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I was born in 1984 year in family of an economist and an engineer in Ternopil city, Ukraine.
Since childhood I am very fond of reading books and nature. My childhood memories are strongly connected with village Zarudia of Zboriv district, where I usually spent my summer school vacations, enjoying beautiful pond and pastures together with my grandfather Stefan, who liked to tell about moments of his working youth in Germany.
My grandmother Maria inoculated me strong feeling about social justice and intolerance to hypocrisy, especially the religious one, from her I inherited my salient character. The meeting with her uncle John Pasichnyk from Ramsey (New Jersey) remained the unforgettable. He presented us the autobiographical book about his student years in the USA and blessed me for the future life.
I started to write poetry after the high school graduation under the influence of my American tutor and a good friend. She kindly borrowed me classic books and discussed about philosophy and modern politics of her country.
My poems were published in different anthologies in the USA, UK and Ghana. Some my poems were translated in Benghali language by Indian poet Niladri Mahajan.

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  • 55 Letters to The Beloved
    55 Letters to The Beloved Poetry by Igor Marynowski
    55 Letters to The Beloved
    55 Letters to The Beloved



    Feb 2020

    These poems were written by Igor Marynowski, poet from Ukraine to bring delight to your day with romantic free verse. Because everyone is loved and you have t...

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