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I made Myself known to the people of today’s church, and they did not receive Me, and they have not known the Spirit of God, Who has spoken in the end; and they did not receive the comfort of the Holy Spirit into their church. They brought the Word again under the law and under the judgment, as it was two thousand years ago. The people of the church say that they have education; they say that they have knowledge. Where do they have knowledge from? Oh, Paul also had knowledge and education taught on the earth, but until I made his knowledge blind, I could not use him as a tool of My word; I could not, as I also cannot do it with the man of the church today. The Church has its own business; it has no time of the Word, which comes from heaven, from God. The Word comes; the Word came as it was written into the Scripture, but the church broke its way. The Word of God came and made itself a people; and it has a people, and it has a church, and it has a manger, and the Word of God is being born in it. The Word is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Oh, people of the Word; oh, church of Jesus Christ, Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, made out by God! Take son and eat the word, as the church from the world went to sleep, and it does no longer wake up to eat. The church sleeps is own sleep, and it does not wake up from its sleep. I woke it up to hear My word, and then it went to bed again, and it does not wake up to stand before Me. He, who serves the sin, does not understand God; he has sin as his father; he has no time for God. But the man who fulfills God’s commandments, has knowledge, has a sober spirit and it is a son of love, a son of God, as it is written into the Scriptures: «But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become God’s children, to those who believe in His name; who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God».

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Assumption, from 28-08-1995 (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)



Peace to you, My people! Peace to you, My cluster, My cluster of trees, as I will make you into a great plantation in the days to come. I was both man and God, and I want to get you used to My work from earth and heaven; to rebuke the evil so that it may go away from your work with God. I was taken by the spirit into the wilderness, and there I was tempted by the devil. It wanted to see if I was the Son of God and it could not find out, as I did not do to his liking, and I rebuked the evil and the evil left. What was the evil? The evil was the spirit of the world and the dominion of the world that satan wanted to give Me, as he gives it to any man. But I was and I am, both man and God, and I overcame the evil, which followed Me into the wilderness. The man can learn from Me, that if he worships God, it makes the devil ashamed and he does not worship it. What does it mean to worship the devil? It means to do its will.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother, from 2109-1995 (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)



Israel, you should be awake at the hearing of My word, as the one that is awake fulfills God’s word. The one, who does not fulfill it, sleeps. Be careful, My people, as he, who fulfills it, is awake, and the one, who does not fulfill it, sleeps. I come and I always find sleeping the one that does not fulfill. Israel did the same. When I came, he was sleeping and did not let anyone to get up. But you, the new one, you should not have the heart of the Jew, son, as I call you son. The chief Jews sat in counsel then; the rulers of the temple agreed that when someone from the Jews believed in Me, he had to be taken out of the Synagogue. Behold, the same counsel is in the worldly church of today. The rulers of the church decided for those that believe into the word of God of today, to be threatened, to be punished, to be put into their chains, and behold, they even now do not remain with the persecutors of My word, as they did not remain then as well. I shook the dust against them and I went out, and I stuck to those that were humble, to those that had a clean spirit, and I made them a living and new seed and I started the heaven on earth with them, with those that are renewed. I do the same with the vineyard from now.


Oh, vineyard full of sour grapes! The sour grape is sour; it is not sweet and it is not good for eating; it is not good for eating. You mixed manna with meat in the belly of your soil (Your body, r.n.) and it came out sour grapes; and instead of a new man it came out an idol; it came out a carved idol, for the man worships his carved image. (See the selection topic: "About the graven image (icon) and the sign of the cross11”, r.n.)


I have come and I become word, and I said that I give Myself as a gift and to wake up the flock that sleeps. I came as then to be a heavenly gift from the Father to the man that lives on meat, and the vine growers took Me out of their vineyard and put Me into the winepress and crushed Me, and out of My blood I made the new wine for the one who believes in God that came down on the earth; and My body became bread, and I became a heavenly manna for the faithful one. Israel said that he served God and when the Lord came to pay them for their faith, He found sour grapes in the faith of Israel. The church of today says that it serves God, and behold, the Word is being proclaimed for His coming in the clouds, as it is written into the Scriptures that He comes to pay for the work, and there are still sour grapes in all vineyard of today. Behold a Scripture that is fulfilled: «The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge». Oh, it should have not been that way, as I put Myself on the cross for redemption, and behold, I was slandered by the man of the church, and I am again not known by the sons. But I will sink all disbelief again, for the water of the river of life flows; it flows and floods everywhere. (See the selection topic: "This word is the river of life12”, r.n.) The word of God grows and the water of the river of life becomes word and it is word, for the man does not want manna. The man wants meat; he does not want manna; he does not want the word of God. Manna is obedience and meat is disobedience, and it is free will in man.


Oh, Orthodoxy, daughter of the first faith, which I gave to My apostles to bear, with whom I walk over the land of Israel! I came to Israel in the flesh, and to you I have come in the spirit, as I promised that I come. Oh, daughter of the faith of that time! You have carried My message until today and when I was about to give you the reward, the shine and the holiness, you did as the Jews did. You did not receive Me; you did not know Me; you did not know My voice and the word that comes with Me on the clouds. You became conceited and did not receive Me; moreover, you put your hand at My mouth and you look out for your people and do not let them believe in Me, into My coming through the word, for I am the Word. Behold, you send Me away; you send Me away from your Synagogue, and I have come to do you good. I have not asked you anything but to give up your sins and to be clean, My church, but you do not want to be Mine. That is why I bowed down to you to ask you to be Mine, so that I may give you manna from heaven. That is why I have come and I have come because it was written that I come. Open My book and see that My coming is written into it, and take a good look and read well, and see that My name is the Word of God, (Rev: 19/13, r.n.), and behold, the Word came in through the prophesied coming and you sleep. The one, who does not take My word to eat, sleeps. He, who does not hears, sleeps. But you could not say that you did not hear, as the dead from the graves will testify that they heard this word, and then you will not know where to hide in from My wrath. (See the selection topic: "The dead hear My voice13”, r.n.)


Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Ascension of the Holy Cross, from 27-09-1995 (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)



Behold how those spoken by Me through the word have come true, for those who have money make a stone tower near My new rock of New Jerusalem. Those who have money make a human kingdom. And once again the man makes a tower like the Tower of Babel (The Ecumenical International Centre – Vulcana Băi, r.n.), and pose as God in it. The man with the money took a known brick and bought it with money and then he laid down unknown bricks, and behold, the man makes use of God’s name, of the known brick as though it were God’s, and the man passes himself off as God. However, I have got here a spring from heaven, and the man who comes will run away from near the human tower and will try to taste of the spring and he will make a decision, and you, My people, you will be light and the man will choose you as his path to God; only for you to be ready and established before Me. I will make you a guide and I will give you the word of eternal hope, to give it to the fleshly man, for the tower, which the man makes, will have a spring of intoxicating drinks and pagan food, but the spring of eternal man will shine with you, the spring of hope and the food of God’s word, which is broken from the five loaves of bread and two fish, multiplied by the word.

Excerpt from the Word of God to the Christian people, from 22-10-1995.




Ecumenical Centre – Synagogue – Church Mosque



The man does no longer know the God’s way to the man, as the man has another love; the man loves what he has and what he does. But you, Israel, are My people, and you have anointment and special election and you know everything from the wisdom above. Be careful to understand who knows and who believes and who is elected. He, who has anointment from above, is elected. Paul, My apostle, until My anointment, did not know from above, but rather he knew from below. One cannot know from above without anointment. It is not possible to have faith into this word that came down from above on the clouds, unless you have anointment and touching with God, with the God of Israel. Be skillful, loved people, as many on the earth say that they know from revelations, but they speak their own truth, and their revelations come from their body and blood, not from the Holy Spirit of the Godly Trinity; they come from their own spirit, not from the Spirit of God. They are led by their spirit, by the spirit of their longing, as without the anointment of the Holy Spirit no one has something from the Holy Spirit. The apostle Paul could not be a heavenly worker until he received the anointment from the Holy Spirit,