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As Above, So Below & The Gang Of Four are both now listed on the "listopia" for "Best free ebook"




I graduated from UCLan with a degree in Physics&Astronomy and then worked as a Meteorologist/Physicist with the British Antarctic Survey. After returning to the UK I became a Fingerprint Officer at New Scotland Yard in London before heading overseas again to work in Abu Dhabi as a Marine Weather Forecaster.

About The Gang Of Four

"A witty and fun sci-fi adventure, with a cast of colourful characters. I think the idea and style of story could in many hands have gone wrong, but the humour here is sharp and playful. and that carries the story along nicely. Just the right amount of straight and absurd."
Thomas Brown, Goodreads reviewer.

"Refreshing story!"
Jo Depreitere, Goodreads reviewer.

"The Gang Of Four is an entertaining, inventive science fiction book that in places had me actually laughing out loud.”
Jane Stockwell, Unigon Plane.

Writing. Computer-games design. Occupying the interstitial spaces between the sciences.

Books I've written

  • The Gang Of Four
    The Gang Of Four Humor by Richard Lawther
    The Gang Of Four
    The Gang Of Four



    Dec 2017

    An alien power, guiding human race since early hominid times, is suddenly eradicated by mysterious Earth forces. For the first time in its existence humanity ...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT

  • As Above, So Below
    As Above, So Below Sci-fi Fantasy by Richard Lawther
    As Above, So Below
    As Above, So Below



    Dec 2017

    Geoff Christie lies paralyzed in a hospital bed, a victim of locked-in syndrome. As he struggles to come to terms with this horrific condition he discovers a ...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle