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If you like my Novel please post some feedback. Also get to know my invention: The RoundTail bike. I am a serial entrepreneur, author, inventor, artist, father, husband and visionary optimist.


Lou was born in Miranda Italy, a medieval village that clings to the side of a mountain. His birthplace has greatly shaped who he is. Lou is married to his supportive wife Linda, they have three daughters; Tiffany, Tina and; Felicia. He is working on his second novel, a suspense crime fiction.

Lou is also an avid cyclist and the proud inventor of the RoundTail bike: featured in Popular Science Magazine.

It is readers feedback like this, that drives Lou to write with passion:
After reading Mr. Tortola's first novel "A Bridge of Time"; I can give future readers one piece of advice... read this on night when you can afford to go to bed in the wee hours. Mr. Tortola, owes me a night of sleep!! I picked up the book hoping to read a chapter or two but ending up turning page after page until I read it in one sitting. (an Amazon post)

His other accomplishments Include:
Habitat For Humanity (Past President: Windsor Essex)
Windsor International Film Festival (Founding Board member)
Windsor Executives Association (Past President)
On the board of other non-profit organizations.
Entrepreneur and business owner for 30 years.

Greetings via email are welcomed:
ALL feedback posted here is much appreciated.

NOTE: The text (TXT) file is no longer available here as it was formatted incorrectly and regrettably caused some negative feedback not reflecting the novel. As posted by many you will find A Bridge of Time, hard to put down!

In 2010, after a season filled with long-distance rides, Lou Tortola - inventor of the RoundTail™ - began to rethink the shape of a bicycle frame. Why had the bicycle frame remained nearly unchanged for so long? Tortola broke through the barriers of the triangle. He believed that a pair of continuous rings beneath the rider would absorb road vibrations without compromising performance or lateral stiffness. Five months later, his vision became a reality.

Books I've written

  • A Bridge of Time
    A Bridge of Time Fiction by Lou Tortola
    A Bridge of Time
    A Bridge of Time



    Sep 2011

    Was it physics, mysticism or maternal bonds that transported William back into 19th Century America? Will his love for his modern day family be strong enough ...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle