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«Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to determine whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.» (1 John: 4/1.)


«Then, if anyone tells you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or, ‘Look, there!’ do not believe it.

For false christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show signs and wonders in order to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.» (Mark: 13/21-22.)


«Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing. Inwardly they are ravenous wolves!» (Matt: 7/15.)


The false prophet and the ecumenism


Selection of texts from God’s Word1 upon this theme


Sons, there was made a bakery for many people and this plant does not make bread from clean wheat; it makes bread from much mixed flour. It is so with the faith; there has been made much medley and the world does not know what to believe. Son, son, woe to those through whom the madness comes!


At Vladimireşti (Monastery, r.n.) the angels perform the liturgy and services, and the Father wants it to be kept that way until it will be opened again. (Closed by the Security Service of the Communist regime, r.n.) Oh, fire shall be shown on earth as lightning and the wicked ones and unbelievers will repent, but it will be too late.

Excerpt from the Word of God from 06-02-1959 (On Calameo; on archive; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)



My flowers, I repeat to you, many false prophets were born on earth. Sons, you know the prophets, for not all of them are from Me. The one who carries My cross, that one you should believe. Many have put themselves to be sheep shepherds, (Church priests and pastors, r.n.) but when the wolf has come they left them. Sons, not all the winds (Teachings, r.n.) which blow are from Me. Take good heed, the one who bears My cross, confessing God in body and in Spirit, that one is from Me, for the cross is sufferings and deeds. Who confesses God and drinks bad drinks except wine, is not from Me.


… My little sheep, if you saw that you are near the little gate, you would not run away from sufferance. Oh, the waves of the water are flooding My, for I am working, and here the devil is working too. The devil has many tools and few servants have I got on earth. Where shall I meet the devil? He does things to spite Me and says that he has taken My kingdom. Oh, children, he cannot take My kingdom; beyond this point he cannot go further. Despite all his power, I will destroy him, and many will weep when they see whom they served. Oh, world, come back to Me! Throw away his coat of gold and purple and precious stones and dress, world, with a coat of a bagger and ask from Me salvation.


Peace to you, My children. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God from 01-05-1960. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)



… Daniel, look in the Scripture and see what point we have in front of us. This point is a symbol, the point which was in front of the pregnant woman, who was sitting with her legs on the moon about to give birth and someone was seeking to know when she was about to give birth to devour the baby, so that it may not be worked as it had been worked through the Lord, Jesus Christ. This point is above and someone is looking now so that the prophecy may be stopped too. After this the prophets will increase in number. You will hear that God works there; do not go. Over there you will hear that the dead will be raised; do not go, for they are not My prophets, and they will deceive you too. Keep in mind that it is not work any longer. It was at Vladimireşti, it was at Maglavit, it was and it is here and it was also at Arsenie Boca, (Where the first trumpets worked among the prophets from there, r.n.), but what was done there? Take good heed for many have strayed from the right prophecy and do not tell the truth any more. For this prophecy, has not been and it will not be. Be faithful and workers until the time of the last. (See the selection topic: "The apocalyptic trumpets2”, r.n.)


… There are many good things too and you need to know them. A Christian played a host to a demon, who pretended, and another Christian played a host to God and did not know Him. Therefore, know well the one and the other, so that you may not be deceived.


… Sons, such as this prophesy there has not been and there shall not be.

Excerpt from the Word of God from 10-03-1971



… Children, I visited the earth high and low and counted the springs of water and I did not find as many of them as I knew. Many springs are no longer followed and springs of brandy have taken their place. You Christian, you drink brandy (Alcoholic drinks, r.n.) and brandy comes over you. Here Christian, a false prophet comes and tells you to drink brandy. And you will drink for it is after your lust, but you will not see Me any longer.

Excerpt from the Word of God from 07-10-1973



… There is still a time and the second time comes, the one of Lord Jesus, for the time repeats. There is still a time and another time, and after these two times, the Lord Jesus comes, with all His breath, with all His glory. Let you not perish during these two times. During these two times many things are done, many sinners will be forgiven. Even the aborted children will be taken out of the hell. Many souls, who killed themselves by their hand, will be taken out of the hell. Within these two times, many gods shall be among you. There shall be many false prophets who will perform signs and miracles and will raise even the dead. The spirits of the dead will come out to the surface of the earth, who will speak. Do not go to them for they will come to your sons and to you, will come women to join them on your behalf. Do not leave your woman, for a single woman is given according to the law to keep her husband.

Excerpt from the Word of God, from 07-09-1975.



… My little children, it is for this that God sends from His heaven the Holy Spirit in an earthen pot; this is the same as you would have an alphorn, so this body. (Through which the Lord speaks, r.n.) Whoever likes it good for him! Who does not like it, runs far away, for many false prophets have come out. Listen son, for there are many prophets who prophesy by leaf and sing by leaf. There are prophets who prophesy by violin, they prophesy by guitar. There are prophets who prophesy by dancing. There are prophets who prophesy by kissing. Thousands and millions of them! There are no leaf and grass as many prophets are to cheat the human creature. But God has only one chord and only one tool. There are many, but they have ended; and for an end there is left one still. And in that day there shall come four brothers from four parts and will have four instruments and they will play by them their song, not against you, and each will play his song; one for the resurrection of the dead; another to call to judgment from all corners of the earth; another for this, another for that. (See the selection topic:

"Resurrection of the dead3”, r.n.)

Excerpt from the Word of God from 27-03-1977



… I want a priest and I do not want a parson (black coat). Parsons belong to the Baal. Justinian, the patriarch, was a priest (He belongs to the Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.) and from stage to stage he had come to the heavenly home. The executioners did not let him (The servants of the communist dictatorship, r.n.) to speak with his mouth who was to come after him. He had someone called “The Romanian.” This one who wants to come is Pilate and Caiaphas is the one who take his place.


… All priests who are not according to the law are the priests of the Baal. Those are parsons, they are not priests.

Excerpt from the Word of God from 07-06-1977



... Son, have you seen a socialist church? It has not been since age. From now on it will be socialist. The priest will change his people from a believer into a socialist. The man will be taken out from the church and brought to work. The socialist is claiming him, the republic is claiming him and you will know that you will not be able to bear this burden. And this was to come because of the unbelief of the Orthodox who went into the church only to meet his or her friend, or to look at you, Christian, to see how you present yourself, so that he might have something to take to the one who put him to be a spy for your life. (Service of the security dictatorship, r.n.) That is why I say: an unbelieving time.


… On the river banks it is written an ugly name: “seaside.” And there on that bank are only the stripped and naked. It is freedom to these. Only you, Christian, do not have freedom. How is the sun to shine when it sees these? For, it has been given freedom to the unclean things and the freedom was taken from the clean ones and the divine curse will catch up those who prohibited clean things.

Excerpt from the Word of God from 23-06-1977



I once sent My trumpet at the Viforâta monastery and was entered to the prioress, sons, and all the nuns were there, not when they ate but when they drank boiled brandy, after the holy service when they were getting out. And My trumpet, sent by Me, said: “It is not good what you are doing. You took the light and enter the dark and you got into the burrow.” And here the abbess said: “Who are you to talk to us like this? I have twenty years of monastery and I have never talked as you did. Get out, for I do not know who you are.” And the person who accompanied her said: “This being is the prophet from God!” but the abbess said: “God did not make me a prophet, the one who stay only in the service and made prophet a crippled and a lame man?” And My trumpet left and let them the same way as they were. Where is now the Viforâta monastery? For, it dies away continually until there is no spark of monk. You go to the monastery and give alms to pray for you and he has the belly full of drinking. We do not judge, but rather show the bad deed, for a blind man cannot lead another blind one, for they both fall into the pit.

Excerpt from the Word of God from 09-09-1977



… Priesthood does not live according to the prophecy but by the priesthood. And behold, the shepherds, instead of loving the good sheep they love the foolish ones. Write this prophecy to be seen on the judgment; the priesthood instead of loving the little sheep good for milk, good for wool and good for deeds, instead of appreciating them, they hate and despise them removing them from the holy ones. The shepherds will make files (Security Service of the Communist regime, r.n.) and will take the good little sheep to court saying: “bad sect” as it was said. If someone of these shepherds will say to you, “sect”, tell them: “Get behind me, satan, for you do not know your job!” Do not be ashamed son, and tell the shepherd in his face the truthful thing.


… After the collapse and blow of these kings (From the Revolution, on 1989, r.n.) there will be flocks, flocks of birds in monasteries.

Excerpt from the Word of God from 07-01-1978


Know that there will be dead people on earth no one to bury them, for the graveyards will not receive them. The priest does his job, but he is doing it as a shoemaker. The last priest who loved God died last year. The patriarch Justinian. After him there is no one for heaven any more. The one of today has got into the herd of goats. Hey, child, what he does work! But know that God does not let him and destroys him through this devilish work that he does, for all the builders who have worked the churches on earth and in heaven have gathered together before God and are requiring the destruction of those that damaged or are corrupting the churches, they are requiring the destruction of those who defiled them.


The priest eats in the altar where he is allowed to take nothing but My supper, not to put other kind of food into his mouth. My little children, I told you not to leave the little church. For, they are responsible for themselves and for the people. Do you believe it?

Excerpt from the Word of God from 11-05-1978 (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)



When I leave your house the sign shall remain, and this sign you will wear like Isaac Lachedem, who did not receive Me when I was passing Golgotha, and this man would be deprived of all My work. Oh, My people look the wilderness. It is written in the holy book this: «And when the wilderness will stand in the holy place and will devour many of my disciples, then de end has come.» You will know this sign by the dead who die and by the sick in the hospitals.


… Oh, My beloved people in whom I wanted to have a future for heaven, to make you disciples and holy martyrs and that what God did through John and through His prophet from the beginning!