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Prophetic Encounters In God: Finding God In Christ




Chapter One

What is The Genesis?

Chapter Two

Who Has Heard The Lord Speak?

Chapter Three

How Does The Lord Admonish?

Chapter Four

Have You Found God?

Chapter Five

Have You Been Gifted By The Lord?

Chapter Six

Have You Been Gifted By God?

Chapter Seven

Have You Received

A Gift From The Lord?

Chapter Eight

Are You Being Vexed By

A Cursed Spirit?

Chapter Nine

Have You Been Abiding

In The Lord’s Will?

Chapter Ten

Are You Willing To Change?

Chapter Eleven

Are You Living As An Overcomer?

Chapter Twelve

How Do You Become An Overcomer?

Chapter Thirteen

How Do You Walk With The Lord?

Chapter Fourteen

Are You Walking With God?

Chapter Fourteen

Have You Experienced The

Power of The Holy Ghost?

Chapter Fifteen

Are You A Man of God?

Chapter Sixteen

Are You Born Again?




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Why Are We Here?



We know that there is one God; who is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. We have been taught by pastors, prophets and teachers of the word of God that He is almighty. We are going to start on a journey that will enlighten you on finding God.

Some people have consulted the dead to try and make purpose of their lives and why they are here! The dead are in the know of what is surrounding the events of this current age and the age to come. Why are we here and who is the One that is called the Lord? We often hear that the Lord is called The Lord of lords. Why is the Lord the Lord of lords? The Lord will explain in this book who He is and why He is the Lord of lords. The Lord is not in any way looking for a human being to tell him what to do. The Lord is looking for a man to tell what to do. The premise that the Lord is able to be told what to do will eventually make no meaning by the time you complete your reading of this book. We live in a time where people are always in constant quest for knowledge and the sources of knowledge. Knowledge can either be from the Lord or from lords. This is a world that has all sorts of curses that are upon the people who live in it; the earth itself is cursed. The Lord is the only way for a man to reach God. How are we able to find the Lord so that we can reach God? This is the problem that this book is supposed to help you solve.