood Fang handles the outer rim, I’ll contact her.

“Fine,” Silver Frost muttered.

“I’ll be in the lab, what are you going to do?” Saya asked.

“I think I’ll just lure Dark Matter here, when the time is right.”

“How do you propose to do that, Silver Frost?”

“To let her see me,” he answered, with a sinister smile.

     Chapter.6 Battling Hell                           pg.25


“Very well, but be careful. Luring her here will be like releasing hell.” Saya said with uncertainty in her tone.

“I might not come back, but it’s worth a try.” Silver Frost said.

Silver Frost took the Skull Crusher back to Ronio. By the time he got there, it was the crack of dawn.

 “Prepare to fall, Dark Matter.” Silver Frost muttered to himself.

I woke up seeing the light of the golden morning. Still no zombies were outside, or so I heard. There wasn’t a sound outside.

I got up and decided to awaken everyone so we can get moving to find a safer place. When I looked at Emerald; Gore was holding her hand.

An insane probability popped into my head, but I shrugged it off. It was impossible! I woke them all up by giving them a little nudge with my foot.

Captain Gore woke up and saw what she was holding onto Emerald’s hand, “Oh, um, forgive me, Empress. Forgive me.”

“All she did was holding my hand, mother.” Emerald said.

“I don’t care.” I muttered.

“What are you talking about?” Emerald asked.

“Never mind, just get up. We got a busy morning.” I growled.




“Oh, Dark Matter,” Sensei had started to act like a smartass to me. “Why can’t you just handout honey other than venom to everyone?”

I glared at him.

“Let’s not fight right now; ‘they’ could be just a block away,” Ice said.

 “Yeah, Ice’s got a point,” Zira agreed.

“Fine,” I snarled.

The cook made us breakfast, and then we were on our way. But the people that we met at the café had kept on following us.

“Sorry to speak out, but do you think we could get a bus?” the tabby with the red hair asked.

I looked around and there was a small bus poking out of a corner of a building.

“We’ll take that bus.” I said pointing at the bus behind the corner.

“That’ll hold all of us,” The cook said.

Rexie wagged his tail with a soft whimper.

When we walked around the corner, there were splatters of blood everywhere. On the buildings, the streets lights, the sidewalk, and there was even some blood on the bus. But there were no zombies nearby; that was a relief to see.

“Alright come on, the coast is clear.” I said, and we all got into the bus. It was clean inside, so either it was deserted or they just left it.



“Does anybody know how to drive a bus?” Zira asked.

Everyone looked at each other; apparently nobody knew how to drive a bus.                                                                       

 “I’ll drive the bus,” said the cook.

Lucky for us, the keys were still in the ignition. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to hotwire it.

The cook sat down in the driver seat, “Oh, let me introduce myself. Sorry I didn’t do that back at the café.” He started the engine,” I’m Kyle Rex.”

“I’m Sylvia and my sister’s name is Coco.” The red head tabby said taking her seat.

“I’m Michael and my friend is Rick.” The sailor said with the freckles.

We all took our seats, and Kyle started to drive the small bus. I looked out the window, all I saw was blood. I felt like the old flame I used to have on the battle field was slowly fading. This is a whole new war that I can’t fight alone anymore. This is a war that could destroy the galaxy.

“There doesn’t seem to be any zombies since yesterday…….oh, crap.” Kyle gasped.

A mob of zombies were straight ahead of the bus.

“Turn! Turn!” Coco exclaimed.

Kyle turned the bus, but more zombies were at the next turn.



There wasn’t anywhere to go.

“They’re not human, not anymore!” Kyle said as he floored on the gas petal. Kyle seemed to snap and apparently didn’t want to hide anymore. That is when we saw zombies started to fly everywhere.                                                                           Blood spattered on the windows when the zombies got hit by the bus. It was a little more than disturbing.

We seemed to escape until we hit a rail over an ocean of blood. “We crashed!” Kyle exclaimed.

“How bad is the damage?” Rick asked.

“I’ll check,” Kyle answered; he got out and looked at front of the bus. He got back in and said, “It’s too damaged to drive anymore.”

“Perfect,” I muttered.

We all got out of the bus and saw that zombies were starting to come from all directions.

I glared at Kyle; he shivered in fear when he looked into my eyes.

“Please, forgive me. Please!” he begged on his knees.

I gave him a side look, “All of your services are done.”

They all gasped and their eyes started to drown with their fear and tears.

“You can’t do that! We owe our lives to you!” Coco cried out.

The zombies were getting closer.



“In this war, it’s only the survival of the strongest and not of the weakest,” I growled.

“Dark Matter, We have to protect---!” Sensei exclaimed.

 “We have to act now!” I snarled and signaled my side to attack, “Ice Zira, Emerald, Rexie; come with me!” I lead them to attack; I didn’t want to stick around chatting, waiting to be eaten.

In what appeared to be a choreographed and well-rehearsed plan , Zira started to shoot zombies down, Ice sliced several zombies’ heads off while Emerald and captain Gore fought together. And as for myself I tore zombies apart: one by one. As a team, we ended up clearing a path together.

Sensei tagged along with his sword raised but carrying a look of shame. We had to leave the people behind in order to move faster.

“Come back!! Don’t leave us!!” the other survivors pleaded while trying to follow us again. I never knew what happened to them after we got through the mob of zombies. Their screams had faded away.

Sensei gave me the face of shame as if I took away his honor. His shame wasn’t very fulfilling for me this time. “Why can’t you open your eyes to those who need you the most?”

“I don’t have time for your little moments of insight, alright?” I growled, “We have to move faster in order to find shelter and answers.”

“Dark Matter is right,” Ice said.



“We can’t have too large of a group to survive, or we’ll be slowed down,” Emerald agreed.

“If you don’t want to be eaten, try to listen to the voice of reason,” Zira snarled at Sensei.

Silver Frost said nothing.

 “General?” Sensei wanted him to back him up, but he still spoke nothing, “I am very disappointed in you, general.”

 “I hate to say this Sensei. But Dark Matter may be talking sense,” Silver Frost said ashamedly.

Sensei’s face turned from abashed to complete disgrace. He looked like he wanted to vanish into thin air. Sensei slowly dropped his head, “Very well,” he replied downhearted.

“Come on, let’s go,” I said quietly, we traveled the streets for almost an hour. But I noticed that Silver Frost wondered out of the group, again. Then a loud roar was heard across the city.

MY SHIP!!! I instantly thought; I knew that roar anywhere.

“Come on!” I ordered, and we raced back to the landing bay where my ship was being hijacked!

Silver Frost was stealing my ship! The Skull Crusher was almost out of the landing bay. I jumped off a mountain of crates, and fortunately pierced my claws through the back of the ship.



Silver Frost then maneuvered my ship and started to take me to a destination still unknown to me.

“Dark Matter, what the hell are you doing?!” captain Gore cried out. I looked back knowing I was leaving them all behind and that there was a good chance I wouldn’t be coming back.

Silver Frost led me to Rolauqe, the mining world.

He parked the ship in an old factory, the smell of sulfur and ashes stun my nose.

What is this factory? I thought.

Silver Frost hopped out of the ship, as I took my claws out of the back of the ship. “There you are, Silver Frost,” A voice said in front of the ship, I poked my head over the corner to see who he was talking to. It was my professor, Saya Mist. I thought she was dead after years of searching for her.

“Do you have it ready?” Silver Frost asked.

“Yes, and just in time,” Saya answered.

“What do you mean by that?” Silver Frost asked, and then his body froze.

I jumped onto my ship, and flipped into the air. I landed on my four paws behind them.

“Were you expecting me?” I growled while I stood back onto my back legs.                                                                           



Silver Frost and Saya immediately started to run, and then there was a sudden loud creaking sound. The floor was starting to fall apart; they placed bombs under the landing bay!

I chased after them, but it was very difficult because I was trying to keep my balance while giant shards of metal started to collapse under me.

Fortunately I made it onto the other side, but they had shut the metal door as they ran through it to keep me out. Only a little bit of the metal floor was holding me up where the door was still standing. As I glance down I couldn’t help but noticed that it too, as everything else in my life started to fall apart.

I cut a hole in the wall beside the door with my sword, and I kicked it savagely until I made a hole big enough so I could squeeze in through.

Luckily I had gotten through the door before the remaining metal floor dropped onto an ocean of molten lava, along with my ship. I walked into a room that was shrouded in complete darkness.

My instincts sensed that someone was right behind me. I pulled out my sword quickly but a sudden spike of pain was applied into my back. I swung my left arm behind me and I sensed that I hit something across the room. When the lights suddenly came on I realized I hit Silver Frost against a light switch. I glanced down at his hands to realize that he had an electric staff with a thin sharpened spear as its tip.

“Hello, Dark Matter,” Silver Frost grunted and stumbled a little as he tried to get up. “We have been expecting you.”



“I should’ve suspected that this apocalypse was made by you. You always had Sensei eating out of your hand, and your eyes always had the fire to kill a wounded warrior. You have no honor!” I snarled.

 “Well, neither do you!” Silver Frost roared in reply. He suddenly charged me and tried to strike me with the electric staff.

 “I fight to win!” I snarled. I blocked every move he did and he was quick but I was quicker.

“You fight almost well as a man,” Silver Frost teased.

“Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you,” I growled.  Frost flipped over me but I knocked him down with a sweep of my left foot. I then swung my sword over my head to finish Silver Frost once and for good.

In a maneuver I would have never foreseen, he quickly stabbed the electric spear under my armor, right below my left breast plate as I was dealing the final blow to him.

Excruciating pain traveled all over my body, I roared back in pain.

When he took the spear out of me, I fell to the ground: paralyzed and with indescribable pain coursing through entire my body.

Silver Frost stood over me with a grin and said, “I may not have honor, but it makes things much more fun.”

I let out a weak snarl as a reply.



“Saya, release Robotto Bushi!” Silver Frost called out to other side of the giant room.

 “Roger that!” Saya called back. Saya lowered a large chain for Silver Frost to climb on, and then she took him to a very high platform.

I heard a loud rumbling and felt strange vibrations, as if something huge was very close by. As I turned my head I saw a giant black warrior robot covered with ancient designs, its body shape resembled a jaguar with burning red eyes as it burst through a side wall. It had giant thin spikes on its back and bared its razor sharp teeth as it let out a humongous roar. When it settled down its piercing red eyes looked straight into mine.

“Oh, crap,” I muttered.

“I suppose you heard of Robotto Bushi? Oh Well, we restored it to her original glory!” Silver Frost gloated.

Robotto Bushi was known as “the Jaguar Devil.” Only told in the forms of legends and stories; a thousand years ago when it was introduced to war by the greatest and worst warriors in history.

Robotto Bushi was undefeated until it was struck in the heart by Sensei’s great grandfather, Jiyuu: the god of heroes. Well, at least that’s how my mother told me before Sensei murdered her.   

“Prepare to die!!!” Robotto Bushi roared at me.

 It lifted its giant paw, and snatched me into it. It raised me to its face and laughed when it saw my fear.



“Robotto Bushi, finish her!” Saya ordered the giant robot.

Robotto Bushi let out a growl “With pleasure!”

Robotto Bushi was going to eat me. As she opened her mouth I couldn’t help but noticed the two rows of drill-like teeth.

I had enough strength in me to throw my sword into the beast’s eye

 My sword struck its target and Robotto Bushi let out shrieked.

“Dammit!!” Robotto Bushi snarled and threw me over its head. As I flew over its head I retrieved my sword and I landed on Bushi’s back. I grabbed onto one of its spike so I wouldn’t fall. I knew falling off her would be at least a 100 foot fall, even I couldn’t survive that.

“Oh, crap!” I exclaimed. And at that moment I started wonder about what’s happing back at Ronio, will I ever know what happened to them?

Then all of a sudden the entire factory started to shake from its very foundations.

“What the hell?” Silver Frost exclaimed.

An explosion blasted a hole in the roof of the room I was currently in. I looked up to see it was a Snow Alliance command ship! My joy was short lived as I saw a big shard of metal that got blasted away from the roof was falling straight onto my head.

“Oh crap,” I started too muttered to myself as I got knocked out. Everything was quiet and peaceful for a change

     Chapter.7 the Dark Cities              pg.36


“Mother, are you ok? Mother!” a voice cried out into the blackness. I slowly opened my eyes to see everything was a blur, but I knew that I was on a ship.

“What—what happened?” I groaned.

“You passed out when that giant piece of metal hit you on the head,” a familiar voice said beside me, it sounded like Coco: one of the tabby sisters.

I moved my head to the side and saw that I was right. Coco and Sylvia was sitting right beside me.

Aw, great: cats. Wait, weren’t they eaten? I thought to myself.

“Great, she’s awake,” Emerald’s voice said calmly. She held my head and gently rubbed my unmasked face with a wet rag. My eyesight was still a bit blurry at the moment.

“How long have I been out?” I asked.

“A few hours,” Emerald answered.

Then my eyesight finally came clear, everyone including the tabby sisters I left behind, saved my life. Well, minus Sensei. I saw that I was on a medic bed.

“What happened to that lying rust pile?” I asked.




“Silver Frost and Saya escaped, but their factory along with their death machine is under molten lava. But somehow, Emerald saved Robotto Bushi and I have a feeling that wasn’t the last of the death machine,” Captain Gore answered.

I tried to sit up, but a sudden spike of pain forced me to lie back down.

“I’m sorry, but you’re too injured to move,” Sylvia said in concern.

 “We’re heading to Koku: the black moon of Dark Cities. We’re going there for medic care for you,” Coco explained to me.

“I thought of Koku,” Sylvia said taking the credit.

“No you didn’t,” Coco hissed.

“Did too,” Sylvia said sticking her tongue out at Coco.

“Did not,” Coco hissed elbowing her sister.

They started to argue and pull on each other’s ears until Zira growled at them to stop. Zira scared them into submission without using any words.

The ten Dark Cities: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Acedia, Despair, Wrath, Envy, Pride, and the forbidden city of Vainglory were destroyed over a hundred years ago. Those cities used to have the galaxy’s most dangerous and infamous warriors and assassins.

I had never been there, but my mother used to tell me stories of Koku. She said that Koku was named the black moon because it was never touched by the light of day. Its only light source was that of a red blood moon.                                                                            



It was said that the Dark cities were destroyed by Jiyuu’s son; Lucas, but I never knew how or when because Lucas had disappeared afterwards.

I guess the cities were slowly being restored to its glory by the remaining legendary warriors and took their revenge on Lucas.

“Who’s driving the ship?” I asked.

“Some robots that we were able to get before the virus did,” Zira answered.

“What happened to Kyle and the sailors?” I asked Sylvia and Coco.

Kyle got eaten at the last minute when I and Sylvia escaped from the mob. Michael and Rick would’ve gotten out, if they didn’t scream like little girls.” Coco answered.

“Well, I wouldn’t have blamed them. That one zombie was bigger than most of us,” Sylvia agreed.

Sensei came into the room, “Ok, I contacted her and your grandmother agreed to help, Coco. She said it would be a great honor.”

“Your grandmother, how could she help us?” I asked.

“Our grandmother used to be a forest warrior, until Jiyuu destroyed all the cities including the forests. But she still has some tricks that she remembers, also some healing technics that could help you,” Sylvia answered.

“We’re in the landing bay, so we’re going to put you on a flat bed.”



They put me on a hover flat bed and they took me out of the ship.

Sylvia and Coco’s grandmother was waiting right outside.

 “Hello grandmother Su,” Sylvia greeted.

Su was an old tabby cat humanoid with scrunched eyes, bended ears, and long grey braided hair.

“Hello everybody, come with me,” Su said with a wide grin. She led us to her house. Her house was at least four stories high with at least ten rooms.  

Su took me to a dark bedroom upstairs on the second floor and she helped to put me on the bed.

The bed was bigger than me; the pillow she put under my head was very soft and fluffy. It was comfortable enough to fall asleep.

“Are you comfortable?” Su asked, searching for something in a wooden cabinet.

“Yes,” I answered quietly.

Su pulled a weird looking spice that looked like a green root with big dead red flowers covering it from top to bottom. Then she started pick the flowers and placed them on my chest.

What the heck?

Su then started to mutter an odd chant, but its melody was beautiful.                                                                         



The dead red flowers started to glow pink and slowly turned into vibrate, glowing flowers.

The unbelievable pain I had when Silver Frost slipped the electric spear under my armor, slowly eased under the power of Su’s healing powers.

“What—what is this?” I asked looking at the glowing flowers.

“Kanji flowers: are the flowers of life, but they aren’t very pretty. Well, it doesn’t matter on the outside; it’s what is inside that count.” Su answered after she finished chanting.

I fell onto a deep sleep on the nice soft bed and slowly started to dream…


There I was, running. Running on an icy ground on my four paws: in the dead of night under a blood red sky. It was freezing cold and the temperature kept on dropping.

Then suddenly, a thousand corpse hands burst through the ice. Zombies started to pull themselves out of the ice. Then the ice started to crack between me and the zombies. The ice broke in pieces, separating us in a sea of blood with floating skulls and bones.

I jumped from one ice piece to another in the opposite direction. Until I saw a wide ice piece with everyone I fought with on it, but what I saw wasn’t very appeasing.




Ice’s body was in a pool of oil with his chest ripped open while Sensei was licking his sword that was covered in blood.  Zira had oil dripping from her hands that had long sharp claws.

Then I saw Emerald and captain Gore, standing face to face in a thick grey mist.

I tried to shout out to them, but something suddenly held me down. I saw it was Silver Frost who was at least 20 feet tall; his angry burning golden eyes starred into mine. Then something suddenly sliced off his chest and he let out a bloodcurdling scream. I turned my head and saw Saya drowning in the sea of blood with the zombies trying to drag her down. The zombies were clawing her face leaving painful looking scratches.

Dark Matter…..! A voice echoed.

I looked around but I couldn’t see anything but a thick mist. Then Robotto Bushi rose out of the ice right under my feet. The sky turned from blood red to cold blue when the Robotto Bushi reached its full height.

A thunder storm rolled in and the rain started to pour. I looked down, and realized Emerald’s bloody body had started too leaned against mine.

Wake…..up! The voice cried out again.

I had awoken from my nightmare to see a concerned Ice was leaning over me.



“What is it?” I muttered. I noticed that my mask was back on, because my improved voice box was activated again: deepening my voice.

“You were breathing and moving weirdly,” Ice answered.

 “I had a disturbing dream,” I muttered.

“What was it about?” he asked sitting on the edge of the bed.

I took a breath to say something, but I decided against it, “Never mind. What time is it?”

 “It’s 8:23 in the morning. You were asleep for a while.”

 “Is everyone ok?” I asked trying to sit up.

 “Everyone’s fine. If you’re hungry, I got you an android, ” Ice clapped his hands and a female dark blue android with green eyes came in holding a tray with a bottle of champagne.

“Thank you,” I thanked Ice.

Ice nodded his head and left the room.

The female android walked up to me, “What would you like, ma’am?”

“Come a little closer,” I said, and the android stood beside the bed. “Bend over just a little bit,” The android listened. I pulled the female android down to bite into her neck. The champagne bottle she was holding broke onto pieces on the floor.

“Ma’am!” the android cried out as I was sucking the energy out of her neck. “Why…?” she replied weakly as she started to shut down.



I took my sharp fangs out of her neck, “Ah, thank you for your service,” I got out of bed and carefully walked down stairs, unconcerned of the body I left behind on the floor.

I needed the energy to feed that energy ruby came a part of me years ago from a tank “accident”. It punctured inside my heart but it’s the only thing keeping me alive. I need to feed it energy or I will die from lack of power. And robots make a great energy snack.

Su was serving everyone else food on a short table with small cushions on the floor.

Su looked at me with a warm smile, “Oh, hello empress. Come, come,” Su escorted me to seat with the others.

“How did you sleep?” captain Gore asked me.

 “Roughly,” I answered.

 Su gave me a bowl of servo motors in case if I was still hungry.

“Ice told me you had an uncomfortable dream, did you not?” Su asked me.

“I—I---I don’t really want to talk about it right now,” I muttered.

What were Emerald and Gore doing in the thick mist, I wondered?

I sampled the servo motors, distractingly.

Then a heard a loud deep growl.

“What…was that?” I asked a bit surprised.



“Oh, Robotto Bushi is outside,” Coco explained nonchalantly.

“What?” I exclaimed

I immediately looked outside in the back and saw Robotto Bushi was lying on the ground; seemingly lifeless.

 “What the hell? Why is Bushi here?” I muttered.

 “I did it. But the weird thing was that she was controlled by a signal. But when I got her here, I guess the signal got cut off somehow,” Emerald said behind me.

I looked at her, “How did you get Robotto Bushi?”

And why the hell WHY?! But at least I now know that Silver Frost has a few friends.

 “I used one of the Snow Alliance’s drop ships to pick her up from the molten lava. Well, with the help from captain Gore. Robotto Bushi was thankful,” Emerald explained.

“Yeah, captain Gore,” I muttered.

 “Why do you say her name like that? Did she do something?” Emerald asked me with curious eyes.

“No. It’s nothing,” I muttered quickly.

Emerald tilted her head to one side with a confused look in her eyes.


      Chapter.8 a Fake Friendship       pg.45 

         And a Forbidden City              



Later into night, I went out to do my usual training.

Emerald and captain Gore went to the dark beach while everyone else was at Su’s.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t?” captain Gore asked Emerald.

Emerald’s head dropped with a slight sad look.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Gore apologized.

“It’s ok, but I wish that I could see sometimes. Because I want to see the beauty of the universe: instead of being born to destroy to it,” Emerald said looking towards Gore. The bloody moonlight shined upon her fur.

What am I going to do with this sissy princess? I know; I’ll just get rid of her since Dark Matter won’t. It’s been 21 years too long. I must get this revenge over with before something else happens,” Gore thought to herself.

Gore felt very foolish about taking Emerald away from Dark Matter’s clutches. All this chaos, just to finish the undone revenge that Dark Matter was supposed to fulfill.




“Sometimes I feel like Dark Matter isn’t my real mother, because she never understands me,” Emerald said with her ears dropping.

Captain Gore looked around her; Dark Matter wasn’t near the beach. Gore was so scared that she was ready to oil herself.

You can do this, just don’t pee yourself,” Gore thought to herself; gore’s eyes sparkled with uncertainty and fear, “Emerald?”


“Dark Matter isn’t your birthmother.”


“Dark Matter kidnapped you when you were only two years old. When she took you home, you were blinded because she dropped you when she was fighting off your father,” Gore explained.

“That---that’s not possible!” Emerald yelped; she felt her chest tighten and it made her cough.

Gore held Emerald in her arms, “I’m sorry, but it’s true.”

Tears flowed down Emerald’s eyes, “Captain?”





“Who is my father? Is he the only family I have?”

“Dark Matter killed your mother, but you have your father: Sensei.”

Emerald’s eyes were shocked, “Se—Sensei?” But why didn’t he recognize me?”

 “Dark Matter kicked him off a cliff, causing him to lose his memory.”

Emerald placed her head on Gore’s chest, “Gore, what should I do? Everything is so messed up.”

“Hmm…Dark Matter’s grip is very tight, but maybe you should see your father. I’ll try to help you,” Gore lied.

She was very scared because Gore’s plan was dangerous and she doesn’t want Dark Matter to find out. Or she’ll be dismantled by hand, piece by piece.

What the hell did I just say?!” Gore screamed in her thoughts. “Ugh, I got to be strong if I want to teach Dark Matter a lesson for treating me like a rust pile than the friend who took care of her ever since she was born. And of course I need to keep better track on her revenge plans.

Emerald’s green eyes searched onto Gore’s face.

“You are the only one I could trust.”

 “I am?” Gore thought. 

Emerald gently put her paw on Gore’s scar.



Gore felt embarrassed.

 “God, I hope nobody’s looking! Gore screamed in her mind.

 “How did you get that scar?” Emerald asked Gore.

“Dark Matter did this to me when I lost a battle, almost 30 years ago. She did it with her own claws in front of everyone,” Gore let out a sigh, “It really hurt. She said it was my punishment for the shame I brought onto the Skull Alliance.”

Emerald put her hand on Gore’s shoulder, “Dark Matter can be such a hothead, can’t she?”

Gore let out a small chuckle, “I guess.”

“Gore, I…I don’t think you’re a shame,” Emerald hesitated.

 “Princess---oh, never mind,” Gore said so quietly that Emerald barely heard her.

 “What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Gore muttered, “It’s nothing.” Gore tried to take a step back, but her foot slipped and they both fell down backwards.

Emerald looked embarrassed, “Please tell me, what you said.”

Gore kicked her off and said, “I think you’re my first real friend,” Gore lied.

“Ouch. “ If I play my cards right, I’ll use Gore to find my long lost father. When I’m done with her, I’ll probably just leave her behind and-                                                                         



-let Dark Matter deal with her.” Emerald thought while picking herself off the ground. Emerald took a step closer to Gore, and she said calmly.

 “Let’s get away from the Skull Alliance. Start our own pack, and take down Dark Matter along with Silver Frost; to bring peace to the galaxy again,” Emerald lied.

 “It could mean suicide.” Gore said.

 “It will be suicide if we stay here,” Emerald explained.

“Alright, let’s go. But where should we look for our pack?” Gore asked.

 “Let’s go to the forbidden city of Vainglory, that city could be just what the doctor ordered.”

 “The forbidden city of Vainglory, but it’s protected by monsters and only the legendary could get in. How are we going to convince them?”

The forbidden city of Vainglory was only home to the legendary, and the punishment of smuggling a non-legendary into Vainglory was death.

If Dark Matter follows them, she’ll easily pass through the security; because of her history and rank: she’s counted as a legend. Sensei is also a legend, but he wouldn’t be welcomed there.

“We have to show them that all we’re asking is help to bring peace to the galaxy.” Emerald said.  

“But—but…” Gore stuttered.




“Gore, please. Trust me,” Emerald said smoothly.

Captain Gore let out a sigh, “Ok, I trust you.”

Emerald smiled, “Thank you,” She purred.

They thought they weren’t in danger, but what they didn’t know was that I was watching them from a distance through binoculars I had gotten from Su!

Since the city was quiet, I was able to hear everything they were saying. And since I’m a wolf, I have pretty good hearing as well.

I should’ve seen this coming! I thought.

I didn’t hesitate traveling down to the beach.

But when I got to the beach, they were already gone!

WHAT?! THEY ALREADY LEFT?! I growled in my thoughts.

They covered their tracks.

I’ll find you, princess Emerald. Myself! I’ll take care of Silver Frost later; he won’t take over the galaxy while I’m still alive. Now, where would they go?


“Are you sure about this, princess?” Gore said walking by Emerald’s side in the streets of the dark cities.




“Please stop worrying, Gore. We are together now, as best friends,” Emerald said holding Gore’s hand.

Then the air became so stiff and cold that even robot could feel it.

 “We’re getting closer,” Gore said.

“Um; Gore, why did you hold my paw back at the café?”

“I just had a bad dream. That’s all. I don’t want to talk about it,” Gore said. Her nightmare was when she tells how the war between the Skull and Snow alliance actually began; Dark Matter fell to her death right into hell.

“So, who do you think we will meet?” Emerald asked.

 “I don’t know. It’s been so long and along with the destruction of the cities over a hundred years ago, who knows. This was all before your dad was born of course,” Gore answered.

“I’m a little excited. If we pull this off, the galaxy could have a chance of peace,” Emerald said happily.

 “I know you’re excited, but don’t get your hopes up. We won’t be exactly welcomed there,” Gore said seriously.

After they walked a few miles, they were finally there, at the giant gates of Vainglory.

The gate was made out of gold and diamonds.



“So, what is our next move, princess?” Gore asked.

“Let’s let them know that we’re here and that we’re not here to pick a fight,” Emerald said calmly.

Emerald started to shake the gates, “Hello? Is there anyone there?”

Gore had a bad feeling, “Emerald get out of there!” she tackled emerald to the ground.

But nothing happened.

 “What was that for?” Emerald asked.

“I thought you triggered a trap. Vainglory is very strict about having only legendries,” Gore said looking around.

 “Well, not exactly,” A voice said behind the gates.

Gore looked at the gates, but she didn’t see anyone.

“Um…..down here,” The voice came again.

It was very small, old, bald human man. He was just the size of a human toddler-child. He had a long white mustache and beard, tan robe with a brown belt, and black slippers. He also had a wooden cane.

“Who are you?” Emerald asked trying to get Gore off her.

 “Marty,” The old man answered, “The rules have been changed, because it took us over a hundred years to figure out that even the smallest star can glow brighter than the biggest ones.”                                                                       



“We’re welcomed?” Gore asked finally getting off Emerald.

“Not yet. You have to prove us that you have a noble heart,” Marty said.

 “Marty, we came here for help. Because if something isn’t done, the galaxy would either be nothing but a lot of dead space or worse, taken over by Dark Matter,” Emerald said.

Dark Matter,” Marty thought, he let out a sigh, “Very well. Come in.” Marty opened the gates by using the wind.

 “Thank you, Marty,” Gore thanked helping Emerald up.

When they walked through the gates, Marty hit Gore with his cane.

“What was that for?” Gore asked. For some reason, Gore suddenly wanted to blurt out the truth about her plan, but she swallowed the truth before it came out of her voice box.

 “Just checking; that you’re not a liar,” Mart answered with a smile.

Emerald and Gore looked at each other.

Emerald whispered, “A liar?”

Gore glared at Emerald. “Clearly that old man knows what he’s doing. That cane must have some kind of trick inside. And it almost made me blurt out what I was really going to do to emerald.”




Marty led them to an ancient temple that sort of looked like a dojo that was at least five stories high, but it was up a high hill along with a mile of stairs.

 “Oh, crap,” Gore muttered sizing up on how high the stairs reach the skies.  “Well, we made it this far. Let’s go,” Emerald said calming captain Gore down by holding her hand.

“Come on. The sooner we climb the stairs, the sooner we’ll get there,” Marty said.

The three climbed the flight of the stairs that reached the dark sky. Marty was still going strong up the stairs, but Emerald and Gore felt like their legs we’re dead weight.

“God, I hate stairs,” Emerald groaned lying on the ground unceremoniously.

“Ditto,” Gore agreed.

When Marty looked back, Gore and Emerald stumbled back onto their feet and made themselves look as if the stairs were nothing.  Then they finally walked into the temple with very sore feet.

“Guys, I’m home!” Marty shouted out.

 “Hey Marty,” A female voice said that came from the shadows of the dojo. “And who are these strangers?” the female asked.




A woman appeared with dark red skin, pale purple eyes, and long grey hair with short bended horns on the sides of her head. She also had a long dark grey wolf tail and both of her arms were robotic.

She had sported wolf paws for feet that presented toes with long thick claws.

She also had a metal skull mask that covered her whole head along with a metal amour plate that connected around her throat. The black war dress she presently worn gave an alluringly view from the split that hiked up all the way up her to mid- thighs. It also showed that her black leggings were armored with three spikes each at the lower claves. A long white cape with the symbols: , which meant death, was inscribed on the back. It was clasped with a large circular clip and had red satin lining that finished the outfit perfectly.

“Skull Face, these girls came to us to help them balance the galaxy,” Marty said pointing his cane at Emerald and Gore.

Isn’t she cold in those cloths?” Gore thought to herself.

 “What’s going on?” another woman came into the room; although seemingly younger than the other woman.

She had a long sleeved pink dress with a red ribbon that went around her hips. She had short dark grey hair that rested on her shoulders with a beautiful white tiger lily that was nested behind her grey wolf ears.

Though almost similar in appearance this younger woman was shorter and had cold blue eyes with dark tannish skin. 



Her lovely grey wolf tail peeking out behind her seemed to complete the atmosphere she was trying to portray.

“Stardust, stay out of this. This is a grown up talk,” Skull Face ordered the younger female.

 “Stop treating me as a baby,” Stardust snapped.

“Then stop acting like one,” Skull Face snarled.

 Stardust whined, “Twilight!”

“It’s Skull Face, smarty aleck!” Skull face growled. 

“Stardust, Twilight! Stop your bickering!” Marty shouted hitting the floor with his wooden cane.

 “Sorry, Marty,” Stardust said quietly playing with her hair and looking away.

 “Fine,” Skull Face muttered looking away also.

Marty faced Emerald and Gore, “I am so very sorry. Those two never seem to stop fighting. Ever since they came into the temple, they hated each other.”

 “No kidding,” A male voice said.                                                                           

They turned to see a tall white robot wearing a brown cowboy hat with red eyes and long sharp claws. It had a diamond shaped belly with a large fiery round jewel in in the middle and horns in the back of his head.



“Shut up, Rocky. It’s really annoying,” Stardust growled.

Rocky scoffed, “Oh, whatever,” Rocky growled back.

 “You three, we have guests!” Marty shouted hitting the floor with his stick again, then he faced Emerald and Gore again, “I’m sorry.”

 “We faced worse,” Emerald said.

“And that’s a fact,” Gore added.

Marty showed a warm smile, “Anyway, I’ll show you two to your rooms.”

 “Wow, thank you,” Emerald thanked warmly.

Marty showed them that their rooms were on the third floor. Their rooms, although spacious, it appeared to only have one blanket on the floor with a couple rolled up pillows and a thick blanket neatly folded up in the corner.

With a closer inspection of the room it miraculously had a small dresser drawer with a small portable mirror, a few candles and a stack of unfamiliar books.

 “Breakfast starts at the sound of the golden gong. If you don’t wake up, I’ll come up here and pour some water on you,” Marty said with a grin.

 “Good to know,” Emerald muttered walking into her room.

“Oh, I and the others will keep a sharp eye for Dark Matter,” Marty added with a wink.                                                                       



“Thanks,” Gore said as she slowly closed the door.

When Marty left, Emerald and Gore said goodnight to each other and went to bed.

As the night went on, Emerald and Gore slept in peace. They felt that they were finally safe, for unknowing to them Dark Matter was starting to get on their tail.

A loud echoing bang exploded a few stories down, it was the golden gong.

 “Ugh, it’s too early in the morning for this,” Emerald groaned while trying to ignore it.

Ten minutes went by, and then it was silent once again. “Finally: peace and quiet.” Emerald thought.

“I tried to warn you,” Marty said mischievously.

Emerald barely opened her eyes, “What the--?”

Marty poured a bowl of cold water all over Emerald’s face.

Emerald let out a scream, “Ugh, you weren’t kidding,” She muttered getting her wet hair out of her eyes.

 “Come downstairs, your piping hot breakfast is waiting for you,” Marty said with a smile and threw a towel in her face while he was leaving her room.

After Emerald dried her face, she went downstairs on the second floor.



She came into a room with a long table adorned with all different kinds of food and saw everyone was already there to greet her.

“Good morning, Emerald. You’re finally up,” Gore greeted.

 “Yeah, Marty gave me a rude wake up call,” Emerald said a bit grumpy. 

“Hah, Marty woke me and my sister with a lion mask when we first got here,” Skull Face said holding a bowl of soup with chunks of beef and spices.

 “Marty woke me up with a monkey wrench. He hit me on the head with it,” Rocky said.

 “Well, how else am I supposed to wake you guys up if you ignore the gong?” Marty asked.                                                                           

Emerald took her seat and started to eat her food.

“So, why do you want us to help you with exactly, kid?” Skull face asked Emerald.

“Well, it’s kind of a long story. Dark Matter kidnapped me when I was a baby; she’s an evil empress who can even make a giant bow down to her. Now, zombies overturned everything what made sense and the galaxy is in great danger. If the zombies don’t infect everyone in the galaxy; Dark Matter will take it over herself. Gore was the only one who told me who my father is,” Emerald explained.


 Chapter.9 a Turn for the Weird        pg.60


Dark Matter…..she helped me and my sister. I was supposed to owe her one a long time ago. I wonder if she remembers me,” Skull Face thought to herself.

“Wow, must’ve been a rough moment for you. Well, we’ll help you: on one condition,” Rocky negotiated.

 “And what would that be?” Gore asked.

 “We would want you to become one of us.” Marty said, “To make sure the galaxy stays in balance.”

 “Deal,” Emerald agreed, “Gore?” Emerald put her paw on Gore’s hand.

There was a short pause.

Gore let out a sigh, “Deal.”

Emerald let out a big smile.

“After breakfast, you two can go explore your new home,” Marty said with a warm smile. Everyone ate their warm food along with pleasant conversations. Marty, Twilight, Stardust, and Rocky barely did any of that until Emerald and Gore came along.

After Emerald and Gore were done eating, they went to explore the temple.

They went from room from room, until they found a dark room with turned off Mega -computers with multiple monitors connected to each other along with an oversized- long keyboard.                                                               



“What is this thing?” Gore asked.

“I have no idea,” Emerald said trying to picture what Gore was seeing.

There was a leather seat in front of the Mega- computers.

 “I wonder how it works,” Gore said as she accidently put her hand on the keyboard. Then all of a sudden, all the computers came on with beeping sounds.

“What did you do?” Emerald asked Gore. “I—I……”

A half golden moon with three little dots under it suddenly appeared in all the screens.

“What are you doing in here?!” Skull Face shouted near the doorway.  Emerald and Gore ran out the door before Skull Face could literally catch them.

They both ran to Emerald’s room, and closed the door.

“I wonder what she could be hiding,” Emerald said trying to catch her breath.

 “I know it was--some kind of Mega- computer, but I didn’t know what it was for,” Gore said panting.

Then there was a shadow in the doorway, “Emerald, Gore.” Skull Face growled as she stood in the doorway with an angry look.





Then Stardust came right behind her, “Twilight, calm down. They didn’t know.”

“They messed with the computers,” Skull Face snarled at Stardust.

Then Marty came on the scene, “What’s going on now?”

The three of them started arguing in the hall, leaving the door open for Emerald and Gore to slip by unseen.

 “Come on,” Gore whispered, holding Emerald’s paw. They slipped through the door quietly without drawing attention to themselves.

“What did you see on the computers?” Emerald whispered.

 “Some kind of golden moon, but I’ve never seen a moon like that before,” Gore whispered back.

They tried to slip all the way to the second floor, but they ran into Rocky along the way.

“What are you two doing?” Rocky asked.

 “Um, getting away from the argument that everyone else is doing upstairs,” Emerald answered.

“When aren’t they fighting?” Rocky chuckled.

Then there was a loud rumbling sound.

“Please, tell me that was your stomach,” Gore begged Emerald.

“Shhh,” Emerald shushed Gore.                                                                         



“They’re here?” Rocky whispered looking around

They accidently summoned the ancient army called the Moon Alliance.

Many said that the Moon Alliance was destroyed by the Snow Alliance, but that was just a myth because the recent emperor and his son had survived: Emperor Dust and Eclipse the II.

Eclipse was named after the first emperor of the Moon Alliance. Eclipse was actually the six emperor’s son who was next in line to lead the Moon Alliance; Dust was healthy and well, but very old.

The Moon Alliance was an ancient army because they had fought for a thousand years: way before the Snow Alliance was ever assembled; right around the time the Skull alliance had arrived.                                                                           


Dark Matter was finally at the gates of Vainglory, which were wide open.

When I walked through the gates, I saw a gigantic dark ship over a temple that reached the sky along a tall flight of stairs.

“Ugh, I think I’m getting too old for this.” I muttered to myself.

Luckily I had the forethought to have had built-in jet packs installed in my boots for such occasions.

I flew all the way to the top, and I had a lovely view of the temple as I slowly rose from the ground.    

     Chapter.10 Hidden Secrets                 pg.64



Then to my surprise, I saw the giant ship above it capture the temple with its red tractor beam.

I hitched a ride on the temple, as the tractor beam was carrying the temple onto its hanger.

As I looked up, I came to realize that the tractor beam appeared to be brighter than a sun.

I covered my eyes so I wouldn’t be blinded by its brightness.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself already inside the hanger of the ship.

What kind of ship is this? Where am I going? But more importantly, where is Emerald and captain Gore? They’re right on my list to have my foot to appear right up their…. I thought to myself until I heard a loud crash. I guess the temple wasn’t exactly clear from the ship’s hyper beam.

When I was about to enter the temple, I saw at least ten purple floating square robots with long arms, long claws and one big red eye. They all seemed to have a gold crescent moon insignia over each of their one eye.

Are they guard bots? I wondered, but I didn’t want to stick around to find out.

When the robots went inside the temple, I was able to sneak away from their sensors.



I got out of the hanger without drawing any attention to myself.

I never saw or even heard of robots that have crescent moon markings on their faces.

Was it possible that I found something that I didn’t know?

I never been this confused in my entire life, I wasn’t so sure where to go, who to trust, what to do nor what to say.

I was even a little scared.

I haven’t been afraid of anybody since I took my mother’s place as empress, but finding myself in an army ship that I never heard of; leaves me at a little bit of a disadvantage.

I was walking down the hall thinking and quite distracted, when three of the purple robots bumped into me.

“Unspecified creature,” one of the robots said.

Unspecified? They haven’t heard of me? Interesting... But, they will soon.

I reached for my sword, but then one of the robots started to scan me from behind.

“Earth wolf: Female; ID: Unknown.” The robot that scanned me bleeped.

I swung my sword at the robot, but it ducked away before it could meet my blade.



One of the robots let out a nervous beep, “Attack!” 

I kicked the robot who yelled at the other robots to attack me.

I was ready to slice the robots to pieces, but then a sudden growl came from within my stomach.

I was getting low on energy. I was starting to get weak and quickly, I was starving.

“Where did that come from?” the robot I kicked, beeped.

My stomach growled again.

All the robots quietly bleeped, and started to talk in a distorted voices.

I quickly grabbed one of the robots I could reach and pierced my fangs into its body.

“This doesn’t compute! This doesn’t compute!” The robot cried out.

“What’s going on here?!” a deep hallow male voice shouted from down the hall.

I looked up, and there was a tall and strong looking samurai, who had dark armor and brown eyes. His eyes reminded me of my mother’s and he was also almost as tall as me.

He seemed familiar somehow, almost like I met him somewhere before.

He looked into my eyes with such astonishment.




“Sister…….” The samurai whispered so quietly that I barely heard him, “Let her go, she’s a friendly.” He demanded

All three robots hovered down the opposite direction of the hall, but the robot I bit into was trying to pick its self-off the floor.

I glared at the samurai, but he surprisingly showed little fear of me.

“Come with me, I’ll take you to father.” The samurai said softly.

Father…… I thought to myself, I remembered when I was a little pup, wandering about the father who never came back.

“Fine, I’ll come with you.” I muttered.

He led me to a large steal door.

When the door opened, a bright red light appeared along with a strong force and golden sparks flew in every direction.

We both ducked and covered on the ground for protection, until all the sparks settled.

“Come in my children. Come in.” A soft voice said.

When we got up, I saw that the room was dark and electric thingumajigs were scattered everywhere in an almost orderly way.

The samurai pushed me not too gently into the room. There was an old man sitting on a dark throne with red flashing crystals scattered on the very top of the throne.




The old man had blood-red eyes with black pupils. As I looked him over, I noticed he had thick, white fur that covered his entire body. He also had long fingers with fiercely-looking sharp claws. But it was his straight dog-like ears and black cloak tied around his neck that gave him the aura of being a master.

In an instant, I had become nervous when I noticed a sparkle in his eyes. That sparkle made me feel as if I had known those eyes all my life.

“Dark Matter…..come closer, my child.” The furry man said kindly. His voice was soft and sounded a bit cracked. He was clearly an elder.

When I stepped closer to him, it felt like his eyes were looking straight through me.

 “My wish has finally been granted, to see you: the defender of the universe.” The old man said with soft joy.

“Clearly you’re mistaken, because I’m not even close to becoming a defender.” I corrected.                                                                         

The old man’s joy faded, “I’m not. I know I am right. Look there, it will correct your statement.” He pointed to a weird- looking, giant mechanical ring.

As I walked up to the ring, it started to activate itself.

A blurry image appeared inside the ring.

“You can make the impossible…..possible. To destroy Sensei, menace of the galaxy.”



“Sensei…?! He’s just a stupid, weak peace keeper.” I growled at the old man.

 “Look again.” The old man said softly.

I looked at the image again, and there was Sensei, killing young human children with his sword and bare hands!

“Sensei led a brutal army, without any mercy. We were the peace keepers until the Snow alliance started a horrible war with us. He killed a lot of our young; the survivors were able to contact us to help them.” The old man said.

“I—I knew there was something wrong with him, but I just didn’t know what it was...” I said softly.

 “You led a more peaceful and orderly army than Sensei ever could. You were tough, yes; but Sensei was a cannibal. You would tear apart or drain your traitors, when Sensei would eat his own without even thinking about it.” The old man said a bit sadly.

 “Why couldn’t you fight back?” I asked.

 “Sensei practically finished us off, our supplies were desperately low. Until the day that we were able reverse the damage, but only at 89% effective.” The old man answered softly. “Oh, how rude I’ve been. I’m Emperor Dust, my child,” Dust said kindly, “I know about your needs, a helping hand to fight the undead.  Of course we’ll help you, every step of the way.”

“Thank you, your highness,” I thanked.



The samurai stood by the emperor’s side.

 “This is Eclipse; he’ll support you as well,” Dust said softly.

“Yes, your highness,” I said.

“Come with me, I want to give you something,” Dust said slowly getting off his throne.

The emperor led me to a giant room, and there displayed was a magnificent battle suit in the middle of the room.

Both arms had built in guns, possibly plasma cannons. But the guns were of different designs, the left arm had a single cannon and the right arm had four cannons applied into it like a mega machine gun.

The two long legs had spikes on the bottom half of its calf.

It also had three long arms like tentacles attached to its back. The arms had built in guns at the end.

The battle suit was defiantly a sight to see, it was beautiful!

 “These battle suits are our most advanced technology yet; they’ve been tested quite thoroughly. They’re called the Invaders, the perfect battle suits to show off in battle or taking over a city. We are very proud of them, there’s only ten made so far but much more are on the way. Plus, they’re invincible,” Eclipse explained.

“I’m impressed,” I said kindly.

“I’ve saved this one for you; I’ve powered it up more than the others.



I thought this would please you,” Dust said.

I think my luck is starting turn!

“It has.” I said gratefully.

I was excited, but my starvation got the best of me.

The energy ruby that punctured my heart over 20 years ago had gotten too low on energy. I knew the lack of energy made me weak and it was a moment later when I realized I was falling into the black abyss of unconsciousness.


When I woke up, I found myself on a large metal table and a few tubes were connected to my body.

I looked around me, and I saw that I was in a large, dark, medical room.

 “Dust, where am I?” I demanded.

Dust walked into the room.

 “You were almost at the end of your life until this woman who calls herself ‘Skull Face’ saved your life,” Dust answered.

 “Skull Face…”

“You two seem to have a history together.”

“Yes…we do.”                                                                           



Skull face walked into the room and morphed into her wolf/ scorpion appearance without her mask on. She held her skull mask in her hands without a care or shame.

Twilight was the same Woluke Bloodkuler….thing that I remembered. She had the same big floppy ears, cold eyes, and especially mask.

Dust detached the tubes off my body, “How did you do it?” I asked.

“I gave some of my power to you. And since you have an energy ruby stuck in your heart, I could only give you so much. But we also need to thank Emperor Dust for all his help of course, as well” Skull Face answered.

I slowly got off the metal table; my balance wasn’t exactly very coordinated. My strength was starting to come back to me a little at a time.

“Well, look at you. You haven’t changed a bit,” I said trying to stand up.

“Neither did you,” Skull Face said putting on her mask.

I’ve known Skull Face for a very long time. We even knew each other since we were pups.

I remembered, right after I took my place as empress,                                                                 I tried to bail out Zira from the galactic prison for the third time, but I got myself caught instead. Skull Face was my cell mate.




I had forgotten most of what was said to each other that fateful night. But I do know that after we escaped prison, I had agreed to put her planet; Woluck under the protection of the Skull Alliance.

 “Dark Matter,” her eyes looked as if they were about to shed tears, “Woluck is in deep trouble. My kind is decreasing by the minute due to some kind of virus.” Skull Face said with deep pain in her pale purple eyes.

“Silver Frost,” I muttered, “Emperor, I need an army escorted to Woluck.”

 “Yes, my daughter,” The emperor said.

There was a long silence between us.

Suddenly, my puppyhood came back to me, he was actually in them. I remembered a time when I had a father for six years until the day; he just never came home again.

“Why should I trust you?” I growled.

Even as Dust’s ears perked up, they already began to slowly droop.

“Dear, I…I never left you,” He tried to convince me, but I didn’t want to listen to him.

Instead I let out a feral growl.

“Destructria, please listen.”                                                                          

 “Then answer me this question. Why did you never come back?”

Chapter.11 a Broken Servomotor     pg.74


Rita quickly walked out of the room.

“Your mother and I…..grew apart when you were just a pup. She took you, and I took your little brother: Eclipse.”

I let out a snarl, “That doesn’t answer my question.”

Dust let out a sigh, “She tried to kill me every time I tried to see you while you were growing up. Once, she sent me a message that was carved into a robot of mine that said, ‘back off’. Please try to understand, we both loved you very much but….your mother’s desire for power killed the woman I once fell in love with.”

My heart was angry and sad at the same time, I couldn’t speak another word. So I just walked out of the room.

Then my brother walked into the room, “Miss?” he asked me, but I ignored him.

Eclipse walked to Dust, “You told her?”

Dust slowly nodded his head, “Yes. She hates me now, but I’ll give her time. I understand what she’s feeling; I didn’t trust my father when he did the same thing to me. Except; he did actually leave. Just give her some time and space, my son.”

I went to my room to rest and try to make sense of everything I had discovered. Well, after one of my father’s robots told me where it was.                                                                                              




Everything seemed so messed up; the emperor is my father; who I haven’t seen in 40 years. Eclipse is my brother, and on top of    everything; I had to face a zombie apocalypse!

God, I feel like I’m losing my freaking mind!  

The square robots took the abductees who were in the temple to separate rooms to rest. Each room only had one bed along with cabinets for storage.

What I didn’t know is that Dust let the ones I left on Koku onto his giant ship. Nor did he get a chance to also tell me that they were looking for me.

Although I did hear a few of those square robots beeping down the hall: “New comers, new comers!”

The robots also gave them separate rooms to rest as well.

Everyone was asleep except for Emerald and captain Gore.

Gore was getting a tune up from one of the repair wards, while Emerald went exploring.

After Gore came out, she saw two shadows that appeared from a corner a little beyond the repair ward. She heard distant voices, one of them distinctively sounded like Emerald.

Gore quietly approached and looked over and around the corner carefully. She saw Emerald with the samurai without his helmet on.



Gore couldn’t help but notice that Eclipse looked exactly like his father, except for a few patches of black fur.

 “What about that robot captain you came here with?” Eclipse asked.                                                                          

“Oh, you mean captain Gore? She is just a walking scrap pile just waiting to fall to the ground,” Emerald said with a small laugh.

Then they kissed.

 “That frost bitten scum lied to me! Wait I lied to her and then she lied to me? What the hell?” Gore was so confused, so she ran to Emerald’s room in the heat of anger with her sword in her hand.

She waited patiently for Emerald to come back to her room.

After a while, Emerald came back inside her room, but sensed immediately she was not alone.

She tried to run, but Gore grabbed her braided hair and abruptly pulled her head back. Gore wrapped her right arm around Emerald’s throat, choking her. She tightened her grip whenever Emerald tried to struggle.

Emerald felt a sharp blade press against her head.

“I didn’t think that you were this smart,” Gore whispered in her ear.

Gore put her blade onto Emerald’s shoulder, and quickly sliced a small cut into her skin.

Emerald grinded her sharp teeth together from the pain the blade made.

Blood began to drip onto the floor.



“You may have outsmarted me this once, but this will be the last time.” Gore growled into Emerald’s ear.

Emerald felt the blade press against her left side, and she felt the blade sliced into it with ease.

More blood began to spatter on the floor.

Emerald tried to escape Gore’s grip as hard as she could, but she just couldn’t breathe.

She didn’t want to take the pain any longer and that’s when she started to get angry and snapped.

 “Let me go!” Emerald snarled under her breath.

Emerald’s teeth were actually strong enough to pierce metal from the very beginning.

Emerald screamed, growled, and kicked.

Her razor sharp claws punctured the arm that was wrapped around her neck.

Gore felt Emerald’s claws digging into her robot skeleton arm; it was extremely painful for her.

Ice’s room was right next to Emerald’s, “What the….what’s going on?” Emerald’s screams woke him up.

Then Gore struck Emerald in the head with her sword handle.



Gore thought she knocked Emerald unconscious with her sword, but the sword handle actually crack Emerald’s skull, killing her instantly.

A moment later, Ice busted into the room, “Is everything ok?!”

Gore’s eyes glowed red when she looked at Ice.

And then she let out a snarl.

My senses forced me to wake up; something was definitely going to turn from bad to worse. I got out of bed, and ran to where my instincts led me.

“Get away from me,” Gore hissed at Ice.

“Gore, are you ok?” Ice asked taking a step back.

 “I said get away!” Gore pounced at Ice, and tackled him to the ground.

Gore almost had her claws into Ice’s chest, until I interrupted and picked her up by the neck and slammed her against the wall.

Gore let out a painful scream. When she slid down and hit the ground; she finally looked at me.

She quickly looked away, “I’m sorry for what I stole; my master,” then she ran to her own room.

The smell of fresh blood entered my nose. Something was definitely wrong. Emerald was dead, and so was my revenge. This was not according to plan.




I cared for her so long like a mother, and now Emerald is gone. And now someone is going to pay.

“Thank you, my master. Thank you. I don’t know what came over captain Gore,” Ice thanked me, while getting back onto his feet.

 “When did you come aboard?”

“Well, an hour ago. Dust let us aboard.”

 “So, Sensei is still nagging everyone to death?”

Ice was quiet for a moment, “He used to.”

 “What do u mean, used to?”

 “Sensei got bitten and he….um…..killed himself, along with his unusual starvation.”

Has the virus found a way to sneak into the ship?

Gore… I thought

 “I’ll be right back,” I told Ice.

I went to captain Gore’s room; I heard a screeching sound from behind the door, like she was pressing her claws against it.

Ice went back to his room, and a cat-like shadow appeared in front of Emerald’s body. And the stranger dragged Emerald’s body out of the room silently but quickly, without leaving a trail of blood.




“Captain, what did you mean by ‘stole’ from me?” I asked through the door.

No response.

 “Captain, are you alright?!”

I heard soft growling through the door.

 “I’m sorry, master. I-I took…the….revenge,” Gore replied. “If you want to kill me now, and then promise me…… it would end quickly.”

I didn’t want to cut Gore down to size; at least not today.

It may seem strange for me to even understand, but I suddenly remembered all the times we had, good and bad; from pup to wolf. But despite all that, I was still going to punish her.

“Captain, open the door,” I said.

The door slowly opened, and Gore slowly got to her knees, and relaxed her arms. She put herself in the form of surrender and acceptance of her fate.

“Kill me; please,” Gore closed her eyes and tilted her head down.

I lifted my paw over my shoulder, and I slapped Gore across her face, with enough force to make a few screws fly out.

She looked up to me with a hurt and confused look, “You’re---you’re not going to finish me off?”

Chapter.12 Crash Landed on Fate     pg.81


I starred at her with a focused look, “Not today.” Then I walked back to room without looking back. But I knew that Gore peaked out of her room trying to figure out why I didn’t dismantle her.

I didn’t know the answer either. But even though Gore betrayed me; she actually tried to fix it. So, for that; I gave her another day to live.

Besides, these past few days changed me in so many ways.

But I still believe that true love is pathetic, a weakness I promised to keep out of my head. Despite the fact that nobody ever loved me that way, not even my own mother. She was more of a trainer than a mom.

Telling me what I did wrong and yelling at me when I keep making the same mistakes. She even said it to me once that I’ll never be a true empress.  Now that I think about it; she was harsh, tough, and even cruel. Was I becoming her? Did I push myself too far?

I’m not sure I want to think about this any further.

Then an army of robot soldiers ran past me. Their metal bodies actually looked like my soldiers, except for the white paintjob and the horns on their heads facing up.

“What’s going on?” I asked one of the soldiers.

“Emergency conflict mission on Woluck, ma’am,” It answered, and ran off.




Then I saw my father walking towards me, he looked at me with his red eyes that had a sparkle of hope.

 “I hope one day; that you’ll accept me as your father. But I want you to have this; I gave one to my son, and I want you to have this as a peace offering. But if you decide that you don’t want to forgive me; I understand,” Dust gave me a handle that looked exactly like the handle of my mother’s sword.

Then he started walked away.

I thought to myself: Should I forgive my father? I—I know that he’s the only family I got along with my baby brother, but still.

All I ever truly wanted was someone to call family, and counting by what I been through; nobody can expect me to forgive or trust someone right away. But I think I must forgive him before I lose the remaining of my family forever.

“Wait!” I called out to my father. My father froze, and he slowly turned around.

I walked up to him, “Did—did you really care about me?” I asked with a little hesitation.

Dust let out a small smile, “Of course I did,” he put his hand on my check, “You’re my daughter, and I love you.” Strangely after that, I felt loved instead of fear for the first time. I didn’t feel alone anymore, and I had a family all along.



“So, are you ready for your final battle?” my father asked me, meaning my battle with Silver Frost. Well, that’s if Silver Frost won’t run away like a coward.

I nodded my head, “Yes, father.”

His smile grew a little wider.

He walked me to the landing bay, and I saw my team (minus Emerald and Sensei) and my brother waiting for me in front of my ship!

Sylvia greeted me, “Hi, Dark Matter!!”

“Shut up! Her head probably hurts.” Coco snapped at her sister.

“You shut up then!” Stardust snapped at Coco.

 “Both of you shut up!” Twilight snarled at both for them to stop, and they did.

I rolled my eyes, “The Skull Crusher, how did you do it?” I asked my father.

 “Your ship wasn’t destroyed in the lava; it was just lying on top of a giant piece of metal. Your friends retrieved it before the metal gave out,” He answered.

I looked at my…friends. I felt like, my family was actually bigger than I thought, and I was too blind to see it until now.

He held my paw, “Good luck; daughter.”




“Thanks; father,” I slowly pulled my paw away, and I was ready to go to Woluck.

I got inside of the ship along with my crew and my brother, and then we headed off into space. I was still a little upset about Emerald’s death, but in time, this feeling will blow over.

 “Please be careful. I don’t want to lose you again,” Dust pleaded in his thoughts.

“You care deeply about your children, I respect that,” Marty said behind Dust.


“I stayed to ease your concerns, and to help you calm your mind,” He answered.

When I got my ship out of the hanger, a message was sent to my ship. I put it through. And a hologram image of a robot appeared at the edge of my controls.

It was one of the combat robots I saw in the hallway, “Emperor Dust is sending support so you won’t be in this alone. We’ll meet you at Woluck a.s.a.p.”

“Tell Dust that we’ll be waiting for them,” I said to the robot.

“Yes ma’am.” Then the hologram faded away.

I put the coordinates in the navigation computer, and we jumped to hyperspace.  Then the navigation computer malfunctioned!



“We got a problem,” I informed.

“What happened?” Gore asked.

 “The navigation computer isn’t working,” I answered.

 “WHAT? Are we heading into a star, a planet, what?!” Rocky screamed while messing with the control panel that was right in front of me, trying to fix it. But he was just annoying me.

“Rocky!” Twilight snapped.

I pushed him off the controls and he bumped into a wall.

“What are we going to do?” Stardust asked.

I tried to find out where we were going, but the controls short circuited.

The ship got out of hyperspace, and we discovered that we were about to crash land on a different planet!

It was a dark, gloomy, planet that I barely knew, but there wasn’t any time to think about that! What mattered was trying to NOT to get killed in a ship crash.

I cut off the power of the ship.

Then immediately turned the power back on, but it was too late to do a gentle landing because we were burning up in the atmosphere!

 “Hang on!” I yank on the wheel to back up my ship and pull up to make a slightly softer landing.



We crashed through a broken-down building and roughly landed and in a destroyed hanger, thankfully the ship didn’t explode.

I took a second to catch my breath, “Is everyone ok?”

I heard a few brief groans.

 “I think we’re all ok,” Gore answered, lying on the ground.

I checked on the transmitter, but it was busted.

“Blast, the transmitter is destroyed. I’m going to check the area, stay in the ship until I come back,” I ordered to all of them as I got out of the ship.

But Gore grabbed my arm, “Dark Matter, if you’re going, then please take me with you.”

I let out a small sigh, “Fine. But be quiet.”

I took Gore with me to see where we were.

The sky was grey with snowflakes falling and flurrying around us. I looked around to see that ashes covered the ground and that the buildings were dark, gloomy, and nearly all destroyed.

Then suddenly, I felt that I knew this place, like this use to be my home.

When I looked at Gore, she had the look of guilt on her face.

“Captain, is there anything you want to say?”

“No, it’s just……been so long.”



“Gore, what are you talking about? And tell me the truth, that’s an order.”                                                                           

Gore looked as if she did something she regrets, “Follow me.”

She led me to a dusty, gloomy palace.

The doors were rusted shut; Gore used the laser built into her forehead to open the doors. When she pushed the doors through and the doors fell to the ground.

 “This was….your home, before the Snow alliance attacked,” Gore whispered.

I couldn’t say a word when I walked inside, every detail was familiar.

I saw an elegant flight of stairs covered with red carpet leading up to the second floor.

I walked up the stairs, and as I walked down the hall; I saw an open door with a twinkle of light coming through.

When I walked through the door, I saw a large empty room.

It was big as a ball room.

There were two flights of stairs that led to the floor, and when I got through the first flight of stairs; something caught my eye.

A small toy was lying on the ground. A small, dusty, brown teddy bear with eyes made out of rubies.




I picked it up, and as I was dusting the dust off of the teddy bear; I suddenly remembered the bear’s name.

Booboo, my…favorite….childhood…toy…..

I held Booboo close to me as I looked back at the ball room, it was thrashed. The windows were broken, and torn up rags were on the dusty floor.

“This is the spot where the war between the Skull alliance and the Snow alliance started,” Gore said right behind me.

 “The reason I couldn’t tell you any of this, because your mother made me promise; so you’ll be safe,” She put her hand on my shoulder.

“Safe? SAFE?! I was never safe since the day I was born. What makes you think I even know what safe means?!” I snarled at her.

 “She didn’t want you to spend your entire life in a cell!” Gore snapped at me, and then she walked away from me from walking up the stairs and disappeared into the hall.

 “Gore; Gore!” I hid booboo in my cape and I chased after Gore through the hall.

Then I spotted her, standing in front of a huge window with velvet red curtains pulled out of the way.

As I walked up to her, she hesitated to look at me.

“I’m sorry,” Gore whispered.                                                                   



When I stood beside her, all of my memories that Gore and I had together came to me. She always stood by my side through the good times, the bad times, and the worst of times.

And throughout all the abuse I’ve given her; she still stayed. Gore never even tried to leave; she stayed ever since I was born. Gore was more than loyal, she was the greatest friend I ever had; and I took her for granted.

I actually felt so….guilty.

Then my mind felt blank.

I grabbed Gore’s arm.

“Dark Matter...?” Gore asked.

“No; I’m sorry.”


I pulled her close to me and kissed her cheek, a simple but affectionate nonetheless.

My eyes closed, I felt my heart beat faster than it ever has before.

My fingers wrapped around Gore’s arms.

Does this compute? ...Just don’t question it.” Gore said in her thoughts.

When I opened my eyes, I pulled away.




Gore looked at me with shock.  I couldn’t speak a word, but I turned my head to the window.

“D—Dark Matter, what’s wrong?” Gore asked me.

I let out a small sigh, “Nothing. It’s…..nothing.” I watched the snow fall onto the remaining pieces of my home planet.

Gore put her hand on my cheek, “Come on, I have to show you something.”

Gore took me to a dark, wide room. As I walked in, golden torches hanged on the wall lightened in a burst of intense fire, like being lightened by a dragon.

Row by row on the wall, the torches light up; until the lighted torches stopped at a blood red chest at the end of the room. With golden designs, the lock was made out of pure gold. It was too big for a normal key, but too small for a paw scanner.

The lock was stained with blood.

“Your mother made me swore to keep this amulet and sword safe. To guard it with my life, by not saying a word about it so no one will know of its special powers. She only wore the amulet in emergencies so her enemies wouldn’t know what hit them.” Gore explained.

“What do you mean by special powers? Do you mean from that amulet and sword?” I asked.

“Its power is more pure than any life energy in the entire universe.



But, only the royal blood line of the Skull alliance can unlock its full potential. But when your mother and father….grew apart, your father took the key.” Gore answered.

 “Do you remember what the key looked like?”

 “It was a sword handle with the same markings on the lock. I---my memory is a little…. fuzzy. But I do remember that the marking were under the handle, not on the bottom, but under it.”

I remembered that Dust gave me a sword handle, I quickly took it out, and turned over so I could see the other side of it.

It had markings on it, but it spelled out a message, “臨時の鍵”, [Key to the Extraordinary].

“Is this the key?” I handed the sword handle to Gore.

“Yes, it is. How did you get it?” Gore asked excitedly.

 “My father gave it to me…..after you went insane.”

Gore looked the other way in embarrassment, “I was pissed at Emerald, and I lost it.”

“Well… let’s just open it.”

Gore put the front of the handle into the lock, the markings on the handle glowed blue; and then the chest cracked opened.

I looked around, but I didn’t sense any booby traps.

     Chapter.13 Friend or Foe                 pg.92


I pushed Gore out of the way and opened up the chest.

There they were; the amulet and the sword handle.

 I grabbed the amulet and sword with my paw but, nothing happened.

Gore just looked at me calmly.

I looked at the amulet; there was a fiery energy ruby inside a gold frame that was slightly curved upward. In a way it looked like an oversized clip for a cape.

I took off my skull clip, and I hid it in my cape by replacing it with the amulet. When I connected the amulet to my cape, a sudden rush went through my body. I felt the power course through my bionic veins, my blood, and the remaining organs inside my metal shell.

To put it simple terms, my body felt “super-canine”. 

When the rush simmered down, I felt invincible.   

When I looked at the sword handle, it was slightly longer, bigger, and thinner than my mother’s sword.  And the handle looked as if it was made of silver.

When I accidently turned it on its side the blade appeared to be long, wide in length and razor thin. The blade even had fiery waves inside, as if the blade trapped blazing fires inside of it. Then suddenly a second blade came from the bottom of the handle.




Was it a double bladed sword; or was it two swords combined?

 “Is this sword double bladed?” I asked.

 “Not exactly, I forgot to mention that there were two swords. Like I said before, my memory is little fuzzy.” Gore answered.

Then a weird feeling came to me, as if someone was watching us.

I looked behind me, and I saw a figure quickly run away.

The figure was huge, strong-looking, and had a tiny head.

“Someone is here.” I whispered.

“I—I thought this planet was deserted years ago.”

 “Well, not anymore.” I put the somehow disconnected the two swords away and I went after the figure.

I don’t know if it was friend or foe, but in this war, either way; friends will be accepted.  But, foes will be executed immediately. 

The figure Dark Matter was chasing after was an agent sent by Silver Frost.

His name was chaos.

Chaos was a tall, muscular and scaly robot. Even though his head wasn’t exactly the appropriate size for his violet armored covered body, Chaos was still very smart. His body size was almost as big as Dark Matter.




He had a scale- designed communicator hidden in plain sight and located on the blade that was on the bottom of his long neck.

Chaos quickly grabbed it while he was running away from Dark Matter.

A moment after he grabbed it, an image of Silver Frost appeared.

 “Silver, I got Dark Matter on my tail, and she’s armed.” Chaos informed.

“Well, don’t get yourself killed. But you must take care of Dark Matter, or the galaxy will fall into her claws.” Silver Frost ordered.

“But how would I take her down, I’m practically defenseless?” All that Chaos had was a big dagger and a pistol. It was clear to see that the weapons he had weren’t going to help him at all.

 “Use your fighting skills you idiot! You were programed to fight, so use it.” Silver snarled back.

 “Bah! I don’t have to take this!” Chaos pouted in his mind.

Chaos disconnected the signal.

 “‘Use your fighting skills’, my behind. I need some real weapons.” Chaos growled to himself, he quickly looked around and he saw a gun lying on the ground a little over ten feet away.

It was a laser rifle with a long strap connected to it, so he’ll be able to put the rifle on his back.




“That’ll do just fine.” Chaos said to himself. He went to grab the gun, and used his surroundings as cover.

By the time Dark Matter and Gore arrived, Chaos was already gone.

 “Where did he go?” I asked myself.

“And who was that?” Gore added to my question.

Then I saw a few figures up ahead, I squinted my eyes a little.

As the figures got closer, it was the guys that I told to stay on the ship.

“Why the hell did you guys leave the ship?” I snapped at them.

“Dark Matter gave you a strict order to stay inside the ship.” Gore said to them.

“Why the hell did you take forever?” Twilight snapped back at me.

I let out a growl.

Chaos’s mission was to sabotage Dark Matter by injecting the virus into her by a special, small needle. And the rifle will make an excellent choice to inject her with the virus from a safe distance.

Chaos took the ammo out of the shotgun, and put the needle inside. Chaos only had one shot. He aimed at Dark Matter’s neck from 33 feet away behind a short, thick, grey stone wall he found.

The aim was perfect, but then his communicator turned back on. From his ruined concentration, Chaos pulled the trigger.



I felt something was wrong, but it was too late.

After a loud pop, sharp pain ran across my throat.

Gore cried out “Dark Matter!”

The needle slit Dark Matter’s throat and stuck into a wall of a building far away, with the tube only showing.

I grabbed my throat as I watched my blood dripped onto the snow.

I dropped onto my knees.

“I—it was an as…assassin….” I forced out.

“Dark Matter, please don’t talk. You need to save your energy.” Gore said beside me, on her knees; “Stardust, Twilight; I need you to stay. The rest you need to catch the one who tried to assassinate Dark Matter.” Gore ordered the gang.                                                                          

 “I will have that assassin’s head on a platter.” Zira said

. “And I will have his heart.” Eclipse tightening his grip.

Then Ice, Zira, Rocky, Eclipse, Sylvia, Coco, and Rexie went to investigate while Twilight and Stardust stayed behind.

 “Guys, do either you know any healing spells.” Gore asked.

 “I do.” Stardust said, she bended down and got something from her ribbon, “Dark Matter, I need you to take your hands away from your throat.” It was a green leaf with spots of dark green.




I shot a glare at Stardust.

“Dark Matter, please.” Gore pleaded.

Was I dying?

Then suddenly, the pain stopped.

The squirting blood coming out of my neck stopped as well.

I didn’t feel any weaker and my heart wasn’t skipping a beat either.

“The—the powers can also heal?” Gore whispered.

I let go of my throat and I noticed that my neck was completely healed, like it never happened.

“I have never seen that kind of recovery before.” Stardust said as she put the leaf away.

“Me neither.” Twilight agreed.

As I stood up and onto my feet, I felt like I was on top of the galaxy.

The power I have is more powerful than I thought.

“I will have the assassin’s body.” I growled.

Gore let out a relieved smile.

I gave her a small smile and then I went to find the assassin who tried to get rid of me.



Back to where Chaos was crouching; he was pissed off! Because Silver Frost ruined his one chance to hit his target.

In fact, he was complaining to Silver Frost.

He disconnected the signal again because he didn’t want to hear Silver Frost anymore.

 “Goddamn Silver Frost, he ruined my freaking goddamn aim! But at least I didn’t miss Dark Matter completely. In a few seconds, she’s going to die from blood loss and from the virus.”

Chaos muttered to himself while he was packing up to leave the planet. He put his new rifle on his back.

When he was leaving, he saw a few figures in the distance.

“Oh crap, it’s the others. Wait a minute. Them, I can take on.” Chaos took out his big dagger and his pistol.

Chaos was ready to fight them, until Dark Matter suddenly jumped and landed right behind him.

 “Hello, my Assassin.” I growled.

“Crud…” Chaos muttered. He knew that Dark Matter was behind him.

When he turned around, I kicked him so hard that he flew more than a few feet away. “Why did I have to accept that damn mission?” Chaos grunted when he hit the hard ground. When Chaos looked up he saw something that he found comically interesting.  

    Chapter.14 The beginning of       pg.99

                 A new war


He saw Rocky, the white robot who wore the big cowboy hat.

 “Who is that robot? ....What does it matter? That kick weakened me harder than I thought.” Chaos said in his mind. Chaos was suddenly puzzled about Rocky. Like he somehow knows him, but doesn’t remember. The kick Dark Matter gave him weakened him greatly.

I grabbed the assassin by the throat.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He answered “Chaos.”

Then a dark shadow appeared on the ground, it wasn’t a man’s. The shadow was at least 2000 times bigger, like a ship?

I looked up, and realized I was right. But it wasn’t one of mine or my father’s. It was a snow alliance command ship.

What the…? I thought.

“Let’s take cover.” I ordered.

We hid inside the palace along with the new weapons we found lying around.

I put Rocky, Ice, Rexie, and Zira on guard duty to keep a sharp eye on the assassin; while I took Gore, Twilight, Eclipse, and Stardust to take a look for our new enemies.



I sent Coco and Sylvia to look around for more weapons.

At the Snow command ship’s bridge, Dark Matter’s best general; Blood Fang was leading the attack on Dark Matter’s home world, to destroy her once and for all.

Blood Fang’s head was curved all the way over her body almost like an armadillo’s shell. While her upper body was straight and the lower body was rounded along with four claws as legs. Her body allowed her to curve up into a ball, and roll around by her own body weight.

Blood Fang also had sharp teeth sticking out of her mouth like fangs. Her teeth were black with a red tips the looks like she just bit someone.

But there was something mysterious about Blood Fang. She was in the skull alliance army for a very long time. She was also interested in power and respect. Blood Fang never even thought of taking over the alliance; she just proved herself worthy whenever she could. She had proven herself as the alpha female; the supreme general of the Skull Alliance to the leader of the entire empire.

She even took out the competition when she got desperate.  The only one she hasn’t taken out was captain Gore.                                                                        

Even though Blood Fang was nearly 4xs bigger, stronger, slicker, and faster; Gore always seemed to slip through her deathly grip.

Blood Fang was being controlled to help take over the universe by poisoning it; but she’ll also get the benefit of destroying Gore.



When her communicator, the one she hides on her forehead bleeped. She took the communicator out and let the message run through.

“Blood Fang,” Silver Frost’s voice said, “are you at planet Darkra?”

“Yes, Silver Frost. Soon Dark Matter and her little group will be nothing but a memory.” Blood Fang answered.

“Good, good. And you may have noticed that our new soldiers had a small side effect when we planted a mind controlling device into them.”

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“Well, take our soldiers to victory on the planet’s surface. Then the galaxy could be ours for the taking.” Silver Frost ordered.

“Yes, Silver Frost.” Blood Fang said, and then she cut off the signal and put the skull disguised communicator back onto her forehead.

Silver Frost’s new soldiers still had the snow alliance’s armor, but the side effect was that the soldiers’ dead skin withered away to bone. Strangely, the soldiers were still standing as if they were still alive.

One of Silver Frost’s soldiers came up to Blood Fang and said, “Shall we attack the enemy on foot, general?”

 “Yes, and I plan to take one of her teammates as bait. She won’t hesitate to save her little friend.” Blood Fang said.

 “But sir—I mean ma’am, what about Chaos? Are we going to rescue him?”                                                                       



“I know what I am doing; now let our squads know that our little visit will be continued on foot.” Blood Fang ordered.

“Yes, ma’am!” the skeleton soldier said, and then he was on his way to the ship’s hanger.

Enjoy your last minutes, Gore: because I will finally have my revenge, not tomorrow, not next week; TODAY!” Blood Fang thought to herself.

Back at the palace, I was waiting for the enemy to come. All the while the assassin was being carefully watched over.

Gore asked, “Dark Matter?”


“Do you really think we can defeat them with only the eight of us or so against a whole battalion, and your father doesn’t know where we are?”

“I don’t know, but I have a feeling that the person leading the battalion is someone I know.” I answered. “Anyway, we mustn’t give in or the entire galaxy is doomed.”

“Dark Matter, Dark Matter!” Coco and Sylvia called out from behind me.

They were running toward me and Gore.

 “Lord Dark Matter, we found something.” Coco said while she was panting.

“It’s a secret escape route that goes underground.” Sylvia explained.




Gore looked at me, waiting for me to say that we stay or we leave.

“Show me.” I ordered.

Coco and Sylvia led us to a small room, and all that was in it was a steel wolf statue.

“Well; where is it?” I asked.

“Right in front of you,” Sylvia said walking up to the steel wolf and she somehow pulled one of its ears down like a latch. And a door opened in the floor.

“Gore, tell the others to come here. We’re not retreating; we’re just finding a safe place until I am able to contact my father.” I ordered captain Gore.

Gore said, “Yes, ma’am!” went to find the others.


After Gore found the others, we went into the large dark tunnels. Hoping that wherever these tunnels lead us; won’t be leading us to our death.

After a while on wondering in the tunnels, I saw a dim blue light.

“What is that?” I whispered.

“What?” Coco asked.

“It’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s not like the dim light from up there. It’s a blue light.” I answered.



As we got closer, I saw that the light wasn’t anything that I’ve seen before. The light was coming from a giant blue flaming sphere that was floating in the air.

It was bigger than a tank, but MUCH smaller than a star.

We got out of the tunnel, and gazed at the amazing discovery we have made.

The flaming sphere didn’t produce any heat at all; it was actually a little cold.

“Do you know this place, Gore?” I asked her.

Gore quietly nodded her head.

“Who are you?” a gentle male voice echoed. The voice was actually coming from the ball of light.

“Go ahead.” Gore whispered to me.

 I took a step forward “My name is Dark Matter” I answered.

It was quiet for a few seconds, “I see. My name is Aries; the soul of the Skull alliance. You must be the heart and brains since you unlocked the sacred stone.”

“Yes, I have.”

“Your mother was a brave warrior in my eyes. When we first met, it was an awkward moment.




Until she proved herself worthy for the awesome power of the universe, and she treated it well. But it was a tragedy when death came for her.”                   “I know. It’s wasn’t easy for all of us when the day came.” I said.

 “You should know that the stone you now hold on your cape doesn’t hold as much power as you think. Throughout all the years of being unused has made its powers…rusty.” The sphere said.

“It has?” I asked.

 “Yes, but before I Bestowal this awesome power to you….do you promise to not abuse my gift to you.” The sphere said gently.

“I promise.” I swore.

“Stand still before me.” It said.

I froze my body so Aries can do….whatever he was going to do.

The flaming sphere turned fiery red, and then a streak of red fire came to my stone.

Words cannot describe the incredible power that was coursing through my body; its power was more intense than the ruby.

After the feeling stopped, Aires said; “Now, you must go. The dynasty is calling for you.”

“The dynasty, you mean my mother wasn’t the first empress?”

 “No, but I hope that you’ll remember your promise, like your mother.”

“Aires, it is ok for me to ask you something?” I asked.



“It is fine. What is your question?” Aires said.

 “Is it true that my mother was killed by a blade?”

“Yes, but partly.”

“What do you mean?”

 “I felt a grave sickness in your mother before her last breath was captured by the blade. But it was by someone with the hot flames of anger, rage, and sorrow who swung their sword, and took away your mother’s head,” Aries answered.

“Thank you, for answering.” I always wondered what really happened to her. For throughout my years of being an empress, my dreams always told me a different story than the one Gore told me.

I looked at Gore, and she looked away.

“It was a member of the dynasty. She wanted her revenge, after I took away her powers and gave them to your mother,” Aries added, “The anger I felt in her heart was burning with hostility and no forgiveness.”                                                                         

Why didn’t Gore tell me anything about this? I could’ve sent my troops to send whoever killed my mother, to her execution, I thought to myself.

 “Thank you, Aries. I promise you that I will treat your powers well. I will not betray you, Aries.” I said.

 “And I pray that you will succeed in your destiny, Dark Matter. This is what you were born to do.” Aries said. “Now I must send you to back, to fulfill your destiny.”                                                                                                                                             



“But we are outnumbered.” I said.

“Outnumbered you may be, but you are stronger in your minds. You can outsmart your enemies.” Aires said gently.

Then a tall wall of red fire surrounded us, and it soon turned into a fiery twister.

It pulled all of us up, and we ended up in a dark, roomy cave.

“Where are we?” Twilight asked.

“I don’t know.” I said, but when I looked around: it didn’t really look like a regular cave. There were dead robots, human and animal bones on the ground.

And then a fire spouted out of the freaking ground!

“What the hell was that?!” Stardust cried out.

“Will you shut up? We’re in Skull cove. If you keep on screaming, you might cause one of the stalagmites in the ceiling to fall down,” Gore said. “And the fire that just spouted out of the ground was a geyser.”

“Thanks for the tip,” Coco said under her breath.

Gore was just kidding about the stalagmites, but she wasn’t kidding about the geysers.

 “Come on, I know this place very well,” Gore said.

“I’m sure you do,” I said a bit bitterly. I couldn’t believe that captain Gore has been lying to me for 30 years!



Gore looked a little upset, but she still showed us the way.

Every way you look, there are mostly bones everywhere. Dead robots only seem to be the ones lying around here.

I wonder why there are so many robots lying dead here. I wondered

While we were wondering in the cove, I looked at my right paw.

I looked at the marking on my paw; it was the marking of a skull.

Some said that it meant something, but my mom said it was just a beauty mark; nothing more.

But despite all things my mother said about it, I still listened to the tales of the skull mark. They said the skull mark is the birth mark of the defender of the universe, and her or his powers are beyond your imagination.

The way I see my marking, it reminds me of my past, makes me aware of the present, and makes me think about the future.

When I turned into a cyborg; the repair robots tattooed my birth mark on my new robotic paw. I was a little puzzled about why they did that, but I thought that they did it because it was the marking of the leader of the skull alliance.

As I looked around, I thought I saw something behind a giant rock.

When I walked closer to it, my ruby glowed bright.

What’s over there? I thought to myself.                                                                         



I pushed the rock to the side, and hiding behind it was a giant wheel made out of seven other wheels with pictures on it.

There were dark spirits being led by a creature in a dark cloak and without a face, battling humans on the first wheel.

There were wolves with armor being led by a red furred wolf with a lion mane, battling human hunters of the second wheel.

There were dark warriors in special designed armor being led by a person with animal skins and a skull helmet, battling human soldiers on the third wheel.

There were battle robots being led by a cyborg in a dark red hooded cape, battling human warriors on the fourth wheel.

On the fifth wheel there were skull gunners, being led by my mother battling snow soldiers.

On the sixth wheel….there was I leading the skull gunners against an army of skeletons in armor.

And on the seventh wheel was the skull alliance symbol, but it looked oddly familiar to the skull mark on my paw.

It shocked us; it was like a memorial of the past all the way to the future. But I never battled skeleton soldiers before. 

When I put my paw to the skull symbol, the wheels started to spin along with a loud bang.



Coco and Sylvia’s fur puffed up when they jump from the sound of the bang.

 I shook my head, “Gore, is there a way out?” I ordered her.

“Straight ahead,” she said.

I looked straight ahead, and I saw a dim light up ahead.

“Gore was right,” Eclipse said looking where I was looking.

I ran towards it and there it was; the last skull robot factory in the entire galaxy, just 40 feet away from where I was standing.


Back at Woluck, Dust was waiting for Dark Matter and his son to arrive to the sector. All the while, he is fighting off Silver Frost’s new war ships and his new dead soldiers that have no skin at all.

But they never came, it worried him.

 “Where are those two? Their past due their arrival; where are they?” Dust asked himself.

“Calm yourself, Dust. They could’ve run into trouble,” Manny said to him.

“Maybe, but I haven’t lost fate in my children yet,” Dust said.





“I admire your hope, but sometimes you have to prepare for the unexpected,” Manny said calmly.

 “Please my children; please be ok,” Dust whispered.

Then his plea was granted, his hologram projector was beeping.

He let the message through, it was Dark Matter.

“Father, can you hear me?” I asked him.

“Yes, perfectly,” He said, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, we’re all fine; but we are all stuck on planet Darkra,” I answered.

Darkra…? I thought the planet was dead,” Dust thought.

He shook his head, “I’ll send transports right away, my daughter.”

I couldn’t wait for him to pick us up, “Thanks, dad.”

“We’ll be there soon enough.”

I cut off the signal, we were lucky that I was able to contact my dad from the factory’s hologram projector. Otherwise, communication would not be an option.

 “Hey, sis!” my brother called out to me, “Come look at this!”

Eclipse ran to me, and then he grabbed my arm, “Sister, you have to see this.”

He took me to a dark room, where there was a coffin made out of metal claws.



“What the heck is this?” I asked under my breath, and I walked towards the coffin.

When I was right beside it, my ruby glowed bright red and the coffin did too. A streak of red matter came out of my ruby and slipped into the coffin

I took a few steps back.

Then the metal claws quickly fled; revealing a monkey corpse clutching a giant dark brown book with a skull on it.

The monkey corpse still had all of its skin attached; its green eyes were pale, and its long tail curled around its legs.

Then the corpse let out a horrible shriek when it jerked upward.

Eclipse screamed like a girl, and I could’ve sworn that he peed himself.

Yeah I was scared of course, but out of instinct I took out my double bladed sword, ready to defend us.

The corpse turned his head, and he looked at me.

“Destructria…” it said.

As it got out of the coffin, the corpse began to grow white and brownish fur!

Its skin turned pink, its eyes became clear, and its fingers were black.

It was a snow monkey?!                                                                         



“I have been waiting for you, and in case you’re wondering about how I know you; I knew Luzilah for some time.” The monkey’s voice was rich and deep.

He looked at the book he was holding, and tried to hand it to me.

I put away my sword, and carefully took the large book.

When I looked at it, the book had dust all over it so I couldn’t tell what the title said at first. I dusted it off gently because the book looked very old, but the title said; History of the Skull Alliance written in gold words.

“There’s more history of the Skull alliance?” I asked, and then I muttered under my breath, “Gore has lied to me too many times.”

Dark Matter’s eyes glowed blood red, and let out a quiet growl.

“Gore, she’s still alive? Wow…..she owes me an explanation for locking me in this horrible death trap. All I remember was that she told me to stay in this thing until comes and releases me. But she never did,” The snow monkey said.

I opened the book, and started to read the first page. The written symbols said: 過去から未来へ、私たちは行ったり来たり [from past to future, we come and go]


衛星は、私たちの過去の上を通過  [The moons passed over our past]



我々は後悔いくつかの衛星 [Some moons we regret]


そして我々が大切にある衛星 [And some moons we treasure]


しかし、我々は王朝が時間の終わりまで継続されることを祈 [But we pray that our dynasty will be continued till the end of time]


と衛星は私たちの将来に渡します [And the moons will pass over our future]

At the bottom of the page the writing said: の名誉は邪悪に優先する [true honor will prevail over evil]

“The first emperor wrote that,” The snow monkey said, “Now you can learn all learn about him, and all the emperors and empresses of the Skull alliance.”

 “…and all the emperors and empresses of the Skull alliance”…?  Is there a cove or something for their resting place?

“Snow monkey?” I asked him.


“Is there a resting place where their bodies rest in peace?”

“Yes, I can show you.”



Then my brother finally spoke, “What, more dead bodies?! Uh—uh, no way in hell we’re going to wake up more dead people!!” 

“Don’t be such a wuss,” I growled at him.

 “I am NOT a wuss!” he snapped at me.

“Then why did you wet yourself, and still going?” I asked looking down. This was one of those moments I wished I had a camera on me.

“I didn’t---I was just---stop looking!” Eclipse yelled covering his delicate parts.

“Oh, I almost forgot. My name is Sinjin. I was an old friend of the fourth empress,” Sinjin said.

“Wait, wait, wait, you met Gore back then?” I asked.

“Yes, she was just a prototype when we first met. She disappeared for a while, and then she kidnapped me; made me hold that book, and stuffed me inside that thing,” Sinjin answered.

 “What has Gore been hiding from me?” I asked softly.

“I suppose that she didn’t want you find the ruby, because maybe you were not ready for it,” Sinjin said.

A prototype…? I thought. “Maybe she was after the ruby this whole time.” I whispered.

“A robot and one of your own; trying to take over your empire?” my brother asked.



I looked at Sinjin, “Take me to the place of my fallen ancestors, now.”

 “Very well, follow me,” He said.

I took only my brother with me to follow the snow monkey, to awaken my new allies.

It was under the robot factory, a dark tunnel that led to a giant trove.

Everywhere you look, there was a coffin neatly shelved in the walls of the trove. There were a total of three coffins.

“Sinjin, do you remember a ‘bring back to life’ spell is this book, or do you remember anything at all?” I asked a bit bitterly.

“Now don’t get your biological wires in a bunch. There is a spell on page 334. It can only work by using the ruby and moonlight—or was it fire?” Sinjin said unsurely.

“Fire for what?” a voice asked.

It sounded like a robot woman.

Out of the shadows came out a female cyborg.

Her face was masked with a robotic helmet that was half dark blue and half black, along with a black rubber neck, and her limbs were replaced with robot limbs with sharp spikes. She also had a long tail with a scorpion spike at the end.

She also had a dark red hooded cape that curled around her limbs that made it hard to see them.



Her cape clip had a gold circle with an empty space that was big enough for an energy ruby.

Her dark magenta eyes were beautiful, but surprisingly empty. As if her eyes were soulless. And her right eye had a pink scar that went from her forehead, over her eye, and down her mask.

“Who are you, strangers?” She asked smoothly and cold.

 “Alicia………..” Sinjin gasped, and he bowed down before her.

The cyborg starred into my eyes, and her eyes glowed for a few seconds, “‘Dark Matter’s’ eyes burn with rage and determination. Somehow I find that kind of…..interesting ….I shouldn’t so daft; she’s the daughter of luzilah, daughter of the wolf who stole everything from me! Including my eye,” Alicia thought.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” I asked her.

Her eyes glared at me, “I don’t know who I am anymore, but my name is still Alicia. I do know that a part of me has been gone for ages.    

I’ve been looking in these coffins one by one but; nothing. I have looked all over this land, but I couldn’t find that piece of me that I lost years ago,” She said putting her hand by her empty ruby case.

My brother kneeled down to Sinjin, “Is that cyborg a ghost?”

“I don’t know but she’s an old friend, Alicia the fourth leader of the Skull alliance. I thought she was dead,” Sinjin whispered.



She looked at my ruby, and her eyes glistened with hope. “The jewel…… heart and soul…” Alicia whispered. Her dark magenta eyes glowed for a few seconds. “I believe that is mine, whoever you are.”

“Hey this isn’t yours anymore,” I scowled at her.

“IT IS MINE!” she snapped at me.

I growled at her, “If you don’t step aside, I’ll make you step aside.”

 “If you’re going to fight then… FIGHT..!” Alicia shouted at me.

Sinjin let out a short screech, and hid for cover. I threw the book to my brother, and he hid as well.

We both took out our swords, and we swung at each other until we got into a sword lock.

 “That ruby is mine…,” her eyes glowed for a few seconds, “…...Destructria.”

I growled at her, “That’s not who I am anymore!”

 “I never forget who my enemies are and were,” Alicia hissed at me.

I kicked her, and she fell to the ground.

I ran up to her, and when I was about to stab my sword into her heart, she quickly moved out of the way before my sword can met her flesh and bones.



I swung my sword at her again but, she blocked my attack. When I at least expected it; her sharp claws curled around my ruby.

And she ripped it out of the gold case, it felt like she ripped the ruby right out of my chest.

I let out a scream from the sudden pain.

What Dark Matter didn’t know was that the power of the jewel of Aries transferred into the energy ruby in her heart. Which means the ruby that Alicia hand in her claws was partially useless. And the ruby in her claws turned black, meaning the ruby lost its power.

Alicia hissed, “Impossible!”

“Prepare to die!” I growled at her.

Alicia glared at me along with a quiet growl.

I swung my sword at her again, and I sliced her side. Most likely deep enough for her die from blood loss.

Alicia let out a scream, and clutched her side. Then she disappeared into the shadows saying, “Someday, we’ll battle again. Someday…”

Sinjin peaked out to see if the coast was clear and then crawled out of his hiding place.

 “Your majesty, if I may suggest; may we get a move on and work together?” Sinjin asked.

“Fine, now; let’s get on with this spell,” I snarled.



I took the book from my brother, and opened it to page 334.

地球チャントにアンダーワールド [Underworld to Earth chant]

生命に死んだバックをもたらすの呪文 [The spell of bringing the dead back to life]

I read the spell carefully; it says here that “the only way the spell will work if the ruby along with the beholder and the Skull paw are connected together in the spell.”

“The Skull paw; there hasn’t been a Skull paw for ages.” Sinjin gasped.

I looked at my right paw, and I showed it to sinjin, “Is this what the Skull paw looks like?”

Everyone around me let out a gasp.

“What?” I asked.

“You have the Skull paw; you’re the chosen one….” Eclipse said.

 “The warrior of warriors,” Sinjin added.

 Alicia ran down a secret passage, but stopped to take care of her wound.

She’s too strong…but I swear that her head will be right next to her mother’s one day. And I will take back what was mine,” Alicia thought to herself, while she ripped a strip from her cape and wrapped it around herself to stop the blood squirting out of her side. Then soon enough she continued on through the passage way.



“Why didn’t you tell me that you had the Skull paw?” Eclipse asked me.

 “How was I supposed to know? Gore was the one who lied to me ever since I was born,” I said bitterly.

I let out a sigh, “Let’s just get this spell done and over with.”

 “Oh yes—yes. Just stand in the middle, stick out your paw, and say the words in the book,” Sinjin said.

I looked inside the book, and said the words; “Against the rubies, shine the light of life. I call upon the forces of the underworld to come to me!”

After that, the ground started to shake, and giant energy rubies shaped as crystals came out from right under my feet.  “Whoa!” I cried out.

As I Looked at my feet, I saw the rubies glowing. I also noticed that my skull marking was glowing as well. Then I placed my “Skull paw” to the rubies, and red light started to fill the room.

I couldn’t see a thing, but when the light died away, I saw four bodies crawling out of their resting places.

One looked like the grim reaper, his cloak has dark grey, but he had four red eyes.

The other one looked like a black wolf; it had a red mane that almost looked like a lion. Its tail was red, with a blue feather with black stripes that was stained with blood. Its eyes were green with a touch of yellow.




And the last one looked like a hunter, he had a skull for a helmet, he wore furs on its back, black leather boots, arrows strapped to his back, and he had a belt with real human skulls on it. He also had cold blue eyes.

Each one had a clip that was big enough for an energy ruby.

As I flipped through the pages, I found out who they are.

The grim reaper is Drake: the first leader of the Skull alliance.

The wolf was Stone: the second leader of the Skull alliance.

The hunter was Tiger soul: the third leader of the Skull alliance.

And when I saw who Alicia was, she was the fourth leader of the Skull alliance. But….she was still alive. What happened to her?

“Come masters of darkness, we have a new war to finish,” I said.

Surprisingly, they listened to me like I was their new master.

This “Skull Paw” business must be really important.

We came back to the factory; everyone else was in the conference room.

I called out, “Guys!”

When I brought my new allies to the room, everyone just starred in silence.

“Oh no, not Sinjin: Now my secret will be exposed!” Gore thought to herself.



Gore held a dark secret that she NEVER told Dark Matter. Gore used to be Alicia’s apprentice in another metal body until the day that Gore attempted to kill Alicia.                                                                  

She never saw Alicia since, but Gore knows that Alicia is relentless and she will stop at nothing to take back the Skull Alliance.

Gore’s old body was 10xs stronger than the body she is in now.

Its eyes are bloody red, and her body is strong along with her black armor and half of her face was green.

On her chest there were green markings on it also that circle around a gold circular part with engraved on it.

Gore hasn’t seen her old body in years, but there’s no doubt that Alicia has her claws on it.

As we walked outside, nearly a thousand Snow soldiers were standing right in front of us.

And Blood Fang was leading the attack!

“Blood Fang, I thought you were dead,” I growled at her.

“My death was… greatly mistaken,” Blood Fang said, “ATTACK!”

The Snow soldiers started to shoot at us, but we stood our ground and attacked as well.

When I cut a few Snow soldiers in half, I noticed they were only armor and bones.



Silver Frost made dead soldiers? That’s a new low, even for him, I thought.

I jolted toward Blood Fang, but she quickly dodged.

 “Why did you betray all of us?” I screamed at her.

 “I always knew there was something wrong with your little captain, Gore. That’s why I switched sides.” She said.

She curled into a ball and jolted towards me. I would’ve stopped her attack, but she had sharp spikes on her round head that made her move deadly.

I dodged her attack, but she didn’t try to take a second try. She got Gore from behind and pierced her sharp teeth into Gore’s neck.

Gore screamed in pain, the Blood Fang was draining her energy.

I tried to help her, but then a green beam of light shined on them.                                                                  

It was a tractor beam!  

Then Chaos stepped into the light, his strength came back unfortunately. And it pulled them up into a giant dark grey ship, and they flew away, leaving their soldiers to die.

“No!” I cried out.

The fires of anger in my heart burned bright, and what I didn’t know was that the ruby absorbed my wrath.

I sliced the skeletons down to size, more than everyone else.



I sliced some of the skeletons for my team members; I didn’t even pay any attention to their little remarks about me doing their work for them.

After we fought all of them, I looked at the sky.

It wasn’t snowing anymore, but the sky was blood red.

Everything I have seen, it was like my dream.

Maybe I can see the future, maybe I can’t.

I didn’t matter right now, what mattered was that Gore was kidnapped and probably on her way to death row.

Liar or not, she was still my friend, and I have to try to save her.

We went back to the city, to see if my father was there or not.

Then the ship’s door hissed open, it was my father alright.

He seemed surprised that I brought along some allies that might be able to help us.

But Alicia….I’ll just have to not let my guard down with her still on the loose.

 “Was Silver Frost there, father?” I asked him.

“No, he was long gone by the time we got there,” my dad answered.

He looked at me closely, “Daughter, are you ok? You look troubled.”

“My friend got captured,” I answered.                                                                                                                                                 




“Oh, that’s terrible. But we’ll get your friend back, and get revenge on that horrible Silver Frost,” my father said.

Then a little man came to us, “Yes we will. Even though Silver Frost won today, but it was only today. Someday the virus will be cured, and we’ll all have turns ripping Silver Frost and his ‘friends’ limb by limb.”

Though I didn’t know this…small man, he had a point. Just because we weren’t able to catch him today, doesn’t mean we won’t catch him at all.

Besides…….I will make Silver Frost and ALL of my enemies go to hell, one way or another; and the executions will be handled by me.

I took off my empty gold case where the ruby used to be, and replaced it with my skull clip.

This new war has already taught me so much and it opened my eyes to what I was blind to see.

But right now, I know that what is important. I need to gain allies and find my enemy’s weakness.

Just like the old war.

Up on a building top was one of Dark Matter’s surviving skull robots, a Skull assassin. An ultra-skull gunner some might say, a better series of Skull robots in the skull army.

Their faces look like they’re wearing skull masks, their bodies is almost black as the night, and their tails are white.



They also have shining steel that wrap around their arms and hands to give them more of an assassin look.

The skull assassin on the roof was, Eris; the only one who survived Blood fang’s wrath, and only one of her kind to survive the awful virus.

But she wasn’t just any skull robot; in fact she wasn’t a robot at all.

She may have a robot body, but inside that metal shell laid a female demon soul. Demons were the scourge of the galaxy ever since the beginning of time; as some say, but not according to Eris.

She watched from above, and stayed out of sight because she was afraid that Dark Matter might mistake her for an infected robot.

Eris wasn’t in the best shape of her life.

Her left arm was replaced with another robot’s arm; her left eye was cracked badly, and she had noticeable scars all over her body.

Someday Dark Matter, our paths will cross again. And I’ll be by your side, fighting until my last breath. I promise.” Eris vowed in her thoughts. Then she walked away, to journey on to find the right moment to meet Dark Matter again.

Fate works in many ways; through death, through destiny, and of course through love.

Fate is neither cruel nor kind; it is just there for better or for worse.


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       Rise of the Blood Alliance


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#4 Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior:

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         Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior

              Rise of the Blood Alliance      



I and Gore went to the waterfall to wash the dirt off ourselves.

I couldn’t help, but stare at her new body again.

Well, it was new to me.

Every time she turned her head, I turned my head as well.

“Dark Matter, what’s wrong? Does my old body make you feel… uncomfortable?” Gore asked me while washing her arm.

“Now that you asked, you’re ‘old’ body is just kind of new to me. But at least your new body is nearly 10xs stronger than your last. You can kick anyone’s butts so hard that I could see them fly,” I joked while washing my leg.

Gore smiled at me, “It’s always strength with you. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….but brains don’t hurt either,” her eyes widened, “Um---um I didn’t mean that you’re stupid it’s just…..” she said nervously

I grabbed Gore’s shoulder, “it’s ok, and I know what you mean. Strategy hasn’t been my strong point when dead people started to walk around that were just stupid as Snow soldiers from the beginning.”

Gore let out a nervous chuckle, “Yeah, I suppose.”

I let go of her shoulder, and as I washed my arm, I looked at Gore again.

It was great to have Gore back as my best friend; I felt that something was off about her. Like something changed about her.

As we walked out of the waterfall, we shook some of the water off of us. We stood in front of the waterfall, and the beauty of the jungle surrounded us.

Gore starred into my eyes, she stepped closer, and her eyes were filled with uncertainty.

My fingers curled around her arms, I was about to ask her what was wrong, but then I heard the bushes rustle.

My brother fell out of the bushes, and just….starred at us,

An awkward silence along with an awkward stare came up.

“Uh……” Eclipse was embarrassed as hell, “Am I interrupting something?” Eclipse asked.

 “No,” I muttered. I glared at him, and I let go of Gore’s arms.

I walked away without looking back.

“What is it, Eclipse?” Gore asked in almost a gloomy tone.

“Silver Frost: he brought some friends. Dad sent me here to rescue you,” Eclipse answered.

I stopped and I looked back at them.

Silver Frost will pay, for being a dumbass in the war I used to fight, being a pain in my…side for this war, and for hurting my friend. If anyone’s going to rip him and slay him limb from limb, it is going to be me! I growled in my thoughts.

“We’ll give his friends a little welcome party,” I growled at both of them.








About the Author



The author, Amelia F. Lopes was a freshman in high school on summer vacation, when she started on her first finished book. “Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior: The Heart of Warriors”.

She made all the characters and details of the story when she was only 15.

Dark Matter was originally made two years ago, but it didn’t come out as “Dark Matter” at first.

Dark Matter was redesigned over eight times until Amelia got Dark Matter the way she wanted. “Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior”, was created from the inspiration of her love for dogs and her love for sci-fi.

Dark Matter started out as Destructria: a black and red wolf, until years of being in the drawing board, Dark Matter the wolf cyborg was born: a black and white wolf inside a cold metal shell who was destined to be a heroine; even though she was born in the dark side.




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