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Have You Ever Given To The Lord?

When a person asks himself: have I ever given to the

Lord? It is a question that many people will answer by saying that they either paid tithe or have given some money to their local church. When a person asks: how can I give to the Lord according to His will? That person has began to understand what giving is. If he is obedient in giving, he will learn how to give to the Lord and in other areas of his life. When you have given in obedience to the Lord, you will be rewarded. When you are in the Lord’s will, you are already giving to the Lord. As I write, I am giving knowledge which the Lord has given to me. It is a giving person that will eventually find God. A person who does not give is dead. A dead person is not able to continue living among the living, he has not been obedient to the Lord. If a person decides to become dead, he has a curse of deafness and dumbness as a result of his disobedience to the Lord. When I give, I do not expect to get what I have given back, I expect to get more than what I gave. If you have been giving and not receiving, then you are not giving in the Lord’s will.

I once was giving in a church which could not give what I was giving. I was an all-rounder in the church. I would participate in all the activities of the church and was giving my tithe as often as I could. When I left the church, it became indebted to me. I had given in accordance to the Lord’s will and the church had received everything that I gave. How is a person supposed to give in a church? If you are giving in the Lord’s will, that church will become indebted if you are not receiving from the Lord. It is the responsibility of the leadership of that church to ensure that they thank the Lord for your giving so that you can in turn receive from the Lord. What happens when the leadership of the church does not thank the Lord for your giving? If the leadership of the church does not thank the Lord for your giving, they are cursed to become deaf and dumb in the Lord’s presence.

When a church receives, it is also receiving peoples’ curses. It must give in order for it to stay alive. Why doesn’t the Lord equate the teaching and preaching we receive from a church as giving? When you go and attend church services and the pastor or minister teaches, he is giving to the people. The people always give thanks to the Lord for that minister or pastor’s ministering unto them. When the pastor or minister receives from the people, he often does not thank the Lord for what he has received. Most of the ministers in the church are ungrateful for what they receive from the people, they are always expectant of more. If a minister is not giving, he is not able to receive from the Lord. If he gives, he will receive from the Lord. I have been giving to the people that I live with until the Lord told me to stop giving; Why? They are already indebted to me for their ingratitude to the Lord. If I continue giving, they will lack later in life. If you are asking: how are such people supposed to give? It is something that this book will teach you if you are willing to learn.